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Prabhit ma I want to ask you one thing. Ask me said pragya.
PRABHIT: Why did you shout?
ABHI: Laughed and said you ma Na she is always like this only and don’t know what to do at what place.
PRAGYA: Turned and give him a look and said I ask your papa to do me one help and he promise me that he will do it so in excitement in shouted.
PRABHIT: What help ma?
ABHI: Actually your sarala dadi, Aliya bua, vinai mama are living to their home so your ma wants them to be here for some more days and she also want us to go for a holiday for a weak.
PRABHIT: Oh… can I help you
PRAGYA: Of course dear you can ok now go its already late and you need to have your breakfast and others will be also waiting for us na
PRABHIT: Nodded his head and says I need papa to help me.
ABHI: Ok lets move already we are late saying this they moved towards the washroom. Don’t be late saying this she left the room and comes down. There she see everyone is waiting and says I am sorry for late today.

DADI: Why are you asking sorry for this I know that you both will be tired of your yesterdays programme and don’t say sorry again like this.
SARALA MA: When my daughter changed like this? Is she is my daughter only na
DADI: Don’t tease my bahu as she is the best form all she is the first person to get up and make coffee and breakfast for all of us.
SARALA MA: So my old pragya was missing somewhere right?
ABHI: Ma you said correct and to missed my old pragya and now I am happy that she will return back to me as she was in her college days.
ALL OTHERS: In chorus what old pragya?

ABHI: Yes you didn’t see her till today you are seeing her as a typical bahu of this house and I am sure that you all see her here after.
ALIYA: What do you mean?
ABHI: I mean this pragya brings only happiness and smile in our face and life but I was saying about that pragya who will change the surrounding into a laughter area by her naughtiness and cute expressions and also by small mistakes.
PRABHIT: Good morning everyone saying this he gets down
DADI: My little star waked up soon this not is time to wake up na what happened today.
PRABHIT: Han dadi I wake up by ma shouting.
ALL: What?
PRABHIT: While I was sleeping I heard ma shouting in happiness and also I see her dancing like me and papa was seeing her and smiling. Hearing this both abhi and pragya bent their heads down in shyness. All laughed and went to dinning for their breakfast.

ALIYA: Ma when we are leaving home
SARALA MA: Today. Abhi and pragya know that ma will start it but here happened reverse Aliya asked they were shocked and they know that it is not easy to convince her and look each other and said what you are leaving home today.
ALIYA: Han bhai is there any problem. Both nodded their head in no and thinks what to do
PRABHIT: Suddenly starts to cry. All were panicked and asked what happened even abhi and pragya also panicked to see him crying suddenly. He says because of you only pointed to Aliya.
ALIYA: Shocked and was struck in her words w….h…a…t…..?
PRABHIT: Han you only chachi you only said that you are going home leaving me.
ALIYA: Relived a bit and says oh… you was as your father doing such dramas and by the by I am not your chachi I am your bua.

PRABHIT: Ok bua but I want you all to be here for some more days please.
Seeing this sarala ma says ok we will be here as per your wish for some more days all gets happy.
Abhi says that I planned to go for a holiday for a weak so you decide some place for it.
PURAB: For your holiday why should we decide a place you decide it by yourself.
ABHI: fool I said that we all going got it.
DADI: Abhi it’s good if you want to decide a place means I will prefer our village and it was long back we went what you are saying.
ABHI: Ya dadi I think it is better and say me what about you all.
ALL: Ok for us.
ABHI: Than ok I will make arrangements and tell you all at evening when we are leaving.

Screen freeze here with all happy faces.

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