Loving again part 53 (twinj ff)

Loving again part 53

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“I think I ate a lot last night, or perhaps that cheese dish was it…” Twinkle rubbed her throat and chest area to subside the burning sensation.

“have the antacid and try not to take anything for a few hours…” Uma suggested opening the cabinets for the said medicines.

“Okay, Ma…” Twinkle sipped the lukewarm water.

She didn’t eat a lot after a few mishaps in her childhood so she knew it was not due to overeating but she could not pinpoint what was it that caused the acidity.

It was all good in the gathering last night where one of Kunj’s friends was throwing his anniversary party, they had a great time and it was not that awkward at least not that much she had been dreading and then they came back home then what went wrong.

And suddenly it clicked her,

She had slept all night on her side facing him… they had started talking about this very friend of him and then about his family and one thing connected another and he happened to tell her about a lot of guys from his childhood and life so far.

Due to the exhaustion, she had fallen asleep some time and in the darkroom, he too had slept sometime later.

“Twinkle, it seems the last time we used antacids was when Shail came to visit us … Call Kunj, and tell him to bring some.” Uma flipped down the contents of the small rectangular container of such medicines.

“oh, okay Ma,” Twinkle replied and walked to her room to call him.


“I saw you sleeping on your side but thought you took the posture sometime in your sleep and you were so peaceful so didn’t call you,” he told her wiping the sweat away.

“it’s okay it was not your fault.” she popped the tablet down her throat with half glass of water and waited for the medicine to show its effect. “ and my stomach gets upset if I don’t sleep properly,” she told him.

“oh okay, I’ll make sure you lie perfectly from now on,” he said as a matter of fact.

“by the way, you were awake by what 5 or 6 cause you are already back from your jogging,” she asked him.

“Yeah, old habits… and I like the jogging part in morning…” he smiled before taking his towel and clothes from the cupboard.

“you should take rest… he stopped midway with the sharp intake of breath.

“hey, what happened?” he saw her gasping for air.

“It aches a lot, I think its the gastric…it will…subside,” she said with difficulty clutching her lower stomach area.

“Are you sure its something like that, it might be something else.” he leaned on her and rubbed her back.

“No, I know … it’s like this,” she whispered and before anything ran to the washroom.

“hey, wait… what happened.” he followed her but she closed the door and came voices of vomiting and soft tired cries.

“Twinkle.. you okay?” he asked from the doors outside of washroom.

“hmmm…coming,” she called back in a weak voice.

“here, have a seat and don’t go anywhere, do you need something …warm water or something…” he asked as he ushered to the bed.

“tell Ma to give me a glass of that spices mix water she used to give me back then,” she told lying down on the bed and clutching her stomach facing away from him.

“Okay.” he helped her with the pillow and left for the said glass of spices.


“Ma, how is she?” he asked his mother as soon as she took the call.

“she wanted to sleep for a while and I let her sleep.” her mother replied.

“did she eat something or not? I think she should have some khichri or something light…” question and suggestion fell a natural as a concern.

“yeah, I have given this light khichri which she didn’t have more than 3 or 4 spoons but she had some orange juice,” she told him and rocking the baby slowly to sleep.

“I’ll come by 2 or 3… it might be tough for you to handle it all,” he told her.

“it is not needed Son, but if you want to come home soon, I’d start preparing the lunch..” she smiled at her son.

“arey don’t, we’ll cook something together.” he smiled remembering when was the last time he helped his mother in the kitchen.

“Kunj…” now this was the warning tone of his mother.

“okay okay…I know you have been doing this all your life and what not.” he laughed.

“Good boy,” she told him.

“Okay ma, see you then.” he cut the call and typed a quick mail before something came upon his table.


“I’m sorry what time is it?” she asked lazily and looked around.

Kunj had been sitting on the chair and working on his laptop, their daughter was busy in that puzzle game right next to her.

She smelled fresh and was she in one of her fanciest dress? the dress she was worn when she went out!

“its 6 pm, how do you feel?” he turned to her and asked.

“better…Hey, come to me.” cooing to her daughter she started to sit up properly.

The girl covered the distance and settled in her lap then pulled one of the blocks of the puzzle and started working on it.

“are you hungry, should I bring something?” he asked.

“no its fine, I’ll go and have something,” she told him and then pulled more blocks for her daughter to continue the game.

“you two went somewhere?” she asked him.

“yeah, she was bored and missing you so I took her out for a walk.” he turned down the lid and walked to them.


“I’ll go and get us all tea and something.” she started to get up when he stopped her.

