Udaan 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Akash attempts to kill Jyoti

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The Episode starts with Akash acting to faint and tricking the police. He runs away. Inspector asks him to stop. Imli says I knew Raghav’s blood will match with mine, I will save him. Doctor says no, Chakor’s blood has matched with his blood. Imli asks Chakor to go and save Raghav. She cries. Tejaswini, Anjor and Leela come. Imli apologizes to Anjor. She says I got punished for all the mistakes, I beg you to forgive me. Anjor calls him Mausi and forgives her. Imli asks am I dreaming now. Tejaswini says she is calling you Mausi. Anjor says I m calling you Mausi.

Imli asks did you forgive me. Anjor nods and says forget everything, I prayed that we find you and see Lord has saved you. Imli thanks her and says you are really like Chakor. Anjor hugs Anjor. Jyoti gets screaming. She sees Girja and servant attacked. Raghav gets conscious and sees Chakor. Imli comes to see him. Doctor tells Raghav that Chakor has given him blood and saved his life. Raghav asks Chakor did she give him blood. Chakor says yes, you have done a lot for me. Imli says I was scared for your life, drink this sugarcane juice, I have got this for you. He drinks. Anjor comes and hugs him. He smiles.

Raghav says Tejaswini can’t make me out of here. Tejaswini says I won’t make you out of even haveli, don’t worry. Jyoti runs inside haveli and shuts the door. Raghav asks Anjor to think what will happen if she is locked with Imli, he was scared and acted to faint to get saved from Imli. They laugh. Chakor says Imli was so worried for you. Raghav says now I m feeling healthy. Inspector calls Chakor. She goes to attend call. Imli smiles seeing Raghav. Inspector says Akash has run away from police custody. Chakor asks how did this happen. She gets Jyoti’s call and asks are you fine. Jyoti says I m scared, someone has entered the house and injured Girja also, where are you. Chakor gets shocked. Akash shouts Jyoti. Jyoti drops the phone. Chakor thinks Akash has come home, I have to go to Jyoti. Akash says we had many dreams together, where are you, come to me. He catches Jyoti and scolds her.

He says you and your child will be punished, you will always remember this, your child will pay for your mistakes. He gets a stick to hit on her womb. She stops him and pushes him. He falls down. He points gun at Jyoti and says you will be dying today. Chakor comes there and hits him. She beats him. He tries to pick the gun. Chakor takes the gun and points gun at him. Police comes and stops her. She says I will not stop, I will kill Akash today, he has done too bad with Rajjo. Jyoti asks Chakor not to kill Akash. Akash takes gun from Chakor and smiles. Inspector shoots Akash. Akash falls down. They get shocked. Jyoti cries. Police takes Akash. Chakor says don’t cry, I will always protect you and your baby, you have to decide for your baby. She says your baby will be proud of you, since you have sacrificed your relation to save your baby, I will tell the society how you supported the truth, your baby will make you proud. Chakor hugs her. Udaan hai….plays…..

Raghav says your enemies got jailed, tell me when shall I leave. Imli says I m in love with you Raghav. Tejaswini asks Chakor to marry Raghav. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hope Raghav didn’t give any false hope to Imli that he will marry her once she comes back from jail. I think tomorrow first Raghav will say about leaving Haveli and Tejaswini will ask Chakor to marry Raghav that will make Chakor angry over Raghav in fall and catch scene. I think imli will be out of jail once she get to know about either Raghav Chakor marriage or Raghav revealed as Suraj.
    Hope Tejaswini doesn’t make any emotional drama to make Raghav Chakor get married.
    Please bring Suraj and Sukor soon.

  2. Omg, I just had to comment here. Episode was quite good and I am very happy this devil Aakash is caught and arrested. He does not deserve to live. But I am happy Chakor didn’t kill him, she is not a murderer and will never be. Anyway, precap was shocking. I think Imli will again turn evil and against Chakor because of Raghav. First, she loved and married Suraj. Then, there was SuKor. Imli had Vivaan, wasn’t so happy with him and left him. Then, Vivaan died and now, Imli fell in love with Raghav.. but I think Raghav loves Chakor, just doesn’t realize that. Also, Chakor loves Raghav – he is brave, smart, good-looking, he is great!! I first thought NO, there is no Raghav, there is always only and only Suraj and SuKor, but now.. I think Chakor should move on in her life. If she loves Raghav, then it is not wrong!! Yeh ghalat nahi hai!! She should accept that love and be with him.. he always stood with her. But there is Imli… I am just sceptic about her. I think she will somehow try to make them fight or whatever. She is very evil! Anyway, I watch this serial from its start, but never comment here. I think this is my first or second time to comment here. Happy New Year, guys!! Keep watching and loving this amazing show!! Lots of love from me, stay blessed ❤️

