RadhaKrishn 17th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Reveals Reason Behind His Wish For Death

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Radha confronts Krishna and asks what else he has to say when he already announced his death and going away from her. Krishna says he did justice. She asks how can he take a decision alone, Dwarkadish’s decision shattered Radha and Krishna’s love. Krishna repeats that he did justice and it was demand of this time. She runs away crying. He pleads her to stop. Balram walks to him and asks how can he take such a big decision in a hurry. He says it was necessary at this time. Balram asks why did he hurt the people who love him. He says he loves his dear ones and his punishment is to go away from them; loves is not afraid of death, but he is always afraid of going away from his dear ones, his death is his punishment. Balram asks how will Radha tolerate his separation. He says it was destined in past yug/Tretayug that his death is already written then, letting Bali rule over Suthal lok was just a means, he has to fulfill this promise and only then he can return to Golok with Radha. He reminds that when he was Ram in Tretayug and Balram as Laxman and when Ravan took Seeta to his land, they met Sugreev and his brother Bali who fought with each other and as promised he killed Bali. Bali says he did adharma by supporting Sugreev and killing him hiding. Ram says he was destined to be killed because of his sins. Bali says he wants revenge from Krishna for wrongly killing him hiding. Ram asks how he wants to punish him. Bali says he wants to kill him. Krishna says in Dwapar yug he will be born as Krishna and Bali will kill him as Jara, maybe then Bali’s anger may calm down. Bali dies saying he will end him. Out of flashback, Balram feels sad and cries. Krishna asks him to help him fulfill his promise. Balram hugs him crying vigorously and says he can explain himself, but how will he explain Radha. Krishna says he didn’t see Radha so tensed before. Balram asks him to go to Radha then.

Jamvati sees Sam ordering saint clothes to his room and asks reason. Sam says he is unfit to be called a kshatriya, so he will become a saint. Laxmana says how can he do that. Sam says he tried to defeat and insult Krishna repeatedly, but failed. Laxmana says this time Krishna will die on his own. Sam says Krishna will trick again and escape, so he is unfit to be called a kshatriya and desires to sacrifice his worldly pleasures. Jamvati says standing strong is also a victory and tomorrow a godly power will help him. Sam asks why would a godly power will help him and who will. Jamvati says Devi Sarasvati will give him a boon tomorrow if he prays her for 1 pahar/3 hours among 8 pahar, she cannot deny him a boon then as it would be an insult to her dignity. Sam says he will prays devi Sarasvati for 8 pahars and get boon from her.

Krishna stops Radha and asks where is she going. She says away from him where nobody can remind her of him. He asks her to look at him once and then go. She says she doesn’t want to see him as his face reminds her of his death, he doesn’t know what she is going through. He says these words are frightening, but truth and they can’t change it. He cannot change his love for her in his eyes, he is sorry if she is hurt. She says she doesn’t want to fall for his love and truth and or else she will not find a way out. He asks what way out. She asks if he announced about his death in front of everyone, he didn’t ask her once, then why should she inform her, she will find her way out herself. He asks to take him along. She says she will not take him along and will find a way out herself and until her wish is fulfilled, he cannot find her.

Precap: Radha runs. Krishna calls her to return to her love. Radha says its better to die than separating from Krishna.

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