Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Gunjan telling Mayank that his gift to her was priceless and that he was mad to think she wouldn’t appreciate it. Akash then tells that he prays to God Gunjan will always be smilling. Seema tells Prabhu that this is a memorable Diwali and says she’s going to the neighbour’s to give sweets and Prabhu teases her that she wants to show off her necklace too. Seema is walking in the neighbourhood and is admiring her necklace and two guys notice it and eye her necklace and they follow her. They snatch the necklace from her neck and she puts up a fight but they manage to snatch it and escape. Seema runs after them and shouts to catch them. She trips and falls and passer by’s recognize her as a Garg family member.

They try to revive her by sprinkling water. She regains consciousness and laments about her lost necklace. She wonders what to tell Akash about her lost necklace. Mayank comes and hugs Gunjan from behind as she is admiring the necklace. He tells her he loves her. Gunjan says his style is nice but the whole world knows. She adds that he would have worn the necklace for her instead of leaving it there and he apologizes and she says that he has followed after his mother. Prabu comes in and asks Gunjan if Seema has returned and she says no. Prabhu wonders what’s taking her so long and Gunjan says she must be talking with her friends and Prabu says that was just an excuse but she’s gone to show off her necklace. Prabhu says she was a bit upset that he didn’t give her any gold but Gunjan says he can always give it tomorrow as the whole week is Diwali. Prabhu then tells them to go play fireworks.

Mayank pulls Gunjan and asks where is she going to and she says to play fireworks as she loves them. Mayank says she herself is one. Seema is walking back home and is worriedly thinking what will everyone think. Dholu sees her but think its a ghost and screams adn runs in. She then decides to go through the back exit. She decides to pretend to sleep. Meanwhile Rachana, Dholu, Shail, Gunjan and Mayank are playing fireworks outside. Dholu then tells Rachana that he has finished it all and Rachana goes to get more. Prabhu comes and sees Seema sleeping. He asks if she is feeling unwell and she says that her head hurts. He then asks if she is angry with him and leaves some money on the table to make a jwellery set. Seema says if she rests she will be fine. She then think to herself how long can she hide it and the truth is bound to come out.

Shail is pacing up and down and Prabhu asks whom is she waiting for and she says mausiji and Seema. Prabhu says that Seema has returned and has a headache. Shail says she will checkup on Seema but Prabhu says she doesn’t want to be disturbed. Rachana is walking and the guy with the jeep is coming at a speed. Rachana falls and he breaks immediately. He gets down and tells her that she must be faking being hurt just to get compensation from him. Rachana is shocked and says being so educated he doesn’t have the etiquette to speak well. He says that people in Benaras are rude. He grabs Rachana’s hand and tells her to move out of the way. Rachana tells him how dare he touch her hand. He speeds off and Rachana shouts saying he has no idea how to talk to a girl. He drives on and angrily mumbles. An old lady is complaining of how bad the sweets are from the shop and gathers a crowd just to complain about it. He gets down angrily and tells her she is causing a commotion and that how can she at this age shout like this in public. The people support the old lady and tells him off. He then picks up the old lady and people are shouting at him for doing so but the old lady says he’s handsome and she doesn’t mind it and if he doesn’t mind too then what is everyone’s problem. She says but the young girls might be feeling jealous though. He carries her to the car and the people accuse him of kidnapping her but he says that its his grandmother.
He scolds her for talking too much and says that he has enough with Benaras and they will go to America soon. She says there’s so much fun here. He says to enjoy for another 2-3 days as they will leave soon. She says he’s emotionally blackmailing her and gets down from the car. She tells him to go America and leave her here till her last breath and that’s the reason she came to Benaras. She tells him that she promised to meet the Garg’s but he’s reluctant to do so and walks away. Rachana opens the door to see them walking away and is shocked.

Episode Ends

Mausiji tells the Garg’s her grandson is too busy with his work for anyone else. Sangeetha says to get him settled down soon and mausiji says only if he agrees and Sangeetha says they will help to look for a girl for him.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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