  3. Disappointing episode, after two Raghav free episodes, we got a very small scene and the rest was Imli nonsense and Chakor beating Akash again and encouraging Jyoti again.
    Raghav has been reduced to an extra in the show.
    Imli is getting too much ss, no need to show her love to justify why she’ll turn negative, we already knew she will, Imli is selfish and has no morals.
    Please limit the use of udaan hai to once a week, no one watches shows looking for inspiration and role models, people look for entertainment turning Chakor into a jagat mata/ jagat didi is boring, focus on Chakor’s feelings instead of limiting her to solving problems all around her.
    I felt the episode dragged, instead of Imli’s scenes or Chakor-Jyoti scene or Chakor listing Akash’s crimes for the hundredth time, I wanted a longer Raghav-Chakor scene or Raghav with Teju and Anjor.
    Whatever track they come up with will be ruined if they end up showing the same thing: Imli eyeing Raghav, Chakor beating her enemies with wind blowing in her hair and inspiring others with Udaan hai as background over and over again.

  4. Teju talking about marriage is too soon how could she forget her son so soon.

  5. Akash escaping was a filler, it served no purpose other than filling 10 minutes of the episode. The scene after Akash fell downstairs was badly executed, not once did I feel at the edge of my seat, even when Akash held the gun at Chakor, there was no tension in the shooting scene and he didn’t even try to escape.

  6. disappointing!!
    I thought (I hoped!) that at last it would turn out that Raghav is actually Suraj that had lost his memory, and then in the hospital, he would return to consciousness, and regain his memory

  7. Nice episode but less raghav scenes
    Hope they make a good episodestory hereafter

  8. Safiya Hosein

    I am sorry I won’t accept Chakor and Raghav so soon.
    Chakor and Tejaswani weren’t given time to mourn Suraj. He was their husband and son respectively for heaven’s sake.
    And the creators and writers cannot just eliminate the main lead character and just expect the story to move along so smoothly.
    It should have been revealed that Raghav is indeed Suraj. It would have made Chakor’s re-entry to haveli epic.
    It’s nice to see Chakor fighting for justice and all but she is human too and she has feelings as well. I think the love aspect of the show has been missing. There has only been drama!

    Imli needs to be in jail. Others need to be served justice too by her serving her sentence. And she pioneering to help Chakor get justice for Rajjo is so hypocritical, she use to do the same evil deeds as Rajeswari and her sons and in some cases even worse.
    It’s a mockery to everything Chakor and Suraj were fighting for.

    At times I watch older episodes because they were way better, the writing, storylines and the emotions were better balanced unlike the episodes today.
    It seems even Suraj was cheated, as all he ever wanted was to be happy with his family. He even wanted to leave Azasdgunj with them just to be together. He and Chakor endured so much to be together.
    But once again, the writers ruin this epic lovestory. Sigh!

    1. I agree with you.
      The love story of Chkur–urqj ws very beautiful and unique. but the writer ruined it.
      I usually watch older episode too. They were unforgettable.

  9. I will only accept Sukor… I gave up on this show after they killed off Suraj.

    1. Safiya Hosein

      And they are forcing us to endure a miss goody too shoes so claimed reformed Imli.
      Gumaan Singh is in jail but Imli roaming.
      She killed and sold girls from the village and outside as well.
      She put Vivaan in a non responsivr state and she knew of Ranvijay attempting to kill him
      She locked up Tejaswani for many years in a room and tortured her. She watched Kamal Narayan kill her mother in law.
      She was responsible for Chakor spending 5 years in prison. She nearly drove Chakor crazy.
      She was responsible for Suraj and Chakor breaking up for so many years. She faked her own neice’s death and give her away to another couple. And she even shot Anjor’s adoptive mother. She tried to kill Chakor.
      I am sure there are more atrocities!

      WTH!!!!! These writers are are just plain crazy. There I said it.
      Now she is suddently reformed!
      This is the second storyline they could have capitalised so much more and just made a mess off. The first was the one with the General.
      I need to audition to be a writer for Udaan. I am certain I will do a far better job and the ratings will be up!

    2. It seems that these writers have not seen the past seasons! They have no sense of the sweet romance between Chakur and Suraj

    3. Me too

    4. Safiya Hosein

      Well let’s see what will happen….?

    5. I don’t watch this series regularly these days. I just come here and read the Summary, in the hope that that eventually they bring Suraj back.

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