Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 8)( Sukor, Nairan, Thahaan, Meghnal, Vimli and Tanshi Meeting)

Thnx guys for all the comments I got so far. I’m so glad u didn’t mind that I rushed last time. Here is the next update which is THE MEETING..enjoy ?
Recap: The girls have left to Azadgunj and the 6 couples ( Meghnal, Sukor, Tanshi, Thahaan, Vimli and Nairan ) are about to meet.

Meghnal r both nervous. Meghna knocks on the door
Kunal: Come in!
The door opens and Meghna comes in
Meghna: Good Morning Sir
Kunal: Good Morning….Uhh..plz…take a seat
Meghna enters and sits in the chair
Meghna: Sir! What do I need to do?
Kunal olv: What does she need to do?! I don’t even know!
Meghna olv: Why is he taking ages to reply? Does he even know?
Kunal: Uhh..I’m working here for the first time so I don’t know anything or even anyone properly…Can u tell me?
Meghna: Umm..Im in the same situation. I don’t know this place sorry.
Kunal: Oh..Where r u from?
Meghna: Kanpur!
There was an awkward silence
Kunal: Isn’t that the place that I’ve heard has the best made street food?
Meghna: I don’t know about that but the street food is great…in fact its so great that you’ll probably end up licking ur fingers!
Kunal shows a concentrating face and Meghna thinks she is talking too much.
Meghna: I’m sorry..I think I was..
Kunal: No! No! Carry on! Its very interesting!
Meghna: What is?
Kunal: Talking and finding out about places
Meghna: So do u like researching about places?
Kunal: Mmm..u can think of it like that..I guess…Geography is the subject I passed in
Kunal olv: Y did I just tell her that?
Meghna: Really! Me too! What else did u pass in?
Kunal: Uhh..Geography was the only one ?
Meghna: Oh!..Sorry! I don’t think I should have asked u that.
They both look away in embarrassment
Kunal olv: Bro! U r not making a good representation of urself. Don’t know what she’s thinking of you.
Meghna olv: What the hell Meghna!..What on Earth r u doing?!..Questioning is the boss’s job, Y r u asking questions?!..U have totally messed up today…Just pray that u still have the job.
They both take deep breaths
Megnnal olv: Don’t worry! U can do it! Believe in urself!
They both turn back
Naina approaches Karan and taps him on the shoulder. Karan doesn’t look who it is.
Karan: Go Away!
Naina olv: That’s mean!
Naina taps him again
Karan: R u deaf?! Can u not hear I’m telling u to go away?!
Naina: No! I cant hear! Plz repeat!
Karan olv: What kind of a rude person is this? Everyone knows that I don’t like talking then who is this!?
Naina: Listen! Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing but if u talk rudely then that is!
Karan gets angry and faces her
Karan: So now u will teach me how to talk!
Naina: I don’t think I said anything like that!
Karan: R u new?
Naina: I most certainly am..Y?
Karan: Y don’t u just go ask ur new friends Y I don’t talk to anyone.
Naina: I’m not DUMB!..I already have..they don’t know y u don’t talk..they only know that u don’t like talking.
Karan: AND?!
Naina: And what?!
Karan: What do u not understand about that?!…I DON’T LIKE TALKING SO JUST GO AWAY!
Naina: Do u speak to ur family members…or ur umbrella?
Karan olv: This girl is taking my head in
Naina: O C’mon Naina! U heard him…he doesn’t speak to ANYONE…so he’ll probably is most likely to speak to ANYTHING..for example..His UMBRELLA.
Naina runs off and Karan gets even angrier
Karan: You!..
Karan olv: Naina Badtameez / Rude…I’ll deal with u another day.
Naina olv: He is so Arrogant!..Ive never seen such a man in my life…Chada wala Akru / Grumpy Umbrella Man!
Thapki finds her phone and when she comes out, she bumps into Bihaan and both their phones fall on the floor along with Thapki’s stuff.
Thapki: R u blind!? Can u not see!?
Bihaan: Gajab! I should be asking u that..i was walking casually and u were the one in a hurry.
Thapki: Haan tho? / So what?!
Bihaan: Madam! This is a mall! If u go anywhere in a hurry, u r bound to bump into someone.
Thapki: Ok fine! I’m sorry.
Bihaan: O wow! Just say sorry and end of topic right?
Thapki: I said sorry…what more would u want?
Bihaan points at his phone on the floor
Bihaan: My phone!..Pick it up!
Thapki: Xcuse me!..I’m not doing that!
Bihaan: Do u know who I am?
Thapki: I don’t care who u r…but I’m absolutely not picking up ur phone!
Bihaan: The name..Bihaan Rajvanshi
Thapki: What kind of a name is that?!…Bihaan.
