Luv Kush 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram decides to help Sugreev

Luv Kush 7th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav and Kush arguing over their principles. Lav says the victory got my violence gives us sorrow, not happiness, think about mum and her happiness. Kush says you have to follow my shown path for her happiness. Lav says I will not change my principles, I will become a mountain who sticks to principles. The man takes his veena. Kush asks won’t he agree now. Lav says no, I m right. He talks to the man well and takes the veena back. Kush asks will you tell them Ramayana also. Lav says yes, its a story of love and there is no biasing in love. He sings. Hanuman and Sugreev meet Ram. Sugreev says I will be glad to help you. He says I m also living with the pain of separation from my wife. Ram asks what do you mean.

Sugreev says I m also on vanvaas, away from my wife, Laxman is with you in your battle, but the reason for my separation with my wife is my own brother Bali, he is my elder sister, he was Kishkandha’s King, we lived with our lives Tara and Roma, we were very happy until Bali was called by Mayavi for a fight. He recalls Mayavi attacking vanars. Mayavi calls Bali for the fight. Sugreev stops him and asks him not to go. Bali gets provoked and goes for the fight. Bali gets cheated by Mayavi. Sugreev hears Bali shouting. He gets shocked. He asks are you fine. He sees the blood flowing out of the cave. He says no, this can’t happen to Bali. He cries. He says I will not leave the Mayavi, I will shut her in this cave. He goes back and serves his Rajya well. Bali kills the Mayavi and returns home.

Sugreev says Bali has come back. He runs to hug him. Bali stops him. He says you left me there to take my throne, you shut me in that cave. Sugreev says I shouted to reach you, I thought you were not there, you will always be vanar raj. Bali says you are right. He asks soldiers to throw away Sugreev from the Rajya. Sugreev says trust me, I didn’t do anything. Sugreev and his wife cry. Bali says you will pay for Sugreev’s crimes now, Roma. Roma says you don’t do this, forgive Sugreev. Sugreev says don’t do this injustice. FB ends. Sugreev says it was the last time I had seen my wife.

Sugreev says I don’t have any big army like Bali, I can’t help in fighting Raavan. Ram says you need determination than strength, you should get what’s yours, I will be glad to help you. Sugreev says if you help me, you will lose focus in saving Sita. Ram says no, it won’t happen. Laxman says I m upset, do you think I m not able to help you, why did you take Sugreev’s help. Ram says no, we are following the path of Dharm, its our duty to punish the culprit for doing torture on women, Raavan has done wrong with Sita and Bali did injustice with Sugreev’s wife. FB ends. The men ask what happened next. They ask Lav to say. Kush looks on.

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