Meri Bhabhi 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 16th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu’s dad returning the money to Anand. He explains Anand well and says I understand your problem. Kittu did a mistake, she should have spoke to you before doing anything, but I cannot take this money. Papa asks Anand to apologize to him and Kittu. He says return this money from where you brought it. Papa takes Kittu’s side. Anand says is this my mistake. Mummy supports Kittu and asks him to end this fight. Shraddha hears them talking. Kittu’s dad says Kittu is proud of you. Papa asks Kittu to say something. Kittu asks Papa not to scold Anand. Kittu says sorry to him. Anand smiles. Mummy says promise us that you won’t be annoyed with Kittu ever. Shraddha smiles. Everyone are happy.

Anand looks at Kittu in their room while she is working. She smiles

and asks him why are you staring, I m your wife. Anand says you say anything like that. He holds her hand and says do you really think I m a hero. She says no, when did I say that. He says sorry for hurting her everytime. She says do something special for me. He says now you started. Kittu says yes. Anand says see, now you are stretching the talk. She says yes, I will do it. Anand sees Kittu’s gift which has his and Shraddha’s pictures. She says this was your gift which you have thrown. She says I have captured your and Shraddha’s moments. Anand feels bad. She says I thought this would be the best gift for you. Anand says I m sorry Kittu and holds his ears saying please forgive me. I promise I will never hurt you. Kittu hugs him.

The next morning, everyone greet Mummy and Papa. Mummy asks Papa why are you so quiet. Papa looks at Anand and Kittu and says look at them, they are so happy. He says I was thinking about Kittu’s dad, he is a good person and a good father. He says when he knew Kittu was worried, he came and spoke to Anand and ended their fight, and see Kittu is so happy. But what did I do for Shraddha. Mummy says we can make our mistake right, we will try to keep Shraddha happy. Papa says yes. Dhruv is talking to Shraddha and asks for more toys.
Shraddha says you have many toys, so play with them. She scolds Dhruv. Dhruv tells Papa and Mummy about it. Dhruv says Mumma told me not to ask anything from you all. Mummy tells this to Anand. Anand asks why. Shraddha is silent.

Kittu says Dhruv go and play for some time. Dhruv leaves. Kittu tells Shraddha that can you go and see the halwa. Shraddha leaves. Anand asks Kittu why did you ask her to leave. Kittu says Shraddha will feel bad to take money from you and Papa. She says Shraddha cannot ask for money everytime. Mummy says Kittu is right. Anand says you give her some money. Kittu says we should open a savings account for her. Papa says I meant this, we love our kids but we don’t care for these things. Papa asks Anand to open a bank account for her. Kittu says I will go with Shraddha to the bank. We will spend some time outside the house. Mummy says ok. Kittu says you have to bring admission form of the school for Dhruv. Kittu asks for money from Anand. He gives it. She asks him for a hug and kiss. Anand says I m being late for the office and leaves. Kittu says don’t be shy, our marriage is two years old now. Kittu comes to Shraddha and says we are going out today. Shraddha asks where. Kittu tells her plan to her. Shraddha asks her is there any good news. Kittu says no. Shraddha says then where. Kittu says let it be a surprise, lets go.

jaya says I will also come with you. Kittu says no need, you will get bored. Kittu tells Mummy if jaya knows about this, then everyone will know about it. Mummy tries to stop jaya. Mummy sends Kittu and Shraddha but jaya comes back again. Mummy asks jaya to change her slippers. They leave till jaya comes. She asks where did they go. jaya says may be they went to watch a movie. Mummy laughs and says they went to bank. jaya asks why.

Ashish asks jaya why she is angry. jaya says they might be enjoying. Kittu and Shraddha went to open Shraddha’s account. jaya says no one cares about me. She asks Ashish to put some money in her account. Kittu and Shraddha come to the bank. Kittu tells Shraddha that we came here to open your account. Shraddha says don’t make me feel burdened, I don’t want to open an account. Kittu says I m not doing any favor, this is Papa’s order. They go inside the bank, someone is watching them.

The inspector comes and says Shraddha has to come with us. Bobby has lodges a complaint against her. Everyone are shocked.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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