Bihaan olv: She seems new here otherwise she would have been shaking hearing “Rajvanshi”..Whatever..She has to pick up my phone!
Vivaan decides to join dance club as he is bored of football. The dance instructor puts everyone in a line and gives them a number
Note: DI stands 4 Dance Instructor
DI: Now u may all go find ur dance partner..they’ll have the same number as u.
Imli notices Vivaan has the same number as her and she approaches him
Imli: Hi! I’m Imli!
Vivaan turns around and is instantly lost in her eyes
Vivaan olv: Wow! Her eyes r like 2 coffee drips in a cloud of milk
Imli notices Vivaan staring at her
Imli olv: Oh no!..What’s he staring at?..Is it my hair?..Does it look that bad?..I did try to brush it.
She clicks her fingers which get him back to realisation.
Vivaan: so sorry…My name is Vivaan
Imli: Its ok..i can understand…i don’t pay much attention on my hair u see
Vivaan: Ur hair?
Imli: Yes?
Vivaan: What about it?
Imli: Its very messy isn’t it?
Vivaan: No!..It looks fine…yes..its not symmetrical but it suits u
Imli gets confused
Imli: It does?
Vivaan: Absolutely! I love the way its straight on the sides and wavy at the back!
Imli: Thankku! (How she says it)
Vivaan: Thankku?
Imli: That’s how I started saying least…thats what my sisters say
Vivaan: U have sisters?…How many?
Imli: 7…but 6 of them r my cousin sisters. I have only 1 sister.
Vivaan: I have 7 brothers..they’re cousins 2…i have a cousin sister and 1 sister.
Imli: Woa!..Thats a lot!..I don’t have any brothers…whats ur sisters name?
Vivaan: Ragini
Imli: Ragini!..thats my cousin sister’s name…That name is very popular nowadays.
Vivaan: I know what u mean…Whats ur sister’s name?
Imli: Chakor! She loves playing Basketball!
Vivaan: Chakor!…Basketball!…Is she the new Champion
Imli: At Basketball Club Yes!
Vivaan: Is she smart?
Imli: Didi is the smartest out of all of us..Y do u ask?
Vivaan olv: Suraj!..U r gone!..She’ll definitely defeat u!
Chakor is playing Basketball and is about to shoot but cant cuz 6 foot Suraj comes in front.
Chakor: What do u think ur doing?..Plz move!..I need to shoot!
Suraj: No! I wont move!…If u want to shoot then shoot but I’m not moving.
Chakor: Listen Mr….
Suraj interrupts
Suraj: Suraj Rajvanshi!…That’s my name.
Chakor olv: Don’t know what mental asylum he has come from?
Suraj: U listen Miss…
Chakor interrupts and smirks
Chakor: Chakor!…My name!…But here they call me Champion Chakor!
Suraj: U r the Champion?
Chakor: I think I did just say that
Suraj laughs and looks at everyone
Suraj: She’s the Champion?
Chakor: What’s so funny?
Suraj: If ur the Champion, then prove it!
Chakor gives him an evil eye
Suraj: 1 round! Against Me only!
Chakor: Y 1 round?
Suraj: Cuz 1 round is enough 4 me 2 defeat u!
Chakor: U R Challenging me?!
Suraj: Oh no! What happened?.. Little birdie got scared..dont worry!..Just fly away…Urr Ja Chakoriya Urr Ja! / fly away Chakor bird fly away!
Chakor throws the ball with full force at Suraj and he catches it
Chakor: Challenge Accepted!
Suraj olv: Woa! She has some power! The way she threw the ball..I swear..she is a Jungli Billi / Wild Cat!..If she is that, then I’m also a Jungli Janwar / Beast. Game on!
Chakor olv: Chakor never learnt to give up..if I don’t bring this so called Suraj Rajvanshi’s pride and ego down, then I’m not suitable 4 my name…He challenged ME..I’ll show him what I’m made of.
Sukor turn face to face with an evil eye
Tanuja walks near the eater fountain and Rishi sees her
Rishi olv: Is that Tanu?..No!…It can’t be!
Tanuja sees him and smiles. He recalls Tanu and smiles 2
Rishi olv: Her smile!…Its the same as Tanu’s
Tanuja olv: Does he want anything? He seems tensed.
Tanuja walks upto Rishi
Tanuja: Hello!
Rishi freaks out and nearly falls but Tanuja handles him and then they have an eye lock…then come back to reality
Tanuja: R U Ok?..Hope ur not hurt?
Rishi olv: No! This is not Tanu! No one can replace her!
Rishi pushes Tanuja away
Rishi: Stay away from me!
Tanuja: I’m sorry…but I’m only trying to help
Rishi: I said stay away from me!
