Loving you was my choice- last part (bepannah ff)

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Loving you was my choice – last part (bepannah ff)

He had been sleeping well in that morning, she had chatted with him last night and they had chatted about many things, he even promised her to focus on his studies so he qualifies that coast guard exam.

She was so happy that her father had agreed for the one year preparation for her choice of career. She even talked to him about her little brother who was going to write his first board paper next week. He was a responsible boy, oriented to studies… if Aditya was right he had never seen the guy doing anything other than studying, studying and studying but she had told him about his love for football.

Sometimes he wondered how they ended up together…they were poles apart personalities, at times their views about life differed but then again they were together through the law of love where the first rule said LOVE IS BLIND. She always told him to think about himself when he helped others without a second thought but he brushed her away saying he wanted to live for others, he wanted to help them who were in need.

And this always made her feel insecure about their future, “ how can a girl think her life with someone who is not going to think about him leave his family for the sake of others, for the sake of humanity… he was different and she somehow tried to accept it.

But that certain day happened, leaving everyone shocked and breaking everything which was already fragile.

She had received the call from her brother’s hostel and the news left her half dead…

“is it Miss Ridhima speaking,” the urgency in  the voice had already scared her.

“I am Subhash Singh speaking, houseMaster of Mr. Ashutosh … please don’t panick but your brother had attempted suicide, he is fine but before your parents I wanted you to visit the hostel as you too live in this city.”

It was a lie, he was already dead by then, her little brother was already dead… the housekeeper wanted her to reach the place without being panicked.

Her world collapsed that morning and looking at the rope marks on his throat she tried thinking anything amiss in his behavior through last few days.

Waiting for her parents she called her many times but silencing the phone he slept, he kept sleeping when she needed him the most and when he awoke to her 129 missed calls, everything was gone.

She has taken the decision with the little message…

Ashu is no more, I am feeling so alone but like always you are again unavailable…

That day he had gone to visit one of his close friends in some other city one day away from his home city if one took a train. It was impossible for him to be there And he could not be there with her in the toughest hours of her life where she expected him to come and be with her, because she was so alone.

Her brother has died due to a failed relationship which shocked everyone but before his suicide, he had erased everything so the girl never gets defamed.

Perhaps it made her believe these things were nonsense or perhaps his silence that day caused that havoc. In a day she went away from him and never looked back…

One more time he looked at the message on his screen and cried,

“Ending everything for a better life. Loving you was my choice but not a compulsion. Don’t try to contact me ever.”


Hello everyone, so as I promised here the second part of this shot is up.

Hope you enjoyed it; do tell me your views.

If Aditya was wrong, or the decision by Ridhima was right? (And by the way, it is a true incident).

With love Morusya.

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  1. It was very good.aditya was so helpful to others.he did many things to others but he was not able to do anything when something that effects his life was happened.it’s a horrible situation.losing one who we love the most is so heartbreaking..if we think on the side of ridhima her brother died adi was not able to reach ,the situation was like that.two of them had their on excuses..but if anyone of them was ready to rethink and tried to make their relation as in the past..how much happy they will be and if her brother Also longed for his sisters happy life their decision will give the soul happiness.it was so heart touching and I am surprised it really happened.And life will not move in a way as we wish . sometimes game played by the fate shatters everything.oops I think I typed too much sorry

    1. Morusya51

      i am happy you liked it… quite a lot of times the people who are available for others, who are good to others are sometimes the one who don’t care about their loved ones, they keep taking them for granted.
      atleast i feel that way.
      thank you for your views..love ♥♥♥

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