Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 41

Haa guys finally last part
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Suhani just booked ticket for india

Suhani reached india and finally birla house
Suhani ran inside birla house and thorowed her luggage everyone stared her
She just ran and reached yuvraj room
She was breathing heavily as she was tired
Suhani – whats wrong with you ?
Yuvraj was trying his sherwani
Yuvraj – this sherwani is very tight
Suhani came inside room
Suhani makes yuvraj stand infront of her and holds his sherwani collar
Suhani – you can marry anyone else
Yuvraj – why ?
Suhani – because you have to marry me
Yuvraj – why should i marry you ?
Suhani – bcoz i m the one whom you have kissed to make me shut , because i m the one who had shared her kitkat with you , because i m the one whom you love
Yuvraj – are you sure ?
Suhani leaves his collar and sits on bed

Suhani – you cant marry anyone else you can just handle me how will you handle anyone else
Yuvraj – yaa i think you are right
Suhani – you cant do anything i know you naa i m telling you can handle just me
She sees wedding card on bed and takes it
Suhani – dont know who idiot are you marrying
She opens the card and was shocked as it was written
Yuvraj weds Suhani
Suhani was shocked and looked at yuvraj
Yuvraj was smiling
Suhani stood up
Yuvraj – you are the idiot whom i m marrying
Suhani – really but why ?
Yuvraj – because i love you
Suhani hugged him tightly
Yuvraj stumbled a bit and fell on bed with suhani
Yuvraj – moti elephant stand up
Suhani – aiii monkey be quite
Yuvraj – dont look so cute i cant control myself
YuvAni smiles and hugs each other tightly

They both came down aftersometime
Dadi came to suhani
Dadi – i m really very sorry suhani
Suhani – its on dadi just forget everything
Dadi hugs suhani

YuvAni are sitting in mandap
Rhea – massi are you sure you want to marry him you told he is a monkey
Suhani – yes beta this monkey is nice
Aarav – chachu pakka this elephant ?
Yuvraj – this elephant is good aarav
Everyone laughs seeing YuvAni , rhea and aarsv conversation

After 4 years
Menka and anuj are bleesed with a boy anshul
ShaWana are blessed with a girl kritika
Gauri is engaged with a boy named akshay

YuvAni ‘s room

Yuvraj comes out after bathing and wears his clothes
He calls suhani
Suhani comes in a hurry
Suhani – monkey now plz learn how to wear a tie
Yuvraj pulls her close
Yuvraj – no its the only 5 min you give me in morning
YuvAni hears shouting monkey and elephant
Suhani – this two are really just like us
Yuvraj – lets check
Suhani – chalo
They reach kids room and sees yuvan and yuvani again fighting
Suhani – they are just three but still…
Yuvraj – they are our kids they will be like us only naa
Suhani – they are just like you
Yuvraj – excuse me you are a mother
Suhani – really then you are a father
Yuvraj – elephant since childhood you always blame me
Suhani – mistake is yours not my monkey
Aahana sees them and goes to them
Aahana – chachu chachi you both came to solve fight between yuvan and yuvani why you both are fighting
Suhani gives a death glare to yuvraj
Suhani – aahana see naa your chachu
Yuvraj – see your chachi aahana
Aahana – nothing can happen of you both

At night
In YuvAni’s room
YuvAni were sleeping on bed
Yuvraj was reading a book and suhani was just checking her phone
Yuvraj – fight increases love
Suhani looked at him
Yuvraj looked at her back
Yuvraj – what i m reading a book
Suhani – i can see
Yuvraj – aacha lets say sorry together and end this . We used to do this in childhood .
Suhani – ok . 123 . Sorry . Speak sorry yuvraj
Yuvraj laughs
Suhani beats him with pillow
Yuvraj – ok ok sorry
Suhani – good
Yuvraj hugged her tightly
Yuvraj – fight increased love
Suhani – yaa then only after having kids also we still fight like kids but i love to fight with you
YuvAni smiles and sleeps cuddling each other

The end

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  1. Hmm ff ended.soooo sad.anyway i am happy that ur going to start anew one.ur ffs are always short and sweet.i like them very much sis.final episode is soooooo nice.suhani is really very cute.yuvani are really the best couple.their nok joke parts are also nice.their kids fighting also soooo cute.they are just like yuvani.sis pls pls come back sooon with ur new ff.bye dear.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you sis and i loge long comments

  2. Woo amazing……yuvi sahi bola fight increases love….me ye ff bahuth miss kartha hu bt hope jaldi wapas ayengi new yuvani story ke saath

  3. Yuvani

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute………….simply loved it…………..

  4. wow avani it was very very beautiful tat kids fight scene was so nice both prts were awesome.. tis ff ended very cutely bt keep writing..

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    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and yes i m coming back

  11. Yuvani_saraj

    wow amazing episode and lovely end….thank u so much…and plz come back with a new one….

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