Namah 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Bali Lays A Trap

Namah 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samudradev orders guards to pick Narayan’s idol and throw it away. Sri pleads him not to do that. Samudradev says Laxmi is right, she misused given freedom, hence she will be guarded and cannot go out of her room. Sri’s mother consoles her and asks not to worry as it was just an idol. Sri says she is feeling pain as if she is very much attached to it. Mahadev fumes seeing that and tells Parvathi that he wants to dry ocean and punish Samudradev and reunite Narayan and Laxmi. Parvathi says they will reunite as per their fate and he need not worry.

Sri tells Laxmi she doesn’t know what is in her fate. Laxmi fumes that she has seen that always Bali and Shukracharya bring gift for Sri, but she is elder sister and deserves those gifts, but father is always tough on her and scolds her always. Sri says its okay as father always thinks of their betterment. Laxmi says father spoilt her hard work and threw away her idol, is she not angry on him. Sri says she will make idol again and seeing shank runs to pick it while Laxmi tries to stop her and goes to inform father. Mahadev sees that and and gets happy. Devi Parvathi sees flowers in Kailash and says looks like Devi Laxmi will be here soon. They both rejoice thinking it is time for Narayan and Laxmi to reunite.

Narayan in Vaikunta sadly feeds fishes and seeing them not eating asks reason. Devi Parvathi walks in calling him brother and says she came to invite him for Kailash utsav/festival. Narayan says he is very tired and cannot attend. Devi Parvathi convinces him with her words. He agrees to attend and then gets sad again. Devi Parvathi thinks she did her duty and now it is fate’s duty to reunite Narayan and devi Lakshmi. Narayan reaches Kailash. Mahadev and Parvathi greet him and perform his aarti followed by Brahmadev and Saraswati and other gods. Devi Lakshmi follows shank and picks it in her hand. It disappears and she gets tensed and realizes she has come to an unknown place and should return before father gets angry. She hears gods chanting Srimannarayan and follows the voice.

Laxmi informs father Samudradev about Sri going behind shank. Samudradev gets angry and scolds her for not stopping Sri. Laxmi asks what is her fault if Sri didn’t listen to her. Shukracharya with Bali enters and says Laxmi is right, it is neither Laxmi nor Sri’s fault, it is Narayan’s trick. Bali says he will make sure Sri doesn’t meet Narayan. Sri says it is such a beautiful name, Narayan. Narayan hears her. Parvati hopes there shouldn’t be any hurdle between 2 lovers now. Bali creates a maze around Sri and says he will not let her meet trickster Narayan. Sri tries to find way and hearing Narayan’s bhajan and thinks she feels like following it chatting Narayan. She chants Narayan. Butterflies fly to her and show her way towards Narayan.

Narayan tries to leave utsav. Mahadev stops him and says utsav is still on and he should not leave. Narayan says he is happy to see their hospitality, but he wants to go. Parvathi says if he leaves, his disciples will get hurt, so he should stay for them. Narayan agrees. Sri gets out of maze and thanks butterflies. Shukracharya says Sri crossed maze hurdle and Bali should increase his efforts. Bali creates lake with crocodiles in Sri’s way. Sri thinks how did this lake come. Samudradev asks if nothing will happen to his daughter. Bali says it is a magic and Sri will not cross it in fear. Sri looks at crocodiles in water.

PRecap: Sri and Narayan meet and looks at each other carefully.

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