Swasan true love always wins episode 3

Part 3
ey guys labdhi is back with the next part of swasan true love always wins ….so let’s start
All the maheshwaris and gadodias feel that they r gonna win as swara doesn’t have any proof against Dadi….but they didn’t know that they r wrong….the swara whom they r fighting is a different swara….swara, arjun, arnav and parth told everything to sumi…..sumi didn’t like it but kept quiet coz she knew whatever her children r doing is for her only……swara, sumi and aayush changed their surname to Singh Raizada from Bose

Five days later…..at the court
Maheshwari’s and gadodia’s have arrived and r seated…..they see sumi coming along with aayush, arnav and arjun…..swara comes behind them…..all r shocked seeing her change….. she’s wearing a white coloured dress above her knees and is walking with attitude…..swara sees sanskar and remembers something

After two days sanskar left swara…..swara went to him
Swara: I know sanskar I did wrong…..u told me not to keep any relation with maheshwari’s but I did not listen…..m really sorry….. please I did all this for our family
Sanskar: please swara…..stop all ur nonsense…..I don’t consider them my family anymore…..m just staying them coz of my mom…..see u always considered others important than me….n ever thought about my feelings…..just wanted to do what u wanted….so m doing what I want….now just go
Swara: sanskar please forgive me
Sanskar: m not interested just leave right now from here
Sanskar leaves from there
Flashback ends

Swara brushes all her thoughts….she gets seated besides arjun
The court hearing starts……the case of parvati was strong coz there were no proofs against her…..parth was trying his level best to turn the case
Parth: still m telling u Mrs.gadodia confess everything then I can even tell to lessen ur punishment….. otherwise don’t force me to be the real me
Parvati: I have not done anything
Parth: alright your honor…I would request miss Swara Singh Raizada to come in the witness box
Swara comes in the witness box
Parth: miss swara now it’s high time…..I want u to show all the proofs that u have against Mrs gadodia
Swara: alright

She removes a pendrive and gives it to parth who connects it in the screen……a video starts
It shows when parvati tried to push sumi from the first floor taking advantage of darkness but it was swara instead of sumi……she then confesses that she tried to harm sumi but she did not know it is swara

Next scene
It is of parvati confessing that she only told the nurse to give away aayush…..then her confession about the crimes she did along with pari and aadarsh…..the video when aadarsh and pari had tied dp and ap is also shown
Like this it is all the confession scenes (guys I don’t want to exaggerate all this coz still I have to show the leap in this episode…..so sorry)
Video ends

Maheshwari’s and gadodia’s r shocked seeing the video as they did not think they all will have all these videos
Parth: I hope ur honour that from this video it is proved that Mrs.gadodia is the culprit…..but ur honour from this video we also know that Mrs.parineeta maheshwari is also with her husband and Mrs.gadodia in kidnapping aayush and doing all the things shown in the video…..so I would request u to give her also a punishment coz even she has participated in all these crimes
Judge: after seeing all these videos it is clearly seen that Mrs.gadodia is the culprit along with Mrs maheshwari…..the court gives 5 years punishment to both of them
Judge leaves

Police arrests both of them but before they take them swara comes to them
Swara: so Mrs. Gadodia now if u ever say anything to my mother or any of my brothers u r just gonna face hell…..and this is the promise from SSR
All r shocked listening SSR except arnav, arjun and sumi coz SSR is the most powerful business tycoon of asia and it’s business is also spread in foreign countries
Police takes them and leaves
They all leave the court room

Ragini: swara u r SSR….i mean how
Swara: SSR means swara Singh Raizada…..from 12 yrs I knew truth that I had 2 brothers…..mom told me everything……when I started this business I made my identity as SSR…..so now u understood everything so know I have to leave I have much work
Swara, sumi, arjun, arnav, aayush and parth left the place…..others present there never thought that it was the last time they r seeing them
Leap of five years

A beautiful mansion is shown…..two boys r playing in the hall
A lady comes there she’s in late 20’s
Lady: aayush aarav will u please stop now come here and drink milk
Aayush: swara di try to catch us if u can
Aarav: ya mom first catch us
So the lady is swara and aarav is swasan son…..when swara reached Belgium she came to know she’s 3 months pregnant
Arjun comes there
Arjun: now stop harassing my shona and drink milk
Aarav/aayush: ok Mamu/bhai
They drank milk
Even arnav, sumi and parth came there
They spent some good time together and then swara, arnav, arjun and parth left for office while sumi took care of aarav and Aayush

Precap: hero’s entry after leap

Guys m stopping here…..it’s a very big episode and took a lot of time for me to write all this now the next part will be after 25th coz I have some school work pending….i hope you will understand……guys I hope u like it and don’t forget to write ur comments and reviews
Bye guys

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