Luv Kush 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Laxman cuts Shurpanakha’s nose

Luv Kush 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav and Kush singing and narrating the story of Raavan’s sister Shurpanakha. She sees a glowing flower. She likes it and takes it. She sees Ram and says who is this Divya man, he shouldn’t be in jungle but with me. She takes a beautiful lady’s form and goes to him. Ram calls out Sita. Sita gets water for him. He says you know what I want. She says I know your needs even when you don’t call me. She feeds him water. She goes. Ram sees Shurpanakha. She says your presence is glowing like a sun in this jungle, I never saw a Tejaswi man like you, I got attracted to you, I want to get you. Ram asks so? She says I m Raavan’s sister, I get what I want, I m the most prettiest in the world, I will give you all the happiness in life, your life’s new chapter will begin, come with me. Ram thanks her for praising him. He says but I can’t come with you, seeing stranger woman is sin for me, because I m married, I love my wife a lot, I live this life. She says you are Divya and talk well, I m promising you to give you all the happiness, you are praising a maid-like lady.

Ram says she isn’t maid, but my wife, you are lucky to tell this in front of me, not in front of Laxman, if he heard this, you would have faced his anger, I request you to go before he comes, you have no right on anything, you can’t get anything you want, its imp to leave behind some desires, else life becomes like hell, I regret for this and give you good wishes. She says I want you, I will get you, this ordinary looking woman is between us, I will make her out of our way by killing her, I will free you. Ram smiles. Laxman comes and says careful, Ayodhya’s Ram and his wife Sita… you are standing in front of them, if you dare to step ahead, I won’t pity. Ram says calm down. Laxman says no. She says I think you love your brother a lot, then do what’s right for him, let him get a woman like me. Sita hears them and comes to see. Laxman scolds Shurpanakha. He asks her to apologize to Sita. She laughs. She refuses and says I snatch rights and life of people who come between my rights, I have right on Ram, I will kill this woman today.

She comes to her Devi form and flies. They get shocked. Laxman jumps in the air and attacks her with a knife. She screams. She falls down. She threatens them about Raavan’s anger. FB ends. Lav and Kush sing further. FB shows Raavan enjoying the dance. Mandodari and Raavan see the Praja celebrating. Shurpanakha comes there. She cries. Mandodari shouts. Raavan gets shocked.

He asks who did this with my sister. Shurpanakha says Dasharath’s sons Ram and Laxman did this. He says Ram… She asks what mistake did I make, I wanted to get my love, I asked Ram to leave his wife and accept my proposal, Laxman has cut my nose, Ram thinks his wife Sita is the world’s most beautiful lady, he said I m nothing in front of Sita, none can separate them, I want revenge on Ram. Raavan recalls Ram and Sita. She asks why are you thinking, won’t you take revenge of my insult, is there no one who defends my respect, do you lack the power in arms by which you lifted Kailash. He says this is my insult, not just yours, it means insult of entire Rakshas clan, I will surely take revenge. She smiles. He says I will shatter Ram’s ego, I will separate Ram and Sita.

Sita praises the cool weather. She hears the birds chirping. Ram says yes, nature has got more beautiful. He asks Laxman to get more wood for the hut. Sita sees a glowing golden deer and goes after it. She smiles seeing it.

Lav says we will return Sita her respect. Kush says we will read Ramayana for Ayodhya. Raavan comes to Sita as Sadhu and asks for Bhiksha. The people give their opinions on Sita’s move.

Update Credit to: Amena

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