Tanuja: Ok. Calm down.. I am
Tanuja leaves to the otherside
Tanuja olv: What’s wrong with him..Poor Guy..he seemed really tensed…i want to help him but he wont listen to me…never mind Tanu…Thapki said she’ll be back quick…where is she?
Thapki: Listen! Whatever happened was just an accident! I’m in a hurry so plz let me go!
Bihaan: Gajab! I already said…u r not going anywhere until u pick up my phone.
Thapki olv: Calm down Thapki! Tanu is waiting 4 u! What’s the big deal! Just puck up this Duffer’s phone and go!
Bihaan: I’m waiting!
Thapki bends down to pick up his phone but then realises that she has the same phone.
Thapki olv: Oh no! Which one is my phone? My battery is dead so the one that turns on will be his…I’ll just press a button.
As Thapki tries to press a button Bihaan gets impatient and tells her to get up.
Bihaan: What’s taking so long!? Do u have any intention of stealing it?
Thapki gets up and Bihaan snatches 1 of the phones from her hand and leaves. Thapki looks at the phone in her hand and gets worried.
Meghnal turn back after having deep breaths.
Kunal: Y have u decided to join here?
Meghna: Actually…I got the promotion here…It wasn’t my choice.
( guys! Don’t mind that bit. I don’t know anything about work. I’m only 15)
Kunal: Promotion? Does that mean u did well in ur subjects?
Meghna: I came top in every subject I chose.
Kunal olv: Woa! She’s a Topper!
Meghna: I love studying u see.
Kunal: If u don’t mind..Can I call u Miss Topper?
Meghna: Course I don’t fact..that devotes a sign of friendship.
Kunal extends his hand forward
Kunal: So…Friends?
Meghna shakes his hand
Meghna: Friends!
Meghnal smile
Vimli r asking about each other and Vivaan is in his thoughts
Imli: Vivaan! What r u thinking?
Vivaan: No. Nothing
Imli: Shall we start?
Vivaan: Yeah sure. What song?
Imli: Y don’t u choose?
Vivaan: I’m sorry..but I don’t know many songs.
Imli: Oh..can we do it Sun Saathiya from ABCD2? It’s my fav song.
( it’s actually my fav song ?)
Vivaan: Ok.
They both go and practise
The basketball game began. A boy from the group ( Adi ) was telling Chakor where to go to help her. Suraj got angry at him, started shouting and didn’t focus on Chakor. In the meantime, Chakor scored and smirked at Suraj. Suraj got extremely angry and grabbed Adi by the collar.
Suraj: This was all ur fault! No one can defeat Suraj Rajvanshi!
Chakor: Leave him! He didn’t do fact, I wasn’t even listening to him.
Suraj leaves Adi’s collar and turns to Chakor
Suraj: Jungli Billi / Wild Cat! I’ll deal with u another day.
Chakor olv: What did he just call me? Whatever it is…I’m dealing with him today..right now!
Suraj: U just wait and Watch!
Chakor smirks at him and turns around to everyone. She then holds up 5 fingers and counts down. When she gets to 0, there is a loud THUMP heard. It was Suraj on the floor with his shoelaces tied together.
Suraj looks at his laces and gets shocked and Chakor starts sniggering
Suraj: U Jungli Billi! / U Wild Cat!…When did u do this?
Chakor: Are Maiyya re! How much more will u scream?!…Isn’t ur throat getting swollen?
She goes more towards him
Chakor: I know what ur thinking! …Ur thinking how I managed to do this to u right?
Suraj pulls her on the floor and they have a quick eyelock
Suraj: U will regret this!
Chakor: O Really! So will u do something back to me? Come on Suraj! How long will u keep doing that?..Y don’t u just Stand up on ur own feet and Do something…Prove that u r undefeatable…..Anways…today I am on cloud 9!….My Childhood dream was to get the moon but here,…. Here I have won the lottery….I got Suraj aka The Sun to the ground!…What more would I want?
Suraj olv: What is she trying to say?
Chakor clicks her fingers 3 times and then points at Suraj
Chakor: Next time!…Don’t even think about Messing with me… Otherwise…This Jungli Billi, that is what u just called me right?…Will show u what she is made of!
Chakor leaves with the others. Suraj is left alone and he is really angry. He recalls Chakor’s words.
Suraj: Arrgh! Miss Chakor the so called Champion!…If I don’t humiliate u in front of everyone then My name isn’t Suraj Rajvanshi…I will pay u back for this one by one!
What will Suraj do?…..
What do u think happened with Thahaan?….
Will Rishi fall 4 Tanuja first?….
Will Meghnal’s friendship last long?…
Will Vimli’s dance go well?…
What will Karan do to Naina?…
( woa! So many questions. ?? )
Precap: Swasan and Raglak Meeting..The boys talk about the girls and vice versa
Thnx guys hope u enjoyed it! I did while I was writing it. ?

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