In love with my stalker! (RagLak and Rumya) Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I have a stalker!

Hola Twistinian did you guys miss this story?

Ishana’s pov
“How can it be, that I have so many followers right now in Instagram and every new follower is saying the same: “You look so beautiful in the black dress my princess I fell for you at the first sight!” I have blocked them all, soon I came to conclusion that I have a stalker and that all the followers are the same person. “I need to find out, who this person is and Ragini can help me, because she is a great hacker, she can hack every system.” Soon I called her and told her everything, she promised me to find out, who it is and that I shouldn’t worry. So as it is Saturday, I will go to the cinema. “Whom should I ask to come with me to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan?”
End of her pov

Meanwhile at the Oberoi mansion

Sanskar’s pov
“Sanskar can you please help me!” “What is it Om?” “I like a girl, I even followed her with different Insta accounts, but she blocked all the accounts, except for one!” “Which one?” “Omkaraspaintings34!” He replied back to me. “Who is the lucky girl?” I asked him, while I hoped that the girl isn’t Ragini, yeah I accept that she has great impact on me and I like her a lot. “It’s Ishana!” “Yippie!” I screamed happily. “What happened to you Sanky?” I asked him and he replied back: “because I like Ragini and I thought that you like her!” “Oho, my brother is in love with Ragini!” He teased me and I answered back: “I don’t love her, I like her and I’m confused.” “These are the first signs of love!” Om said.
End of his pov

Meanwhile at the Kundra mansion

Ragini’s pov
“I have to got to know, who my bestie’s stalker is.” “Beep!” “Beep!” I got an message of Ishu saying: “are you free tonight?” “Yes, I am!” “Why?” “Because I wanted to watch the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan and I thought to ask Sanskar and Om as well!” “Yeah, I’m coming!” I messaged her back. “I hope, that Sanskar is coming too or else it will be boring without him.” “I just love his antics!”
End of her pov

Back to OM

Omkara’s pov
I got a notification saying: “you have received a message from IshanaStar22.” I opened the message and read it. She was asking me, if I would love to join her and Ragini in the cinema, I should bring Sanskar as well and that we will meet eachother at 7pm. “Sanskar, we are going to the cinema!” “Why?” “Ishana and Ragini invited us!” “Yay!” “What film?” “I don’t know, I think it’s a surprise for us!” “Oho, surprise and all!” “Let’s get ready, we have half an hour till it’s seven, so hurry up Sanskar!” “Okay!” After 10 mins we were ready and went to the cinema, we were 5 mins earlier than IshGini(Ishana and Ragini).
End of his pov

The copyright of this weird story belongs to me?

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    Fantastic episode

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    It’s fantabulous….

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