Madhubala 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th June 2013 Written Update

Press says after lots of drama.. RK-Madhu wedding is done..

RK n Madhu are now.. Mr & Mrs Kundra..! Screen pans on Rishbala sitting on the stage!

Dips keeps glaring at the duo from afar while Sikky keeps eating ..n says.. they will open their catering agency n not keep more than few people..! Dips fumes on him!

Bittu gets phone call about the 4 lucky winners of Colors contest.. arriving. .n goes to receive them! RK signals Bittu n Madhu asks.. why the signalling? RK says.. to tell God all is well n rest he can manage!

Paddo apologises to Radha n she asks to forget all …just like Rishu said..! Paddo agrees..! They look at Rishbala from afar.. and smile..! She again apologises.. but Radha calms her! Duo hug..!

Sultan tells Kaka ..he knew about it? He says how much Nazia loved him but Rasheed din bother..! She says. .how Nazia told her all . .but din want Sultan to know.. he was left orphan..!

Aryan comes..and says..he heard screaming …n then all fell quiet. .! Kaka says.. was a dream..! Aryan looks at Rasheed n asks..who he is? Sultan says no one! Aryan asks why eyes red? Sultan hugs him!

Madhu sees the 4 winners and asks who are they? RK says.surprise no.2 .. n Bittu introes the foursome..! Madhu refuses the gift n RK says.. she can as they suggested the way…!

RK gives. diamond locket.. to Madhu saying..its to remind much he loves her..! Then the gift to unite the family . .n RK says.. given that already ..!! For the tattoo idea .. RK says. .will be of her choice..! Final gift is Sindoor n Ganpati Bappa n Madhu thanks the fans.. !! Photo session underway..!

Rasheed wakes up ..n Sultan says..he has to go.. n puts Aryan to bed…! Kaka blesses Sultan…!

Sultan shakes Rasheed and asks him to take him to his mom..!

RK asks if Madhu liked the gift? Madhu asks..where are his gift? RK says.. he had asked them to suggest..!Madhu says.. think n give..or wont talk!

Madhu asks Bittu to bring the NGO kids and he does! All greet Rishbala n hug Madhu…! Kids have a card for Rishbala…! Sultan arrives .. n asks to let him in so he can meet a patient ..they show rules but Sultan chides them…!

He hears .. someones shrieks.. n feels sad..! Rasheed asks..why drag him along? Sultan is quiet..! He asks for a patient .. n Doc hestiates..! He asks for FULL Name… ! Sultan points a gun .. n says.. Meera… n Rasheed says.. patient admitted 30 years back..! Doc says.. bed no . 155 .. Meera Sahay..!

Part 2

Sultan hears a lady screaming n Doc says suicide case..! He sees some other patient .. n feels weird..! There is announcement of Patient being out of room n all run around..! Sultan says..cant do this…

Suddenly a lady screams.. DONT LEAVE ME n GO … n collides with Sultan…! [Zareena Wahab enters]

Part 3

The lady.. caresses Sultan n says.. ur back?? Dont leave.. Dont leave..son..!

The doc sees the no. 155 and takes her back in the room …! Rasheed says.. MEERA..!! Sultan is stunned..!

Precap —- The doc gives injection to Meera…and she is crying.. and says.. Mohan ..why did u do this..! Sultan asks..who is she talking of ?? Rasheed says ..his father … MOHAN KUNDRA..!!…..

Update Credit to: Aru4eva

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