Balika Vadhu 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur Haveli
The family is surprised to find Ira back from her trip, without any intimation. She comes and asks alok what he wanted to say. Alok is speechless, but says that he’s missing her badly. ira smiles and takes dadaji’s blessings. Ira says that she wanted to surprise them, hence didnt tell them. ira says that she too was missing them badly, hence decided to come. Dadaji says that they missed her too. Shiv takes her blessings. She sits at the breakfast table, and asks about meenu. She says that she’s fine. Ira says that it wasnt like other trips, as she had gone angryu, and tensed them too about her mood. She apologizes to dadaji that she shouldnt have gone so suddenly, and that she regretted it too, and got angry at herself for being so childish. Dadaji asks her not to bother. She says that she’s happy now, having come home. She asks about sanchi and anandi, and is told that they are in jaitsar. Alok tells them the reason, and jagiya’s condition too. ira asks who could have done this to jagiya, who helps everyone. Meenu says that there are all kinds of people. She asks ira to go and freshen up, while she sends tea and breakfast in her room. ira agrees and leaves for her room. Shiv gets a call, and says that he would reach in 15 minutes. He tells them that he has to go for an important meeting. alok says that he also has to go for an important deal. Dadaji asks them to go, but in the evening, he decides to tell ira about sanchi’s accident together.

The servant exclaims about the excessive heat, while having got the groceries. Just then the doorbell rings. He find a couple outside. They insist that they have to meet Shiv, and at hoem only and not in the offfice. But he tells that he isnt at home, but when they decide to wait till shiv comes back, ira comes out hearing the commotion. They ask her intro, and she tells that she’s shiv’s mother. When she asks them, they identifies themselves as Sunny’s parents, and get on her feet, asking them to urge their son, to grant him bail, so that they can get sunny out and make him apologize to sanchi and shiv too. When ira asks them to clarify, they tell what happened, begging for forgiveness on her part, for sunny and his friends and to withdraw the case against their child and ira is very hurt, and shocked too, when she hears the attempt to rape case. The couple profusely apologizes for sunny, and says that her son would be spoilt forever and her future would go down the drain. Ira cnt believ what she just heard. she is about to swoon off, when meenu holds her and takes her inside. Ira is still in a state of shock. she seats ira down, and asks her to compose herself. She tells sunny’s parents that ira didnt know. Sunny’s parents continue to plead for sunny’s forgiveness. the whole family come together, while ira isnt able to talk. alok comes in happily, but gets sombre, seeing the situation, and understanding that ira has found out.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
The existing nurse compliments ganga at her dexterity in the nursing techniques, while draping a bandage on jagiya’s head along with ganga. While ganga smiles, jagiya asks her to say something. Ganga says that she got very scared seeing her first blood, but then jagiya made her understand that when mannu would get hurt, would she be scared too, and she decided to get over her fear to help mannu whenever he’s hurt. She also says that jagiya told her that all patients would be treated alike. She gives all credit to jagiya’s counselling, and the practise thereafter. she says that now she has gotten the confidence that she can be a nurse. Sanchi stands irritated at ganga’s proximity. As ganga stretches a little more than required, paining jagiya, sanchi asks her to be cautious as she isnt perfect a/c to her. jagiya says that she’s fine, and ganga makes jagiya lie down. Helping him lie, she too is leaning on him, with his arms around her for support, and they share an eyelock. Sannchi is highly frustrated. Jagiya drifts off to sleep.

Sanchi asks ganga if she doesnt feel uncomfortable wearing this, and nursing. Ganga says that she isnt uncomfortable at all, as this is what she has always worn. Sanchi remembers jagiya’s comments and liking about Indian dresses. ganga gets dadisa’s call and goes out to attend it, while sanchi thinks that this is enough as she’s acting as if she’s jagiya’s personal assistant, and decides to stop it. Ganga tells dadisa that Lal singh would come and tell them how much has jagiya progressed. Dadisa says that she would send homemade food for jagiya, and asks her to administer the mdecines properly for speedy recovery. Ganga says that jagiya is now her responsiblity and take proper care of him. dadisa too expresses her confidence in her. After taking the call, she tunrs back to find sanchi there, and asks if she needed anything. Sanchi says that she needs jagiya’s phone and asks her to give it. Sanchi asks her not to be surprised as half information can mislead people and hence she would be able to answer their queries better. She says that the phone has to be on silent mode, and she doesnt know how to do it. Ganga tries to clarify that she picks up before it can disturb jagiya. sanchi says that now she’s with jagiya, and she would attend all calls, as she’s with jagiya now. She forcibly asks ganga to give the phone, and ganga complies.

Its One in the afternoon. Bhairo calls up on jagiya’s phone. As bhairo assumes that its ganga, she says that its her on the phone, but bhairo insists for ganga, when sanchi says that she too can help. Sanchi frustratedly gives the phoen to ganga. Bhairo asks if lal singh came to meet jagiya. when ganga says no, he asks her to call when lal singh comes. He asks if jagiya is fine. she says yes. He cancels the call. Then, makhan gets lunch for jagiya, and gives it to ganga. jagiya wakes up and asks if sumitra too has come, and makhan says that she has come indeed. Sanchi says that now that he’s up, she can feed him. Makhan says that they have been called by dadisa for food. sanchi says that she would go after jagiya is fed. But jagiya asks them to go, as sumitra is here now, and she can feed him. They both leave.

Scene 3:
Location: Udaipur haveli
As shiv comes, attending an important call, he is surprised to find ira in a confrontational mode with the rest of the family. Sensing the sensitivity of the matter, he decides to call back again, and coming to them, he asks whats the matter. the screen freezes on ira’s hurt face.

Underlying message: Often, there is now wrong motive to hide something amongst a family, but when it comes out, it causes a discord and distance between relations.

Precap: Lal Singh tells Anandi about the psychotic breakdown that ganga had when jagiya’s condition was critical. Anandi remembers sanchi’s concern too for jagiya, and thinks that maybe both sanchi and ganga have started liking each other. she wonders what would be the result of this love triangle.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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