Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Gunjan congratulating Rachana and telling her how happy she is for her. Rachana wishes her the same. Rachana tells Gunjan she is going to tells Shail about it. Gunjan tells Rajeev that Shail would be happy to hear the news and so will the whole family. Rajeev says why only about Rachana they will also be proud about Gunjan’s success afterall she not being a sports person made it second. Gunjan says that along with kheer Shail will make many other things and the whole house will be celebrating. Rachana calls Shail and tells her that she won first place and even broke the record being the fastest. Shail asks about Gunjan and Rachana is a bit hesitant to tell about Gunjan. Shail asks her again and she says Gunjan got second place and says she’ll come home and narrate everything and hangs up. Shail calls everyone to come to the hall and tells them the good news that Rachana won first place and set a new record and that Gunjan won second. Everyone is so happy hearing the news. Dayal says he is proud of Rachana today and that if he encouraged her since small she would have reached far by now and that she would have made it to the national level. Gopal wants to get some sweetmeats but Bua tells him that Shail has already made kheer. Shail says that she has to offer some to God first as it is because of Him all this has happenend. Sangeetha says first place is always first. Seema says Rachana managed to get the position and even Gunjan will continue in the next round.Sangeetha tells Seema it doesn’t bother them if Gunjan wins or lose. Sangeetha asks why is she siding Gunjan. Seema says whatever Gunjan did she will always be indebted to her. Afterall Gunjan saved Mayank’s life. Sangeetha says she did save his life but Mayank was taking his life because of Gunjan. Seema is in thought.Gunjan, Rachana, Mayank and Charu return and Shail hugs Gunjan and Rachana.

Part 2

Shail hugs Gunjan and Rachana and congratulates them. Shail notices Gunjan’s hand is hurt and asks what happen and Gunjan says its a small wound. Shail says she’ll apply ointment later. Rachana is a bit upset at the attention Gunjan is given by Shail. Charu says that she should give sweets as it is a huge deal being a topper. Shail says yes. Everyone congratulates Rachana and Prabhu says that she is the first girl in the family to have achieve this kind of success.Shail brings kheer and feeds Rachana. She is about to feed Gunjan too but Charu snatches the spoon from her and feeds Rachana too. Mayank notices this. She tells Rachana this is on her behalf. Seema and Sangeetha feed Rachana too. Charu then says they should take a picture. The whole family is in the shot except for Gunjan standing at a corner. Charu takes the photo. Shail is about to include Gunjan when Rachana asks for a photo only with Shail. Charu snaps the picture. Shail then goes and says she has beeen standing there alone and brings her. Shail tells Charu to take a photo with both her daughters. Charu is hesistant but does it. Shail says now to take both the champions together. Dayal says it would be better if Rachana smiled. Charu snaps the picture. Shail tells them to go freshen up. Gunjan congratulates Rachana again and asked if Rachana chose a mentor. Gunjan says she’ll request for Rajeev to be her mentor. Rachana says its not about the mentor but the individual participating what can the mentor do. Rachana says Gunjan is sure to choose Rajeev as her mentor. Rachana thinks that Vihaan is a good mentor for the last two rounds the dance and the mental ability and he has also been the fresher of the year but Rachana doubts if he trustable. She thinks maybe Rajeev maybe a good mentor. Mayank tells Charu she did not do the right thing. She asks what did she do and Mayank says not to pretend it was obvious that she sidelined Gunjan on purpose and asks if she saw Gunjan’s face and she says no because she was looking at Rachana and busy with her happiness.

Part 3

Charu says she is not like Mayank who can only think about Gunjan. She says that no one is as bad as Gunjan and Mayank says its no use talking to her and walks to the hall angrily. Seema comes and asks him to come eat. Rachana comes and tells him he is the best brother. Mayank says he wants to ask her if Vihaan is disturbing her and she says no and asks why does he think so and he says because he saw Vihaan around Rachana. Mayank says he knows Rachana can’t avoid him being in the same college but to keep a distance from him. Rachana and Dholu are playing board games while Gunjan is studying. Dholu asks if Rachana is happy coming first and Rachana says yes but she will be very happy if she wins the FOTY trophy and Dholu asks what if she doesn’t and she says that won’t happen and Dholu asks why isn’t Gunjan also participating in the competition and she could win and that Gunjan dances well. Rachana says it doesn’t matter if she can dance well or not that she will win just like how she did today and it will be a record breaking win. Rachana’s gets a call from Vihaan. Dholu tells Gunjan that he wants to tell her a secret. Gunjan tells him to keep the secret to himself. He says he can tell it to her. Dholu says the secret is that she is the best and will win the FOTY. Gunjan says can she tell him a secret and that Dholu is going to win the FOTY. Rachana gets angry telling them can’t they see her talking on the phone. Both of them laugh. Vihaan asks Rachana if she is set for tomorrow and that if she wants to win then she has to choose him. Rachana says she will decide later and asks why did he call so late at night and he says he was just checking if she would take the right decision tomorrow. She says if his talk about her well being is over then goodnight. He says sweet dreams and tells her he’ll see her at college. Rachana says she needs a good mentor but nobody in the house will agree to Vihaan. Gunjan enters the kitchen and Shail asks what would she have tea or food and Gunjan says both. Shail asks what time will they be back from college and Gunjan says the same time but realizes that the mentor selection is today and tells Shail the mentor will help them win the competition. Gunjan says a mentor like Shail a guide and that she would choose Shail if she could. Shail and Gunjan talk about Pavitra Rishta and promote the show’s episode.

Part 4

Shail tells Gunjan to wake Rachana up. The teacher announces that at this level they have to choose a mentor and the mentor can be a teacher or student. He says that the names will be withdrawn from a bowl and called up and they will choose their mentor. The boys are called up first to choose their mentor. When its the girls turn Chaya is called up and she names her maentor a student. Gunjan’s name is called up and she says her mentor she chooses is Rajeev. Rachana’s name is called up and Rachana looks perplexed.

Episode Ends

Precap – No precap

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