Loving you was a mistake Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Marriage siyappa!

Hello Twistinians this chapter will be about the marriage, but like always with a twist?

The next day
Shivaay’s pov
“My brother Dev, I’m coming for you!” “But at first I’m getting married to that Universe ki dukaan, Lady baba and her name is actually Tia!” The boys entered my room and said: “let’s get ready!” “Why are you all here?” I asked them and Rudra being Rudra replied back: “I wanted to enjoy our freedom with my brothers, friends and my soon-to-be-brother-in-laws.” “Shut up Rudra!” I said irritatingly. “Chillax man!” Daksh said, trying to calm me down and it worked, so we all got ready for the marriage.

“Guys we look more than handsome!” “Our girls will be flat!” Armaan said. “Yeah, you are right!” Vicky agreed to him.
End of his pov

Anika’s pov
“Girls are you ready for the plan, we have for Robin and Tia?” Ragini asked and the girls replied back: “yes!” “So lets get ready!” I said.

“Girls were are hot as hell, the guys will faint after seeing us!” Ishana said. “You are right Ishu!” Gauri said happily. “Soon you will get your Dev back as well!” “I hope so!” “Think positive!” Tia said. “You all are right, take care guys and we will meet you in the dance academy Ishana!” Bhavya, Ragya and Gauri said.
End of her pov

DushTia’s scene
“Are you ready Tia?” “Yes, I am, just let me put the letter in Shivaay’s room!” “Yeah, okay!” Tia went into Shivaay room, put the letter on his desk and ran away with Dushyant, where a car was waiting for them, they went inside and got married in the nearest temple, they could find, then they went underground for a few days.
End of their scene

So let the marriage begin

The first one to get married were ShiVika, SwaLak and PriVeer(I won’t get into the details. After them Rumya, NiMaal and IshKara got married. Soon DakLana, RoCky, ArSam.

Soon after the marriage Mrs. Kapoor came and asked: “where is Robin and Tia?” “Tia is here with me!” Shivaay calmly replied back. “I don’t think so Shivaay, open her veil!” He slowly took of her veil and he was shocked seeing Anika as his bride as well as the others acted as they were shocked. “Anika!” He shouted. “Where’s Tia?” “I don’t know Billu ji!” “She may have kidnapped my daughter Tia!” Mrs. Sunaina Singhania came in and slapped Mrs. Suraya Kapoor. “How dare you call my daughter a kidnapper, who herself is the biggest kidnapper of all, who kidnapped my son Robin oops I mean Dushyant!” She said, while she shocked everyone to their wits. Shivaay went angrilly to his room and found the letter, that Tia wrote for him.

Shivaay’s pov
“Dear Shivaay!”
“I never loved you, but my mother forced me to marry you, because she wanted your money and Robin isn’t my brother, but he is Anika’s older brother Dushyant!” “We loved eachother so we both ran away from this marriage and I’m pregnant with his child, we were already secretly married, but we again got married today!” “Good bye Shivaay take care of yourself and your wife.”
“Best regards DushTia(Dushyant and Tia)!” I took my phone and smashed it to the floor angrilly.
End of his pov

Anika’s pov(prologue part)
“Why is Tia Shivaay’s love interest, it should have been me, but the best part is that I helped her in running away with her lover boy!” “Hahhaaahahh!” “Poor Billu ji!” “He’ll never get to know, what I did, because he will hate me, but I want him to love me!”
End of her pov

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