Madhubala 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Flashback … Nazia rues the kid being orphan … n Rasheed says..he knows..where the kid came from Rasheed says.. Sultan is ..Mohans illegitimate kid..

Next day Mohan fired Rasheed from the job! He says..he requested Mohan ..for mercy. but later decided that he could blackmail Mohan ..!

Rasheed says..he went to meet Meera.. who had gone nuts..! Neighbors shared that.. Meera gave birth. .told Mohan. .. who snatched the kid from Meera..! Cops culdn help as Meera culdn give sane deposition n later neighbors called Docs… n Meera became.. no. 155 from Mohans Timepass love..!

Sultan asks.. why Rasheed din tell Meera about Sultan? Rasheed says.. the money stopped.. but Nazia loved Sultan so much.. he had to flee..! Rasheed asks Sultan to be thankful that he is alive coz of him? Sultan says..not coz of him but his greed. .n is keeping him alive for Nazia sake.. who loved him selflessly..!

Rasheed says .. shall leave? Sultan says.. n dun show ur face again!

Rasheed what? and leaves..!

RK takes Madhu aside..and Madhu asks why hiding? RK says..want gift? Madhu says.. his gift.. not fans suggested one..! Madhu asks ..give? RK holds her hand..!

RK says.. a fan told him that he doesnt need any suggestions as its within him..! RK says.. its 5 mins to 11pm .. n from now to tomorrow morning. .will love her Madhu style.. n by tomorrow. .RK will be like Madhu! Caring.. loving.. he will be Madhu jaisa RK ..! Madhu says.. she will become his carbon copy .. love him like crazy . .but keep screaming..! RK asks deal? Madhu DEAL DEAR..!

RK says.. how about sealing the deal. .BG — Tum hi ho .. Rishbala close in for a kiss..! Bittu spots them ..n Radha too .. n Rishbala says.. sorry maa.. meri galti thi.. Radha takes them home..! RK has his arms across Madhu..!

Rasheed returns .. n tells Sultan to ask for money from RK…n when he share with Rasheed..! Sultan asks why him? Rasheed says..fine.dun..

Sultan tells Rasheed that he is not answerable to him … n throws Rasheed outta the room..!

At RK mansion …Rishbala aarti .. n RK is about to talk but Radha stops him n says..dying to speak? Madhu says..he wont..he has promised to behave!

Madhu puts her handprints on the wall of the RK mansion .. RK goes to look at it..!

Madhu pushes the kalash of rice..then puts her feet in red water n walks inside..! Madhu-Radha hug..! Dips smirks.. n cribs..n says…Madhu is in the house since 1 year. why the welcome. RK says..its karnama of the decade..that the marriage happened despite all trying opposite…including calling Sultan..!

Part 2

RK tells Radha.. that.. whatever is in Dips heart is on her face

RK says.. Dips must be sad to see ..Rishbala wedding.. ! He says…he doesnt have any proof.. but.. he remembers ..he told them.. wedding is done.. deserts over.. their bags must be packed…

Part 3

Sikky says RK cant do this.. but RK says..he can. .n he will! Sikky tells Madhu to consider that he;/Dips r her wedding gift. .n RK says.. bride n groom take gifts.. n their gift is Sikky-Dips exit..! Dips is stunned.. RK glares at her..!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that Dips did all to stop Madhu to enter this house.. but Madhu what Dips? Madhu says..she will show. .n pulls Dips by her arm n walks towards the door..! RK watches smirking … all others are shocked.. !!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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