Madhubala 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu storms into RK mansion n calls out to RK Dips intervenes n says.. CLASSY people stay here..

RK comes n says.. strange..wonder when Dips was christened RK? Madhu has come with bated breath to meet RK! He asks Dips to enjoy the scene ..quietly!

Radha comes n is delighted to see Madhu..!

RK asks her how n why she came ..not like she was passing by n wanted to abuse RK? [Kuch to khas hoga.. koi khayal to dil ke pass hoga..aaj to katl karke jaongi.. aisa kuch vishwas to hoga]

RK teases her about breaking her phone..! He taunts her about not being able to talk to her new near ones.. for distracting him .. for cancelling the shoot..n causing loss! He taunts her about wanting a phone from him?

He taunts her about being anxious about the incomplete call .! He sings.. ‘Mere piya gaye rangoon wahan se kiya telephone.. mobile tod gaya Right Kamena Aflatoon’! Madhu glares at him..! RK taunts that..look at the fire in the eyes.. seems mansion will burn down in two mins!

RK offers her money for the mobile! Madhu takes..! RK taunts her.. for taking the money n Dips says..the Madhu. who can take 40 lacs for 4 phears..wuld never hesitate..! RK quietens her..up!

Madhu says..she took the money.. not for her phone..n she can beat him at all .. things but cant beat him in falling low..! RK asks..why she took money then! Madehu calls out to hte three men who were tailing her..

Radha asks..who they are.. n Madhu smirks at RK..! She says. HER Son..knows.. them.. as he has deployed them to tail her..! She says..the guys were of low standard but deserve their salary..!

Radha taunts RK for his move..! Madhu asks Mister Rishabh his mom..! RK says..this matter is between him n her.. n Madhu says..there is nothing between them other than a poisonous valley..! RK says.. correct..coz.. if there was anything else.. it wuld be a bondage that wont let her go to strangers n spend days n NIGHTs with!

Radha slaps RK ..says she should have slapped RK long back..! She says..she thought he did it all coz of the fire of love n passion but stones dun set afire..! She says.. how much Madhu has done for RK ..but today RK is falling further down attacking Madhus self respect..!

Part 2
Radha asks Bittu to book her tickets for Delhi .. She asks RK who is he? Cant be Mohan Kundras son… he has no goodness! Madhu slams the money in RKs hand..! She tells RK that she used to regret.. loving RK .. now she feels disgusted that she ever loved him..!

Part 3

RK paces around in his room .. keeps thinking of Sult-Bala .. He sees pics of Madhu .. n recollects her happy mood talking to the other man..! He slams a bottle of drinks..!

Precap —- Sultan comes n breaks RKs car screen n drives off! Bittu – RK rush to the spot n RK asks who dare? Bittu shows RK a note..! Madhu comes..! RK tells her that all this is coz of her.. n shows Madhu the note left by Sultan!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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