Madhubala 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Roma wonders why no one is home on Diwali? Madhu is teary eyed! Roma asks the matter? Madhu says what happened was less.. Radha is breaking internally and RK ..he is sinking in his troubles!

Madhu says there is no happiness in this house.. so what point of celebration? Roma asks her to handle herself..! Roma says come with me.. to chawl so we celebrate Diwali there! Madhu resists.. Roma says.. bowing down to troubles is not a solution ..come to chawl..! Madhu worries for RK n Roma says if RK loves Madhu then he will come!

Madhu is not sure n Roma says trust me. .n if not me .then have faith in urself. ur love.. ur God!

All are celebrating Diwali in chawl.. but Madhu is sulking..! Roma says.. din bring u here to sulk join in.. Madhu says not feeling well ..u go and njoii!

Madhu looks at Chawl gates waiting for RKs arrival..! She prays to Bappa to convince RK that his Madhu is waiting for him… so send RK to me!

Roma says ..if orange flower from Bappas hand means RK will come n Madhu asks about yellow flower n Roma says i dun believe in negative thots!

Madhu turns hearing car honking n thinks its RK but its Bittu..! The orange flower drops n RK steps ouit of the car…! Ishq tu hi hai mera..! Rishbala eyelocks! Rishbala hug

RK says sorry and Madhu cries! RK says lemme wear raincoat! RK wishes Happy Diwali ..and Madhu too and both say love u.!

Madhu says i missed u n RK says i missed my MISSUS too! RK distributes gifts n crackers to kids! RK says lets go home n celebrate! He says .. ‘khub manegi diwali jab mil baithenge char sunky…kuch khayenge peyenge thoda n Bittu says whiskey n RK says lassi’

Dips n Pabho crib about Madhu being reason behind a depressing Diwali! They come in the house to find it all lit up n r shocked! RK says i got it done! RK says lets celebrate! Madhu asks about Radha n she enters n asks all well?? RK says yes.. lied to u to get u here! Radha fumes n refuses to celebrate!

Part 2

RK comes to Radha n says 3 things –

– had to lie coz u wont have come if i told truth
– Diwali puja incomplete without u (Madhu feels)
– If u participate in Diwali ..Madhu will be happy n her happiness is my happiness!

Madhu is decorating with Roma!

Part 3

Madhu stunned to see Radha with RK ..! Puja starts..! Madhu holds RKs hand n they do aarti together! Madhu-Pabho wish each other ..! Pabho taunts Madhu ..! Madhu prays for happiness..!

Precap — NO PRECAP!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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