“Actually I’ll go, get us all tea…Ma too is resting so I’ll get her evening tea in bed and then we all can rest for a while,” he suggested already walking to the door.

“go get freshen up and till then I’ll come with tea.”


The door was kicked open and he entered. He had balanced two trays in his hands, one with their tea and snacks and another with their little one’s milk dish and the bottle of water.

Fully Domesticated man ! she smiled at her own thought.

“What happened?” he asked when found her smiling.

“nothing, its strange that you are bringing me tea… I mean nothing strange…I just found it cute.” she searched for the right words.

“then I think I need to do this frequently if my wife finds it cute.” he teased her and settled the tray on his working table and then carefully poured her a glass of water and she smiled on his care.

“you are home early..” she asked him when he settled on his side of the bed and sipped his tea.

“Yeah, I came by the lunch break,” he told her and then asked their daughter where was the horse and where was elephant so she was busy while they sipped their tea.

“you made her milk mix ?” she asked him genuinely amazed.

“I handled her a whole week when she was still such a small baby…” the words came on their own. “ and I just followed the steps mentioned on the back of the packet.” to cover the mishap he completed the lines with the genuine words.

“someday we’ll talk about a lot of things …” she spoke suddenly.

“like …” he was alert.

“There are a lot of things …but not today when I am sipping this amazing tea from your cafe.” she smiled taking another sip.

“oh, you’ll know more about me gradually, Ma’am.” he mimicked like the owner of some coffee shop for real.

She kept her cup away and reached to get the bowl of milk mix when he stopped her…

“lie down for a while, I’ll feed her.” he offered.

“No, I have been sleeping all day …Please, let me feed her. And you were doing something on your laptop so complete that or maybe rest for a while.” she was quick to deny his offer politely.

“oh okay, I’ll hand you the bowl and pass me your cup…I’ll keep it away otherwise we know our daughter has got a fascination about touching cups and mugs and then are on the floor in no time.” he made a babyface to their little girl and she giggled on that and her mother laughed on the earlier words.

“how is Dublin, I mean as a city…?” she asked after a while.

“different of course but just like any other place other than our home country… I mean its an English city with stalls of coffee, tea, bakery…you are not getting a samosa in the evening.” and he laughed at that. “ and there is no one you are going to meet on your way back from bakery or malls who would smile to you and say something.” he said as a matter of fact.

“it’s always difficult to live on a different land.” she didn’t have anything other than that to offer.

“the last bite, I promise…” she cajoled the little girl and gave her her attention.

“sometimes the lands we know act unknowns …” he whispered under his breath.

Their baby was completing her meal and meanwhile busy showing her mother some imaginary world of animals with the help of her toys.

Both were busy in themselves and he hoped both were content if happiness still needed some time.

But it was happiness and his insecurities were pulling him down to grade it contentment…just contentment.

“When do we need to leave for Dublin?” she asked after half an hour of going through Kavya’s play and chitchatting with people on her phone.

“next to next Saturday…” he told busy in the files he had just gotten through a mail.

“We need to buy thermals for her… keep in mind,” she said before stretching on her side of the bed.

“yeah… we’ll take that,” he answered focusing on the screen and sounding busy.

The tablet after snacks had got her wearing down and she needed to close her eyes for a while.


Her eyes opened with the first sound of birds out of their window and she felt fresh after a whole day of lazying around and being in bed mostly.

The digital wall clock radiated 5:30 behind him.

He was not up and she got the chance to stare at him before his alarm went off.

The previous day he had helped and taken care of her every small and big thing, the love was there in every one of his actions.

She smiled thinking about the time when Ma came around dinner and told her how he told her to watch TV and completed dinner, some Irish rice and curry recipe he made for the two of them and a light soup for her.

Her mother in law praised how the kitchen was spotless after the whole 45 minutes he spent in the kitchen.

“A beautiful man, my son has turned into living in Ireland on his own.” Uma has quipped taking the evil eyes away from his frame when he was walking in the balcony with Kavya.

She was very well aware of how gently he rubbed her head for a while and just when she thought to thank him, he kissed her temples thinking she was sleeping.

Of course, she didn’t say anything but it took some time before she settled properly.

Dragging her frame towards him she brushed away the hairs lightly from his face.

People looked peaceful when they were sleeping and this guy looked no different.

“you are making me weak and at the same time strong… but don’t ever leave me alone,” she whispered gently pulling the covers over his shoulders.

At first, she didn’t like this set but right now she was very much looking forward to this trip abroad.


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