Balika Vadhu 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
ananadi and shiv are shocked to hear sanchi, about staying back. while they try to convince her otherwise, sanchi says that its her responsibility that she takes care of jagiya, and if not that, then atleast be by his side, while he recovers. But shiv says that he cant allow her to stay back. sanchi says that just now, she told them to inform as they would have supported her descision. She asks when she is informing them, then why isnt she allowed to take her descisions. shiv is speechless, and granting sanchi permission asks her to be careful as this is anandi’s home. shiv says that its awkward to leave sanchi alone, and it would be good if she stays back too. Shiv says that he knows this wasnt in the plan, but the discomfort is for some time only. Sanchi hopes that she would say no, as she doesnt need a watchman. Anandi asks how many days. shiv says that eh would take them back in a couple of days. sanchi is irritated, as she wont get a second to spend with jagiya alone. Sanchi goes inside. shiv bids goodbye saying that he would miss her. She too saya the same. Shiv gets in the car and drives off.

sanchi hurries inside, and dadisa asks if she forgot anything. sanchi informs that she didnt feel like leaving jagdish like this, hence she returned. when she sees anandi too coming, dadisa is surprised. Anandi says that shiv felt anything might be required here, hence he asked them to stay back. Dadisa is very happy at this, as the last time, they didnt get a chance to meet her nicely. Anandi says that she doesnt have anything much to wear, dadaisa says that wont be a problem as she’s coming to her own house. Bhario too is surprised but happy when he knows that anandi and sanchi have stayed back. Bhairo says that sumitra had called and she’s ready to get food for jagiya, and that they should leave, as if sumitra stays here, then it would be a relief to ganga also. Anandi decides to go and call sanchi and ganga. sanchi, at the door is very irritated that ganga is taking care of jagdish. She is joined by anandi too. While anandi and sanchi watch at the door, ganga administers the medicines and the proper treatement to jagiya. She stumbles a little at first, and anandi and sanchi together extend their hand to help, but then retreat as ganga composes herself and continues. Ananadi is happy that jagiya is in good hands, while sanchi is irritated.

Scene 2:
location: Udaipur haveli
The family is tensed that shiv hasnt called yet. just then, shiv comes in. dadaji says that he has a very long life, as they were just talking about him. Alok asks how’s jagdish. Shiv tells them. choti maa asks where is anandi. shiv says that anandi has stayed back with the family, as she’s needed there. Shiv tells that sanchi and anandi are both there, which surprises them. shiv explains what happened, but gives an excuse that their trip got cancelled, and they were returning back, when they met shvi and anandi. when sanchi got to know, she too tagged along. Alok says that it would be refreshing change for her and her responsibility too for what jagiya did for her. dadaji asks when they plan to return. shiv says that they havent decided, but would get them in a couple of days. choti maa asks him to freshen up, while she gets food ready.

When choti maa asks about the food, while he eats, shiv compliments her. Choti maa asks why is he tensed, but he denies saying that he’s just tired. Choti maa asks when did he get tired in such a short journey, that he cant even identify the food that she’s given, and is praising her for a dish that she hasnt even made. Choti maa asks that sanchi didnt meet him in the way, and asks why did he lie. when shiv denies, choti maa tells him that the path to devigarh and jaitsar, from udaipur and dont cross at all, then how come he met sanchi in the way. shiv is speechless. Shiv tells her everything. choti maa says that she understands why sanchi took this step, after what jagiya did for her, then why did he feel the need to lie. He says that alok and dadaji are as it is tensed, and they would have been bothered unnecessarily hearing this. when choti maa asks if he asked them to stay back, shiv tells that this was sanchi’s descision and tells how he asked anandi also to stay back. Choti maa says that his descision was right, as sanchi feels obliged and anandi staying there would relieve them of their tension about sanchi. She asks him to finish the food in peace.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
With folded hands, dadisa thanks the goddess for her blessing that jagiya is alive today. She calls out to ganga, and tells her to go to anandi and sanchi’s room, and ask if they want anything before sleeping. Ganga complies.

in her room, Sanchi talks to her friend, on the phone, wherein she tells her that she wont wait long before telling him about her feelings, and she’s just waiting for him to recover and get in a condition to hear her out. As anandi calls, she tells her friend that she would have to go now.

When she comes inside the room, anandi asks her if she needs any milk or anything else. sanchi says that she doesnt need anything, and she just wants to go to sleep, to be able to go to Jagdish tomorrow early. when anandi asks if she’s okay and comfortable in this room, Sanchi says that she’s fine, as the maximum time, she has to spend in the hospital only with jagiya. Anandi says with hesitation that she wanted to discuss somethingw ith her, if she doesnt feel bad. sanchi asks here irritatedly as to what has she done wrong this time around. Anandi says that she just had to say, that she shouldnt have come here unannounced. Sanchi says that what she did was absolutely right. Anandi says that this step wasnt wrong, and she just tells her to be more cautious after what happened to her, and should have just given a call to alok, so that they would have known where she was, if anything untoward happens. sanchi says that she isnt a small girl, that she would have to take permission for every small thing that she wants to do. sanchi says that alok wouldnt have permitted, had she informed him, and she just had to come here to see if jagdish was alright. ananadi tries to make her understand, that Alok is the one who loves her the most and is pained after what happened to her. Sanchi asks her not to make a big issue, and justifies her staying here. Ananadi thinks that this isnt the sole reason to come here. just then, ganga opens the door, to keep the water inside. sanchi, in anger throws the water and glass on the floor. Sanchi says that even if an animal stays in a decent place, he learns mannerisms, but she, even after having stayed in this houe for a long time, didnt understand that before entering someone’s house, knoking and permission to enter is required. while ganga is in tears, anandi is shocked at such behaviour. the screen freezes on Anandi’s shocked face.

Underlying message: when a person is blinde by love, then she always wants to be near her beloved. At that time, anyone else’s closeness to that person, gives way to a feeling of jealousy against that person.

Precap: Choti maa asks alok if he talked to ira about what happened with sanchi at the social. Alok says that he kees talking to ira, but hasnt yet been able to bring that topic up. Dadaji says that they shouldnt hide this for to long from Ira, as she’s her mother after all. Alok decides to tell her, the next time he calls her. He is shocked, when he finds ira back from her trip, and asking him what is it that he needs to tell her. they are all surprised to see Ira.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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