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Posted: 16 January 2016 at 2:36am | IP Logged Report Quote

twinkle was raised in America, she came to india after her so call fiance yuvraj disown her out of embarrassment. tired of being treated like a garbage, she went back home determine to start a new life. their she meets mr. hero a.k.a Kunj Manohar Sarna, she never thought she would fall again after her last relationship, but with kunj charm will this Americanized indian girl let her barrier down and let kunj charm his way into her heart? or will her past come back to hunt her.


Kunj Manohar Sarna: a honest man that invested into something small, that turn him into a millionaire, he loves to keep his life low-key, and prefer to live his life to the fullest.

Twinkle Kunj Sarna : charming girl, thats full of fire.shes stubborn, love to be affectionate, and show some skin. she may fool around, but she’s very protective over her heart.

Leela Taneja: single mother of twinkle, shes been supportive of her daughter choices and hope she would find someone that will love her for herself. she thinks her husband is dead, but will be shock to see him alive and well.

Yuvraj Surjeet Sarna: ex-fiance to twinkle, he comes back to india and meets twinkle, their he realize how he messed up, and tries to woo her back, but with a girl from his past coming back, how will he woo twinkle

Trisha kapoor: her and twinkle graduated together, she was dating yuvraj before he got engaged with twinkle. because she was poor, his mother got rid of her, so now shes back with the intention of yuvraj taking responsibility for what he has done.


Table of Content



Chapter 2; Page 2
Chapter 3; page 3
chapter 4; page 3
Chapter 5; page 4
Chapter 6; page 4
Chapter 7;page 5
Chapter 8; page 5
Chapter 9; page 6
Chapter 10; page 7

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sounds interesting and fresh
excited to read more

#TashanInOurBood #TashanInOurHeart TwiNj SidMin Forever
Kunj-Twinkle Jasmin-Sidhant Forever
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Exciting.. Looking forward to this.


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“I LOVE YOU TWINKLE!!” a voice shout, she turn to see yuvraj with a sign up in the air. Happy she got up from her seat and ran to the front of the bus, pushing people out the way. the bus driver told her to go get him, smiling for her, while she thank him.

she step out of the bus and ran to hug him. he was taken by surprise when she picked him up. he smiles before hugging her. ” didnt i tell you, i will never let you go” he says letting go of her. she nod while wiping her tears ” but what about your mom?”

“what about her?”

twinkle frown at this ” she doesn’t want us together”

yuvraj frown as well before going to his bike ” who cares about her, if she cant realise how much i love you than we dont need her” he says patting the seat so she can get on.

“ok” she says walking to the back of the seat to sit. as soon as she sat the bike tilt and yuvraj fell. worried twinkle asks if he was alright, he brushed it aside saying it was fine. she apologized, but he kept telling her it was ok. some of the people watching were laughing at her, she felt like crying, but with one glare from yuvraj they quickly scram.

” come on lets just walk, i want to show you something in private” he says

he took her to the campus garden before getting down on both knees, twinkle was surprise, he took out a box and showed it to her, asking her for her hand in marriage. The ring wasn’t a diamond ring, it was just ok. ” will you twinkle marry me” he says

“YES!” she says with tears, before kissing him

he told her not to tell anyone because he wants to announce it himself, this made her frown, but she agree. when she came home, she accidently told her mom the news since she couldn’t hold it in. her mom was so happy, she text yuvraj and told him she couldn’t help but to tell her, and he was mad. he soon forgive her, and ask her not to tell anyone else she agreed.

her mom told her it was strange for him too asked that of her, but twinkle reassures her that yuvraj wants to make the engagement a night she wont forget. Leela had a bad feeling about all of this, but seeing her daughter happy like that, she didnt want to ruin it.

Months past and yuvraj still didnt announced his engagement. he told her he was saving up his money to make the night special. twinkle told him, she doesn’t care, and that she will help him as well, but he refuses saying he doesn’t want his fiance to ruin her precious hands. still twinkle did it anyway without him knowing. she decides to work at a coffee shop to help him. she didnt tell anyone, when her mom would ask her where she goes everyday, she would tell her she was studying.

some of her co-workers love her attitude, while some tease her. while she was working one day, a young man came asking for coffee, he was in a hurry. he told her to make it dark and bitter because he need something to cool of his nerves. twinkle with her hair in her face, sweating. told him that she will bring it to his table. when she was finished, she was feeling dizzy. she walk to his table while he was setting up his laptop, “here you go sir” she says about to put the coffee down when she fainted.

the workers quickly rushed to her worried. the man bend down, and touch her neck, before he check her pulse. he observe the girl before noticing a rip on her shirt. he could see a corset underneath. so thats it, he thought, he turn to look at the friend and told her if the ambulance was on the way, she says yes. she asks him if he was a doctor and what was wrong with her friend. The man told her, she must have overworked herself, and that the corset she was wearing was to tight, that must have been why she was exhausted.

suddenly, twinkle open her eyes out if pain. she scream saying it hurts, and for someone to get rid of it. she grab onto the man tie and pull him forward, making his face closer to hers. she guy was trying to breath while she unaware choke him with his tie. “s-some O-nee G-et H-err” he says trying to get her hand away from his tie.

the friend tried helping the guy, but twinkle had a hard grip. it was soon before the ambulance took her to the hospital, yuvraj came and scold her for lying to him, soon leela came disappointed, yet worried.she told her to quit her job, but she refuses. ” you’re overworking you body twinkle, making your high blood pressure high. you have to let this go” she says

twinkle was adamant, she wouldn’t do it. “If this is the only way i can help him, than i won’t quit” she says stubbornly, leela told yuvraj to put some sense into her, but even he couldn’t help her.
soon she was back to work, and yuvraj continues to ignore her calls. a week later, she was at school. yuuvraj had told her to wear something nice, so she did. she was looking very pretty in a red dress and heels.

she walk to the campus, which was decorated so nicely. her mom was by her side giving her courage. she told her mom that finally yuvraj will announce her engagement, after waiting so long. her mom agreed, and apologized for doubting him. she told her all was forgiven because even she was getting suspicious at first.

when they enter the garden, many people were there. even yuvraj mom, who never liked her. she was so happy that she came, and yet surprise. “waw, he even convince his mom. i guess he likes you a lot” her mom says, making her agee. she saw yuvraj holding the mike, getting everyone’s attention. soon everyone quiet down. he hand the mic to his mom, and she happily talk about her son, and how he was finally graduating all because of his fiance. she told them, how his fiance would dedicate her time for him, this made twinkle remember when yuvraj would make her do his homework and she would happily agree.

Anita talked about how perfect his fiance is for her son, and how when he was sick, and she wasn’t around, his fiance was the one that paid the hospital bill for him and more. twinkle smile thinking about it, she remember working day and night to pay it off, she was almost failing one of her classes because of it, but her mom helped her. twinkle watched as Anita asked for the fiance. ” thats you twinkle, come go on” her mom says pushing her a little.

she walk to the front, slowly, but fell when someone walked right passed her. people started laughing. her mom walk to her asking if she was alright, she nods before trying to get up. Anita roll he eyes before speaking ” i give you my sons fiance maya”, when she said this twinkle and leela were surprise. twinkle was confused, she watch as yuvraj kiss maya on the cheek before holding her hand. yuvraj seeing the look on her face smirk, so did his fiance. ” w-whhat is this yuvraj?” twinkle asks “why is maya holding you hand?” she says looking at them hurt

” we are getting married twinkle, i thought you already knew” maya says

twinkle confuse turn to yuvraj ” you are my fiance, why are you doing this to me” she says coming closer.

” i was never yours from the start, i was dating maya” he says

maya smile ” you see we were just having fun, we didnt think you would fall for it. but apparently you did”

” but the ring, A-and you told me you love me” she says heartbroken

Anita scuff ” my son would never date a pumpkin like yourself, so the ring is probably fake”

twinkle was angry, she told them they were wrong, and that yuvraj loves her. she asks him to tell them, so they can continue with their life, but yuuvraj just grab maya and kiss her. this mad her heartbreak, she called his name one last time, but he ignored her. everyone started whispering, calling her names and laughing at her misery. leela heartbroken, drags her daughter out of there. when they reached the car, twinkle fainted, out of stress.

few hours later, the doctor told leela that twinkle blood pressure is extremely high, and that she should take care her health more. she told the doctor she will, and sat down. twinklee opened her eyes after the doctor was gone. she told her mom she was sorry for worrying her. her mom told her it was fine. soon twinkle started crying, she told her mom she couldn’t believe maya would do this to her, and the same with yuvraj. ” you were right maam, i should have listened to you” she says

” its not your fault twinkle, everything will be fine. you just have to rest”

“I worked hard to help him, he took my earning money to decorate the place. i feel like a fool”

leela, grab her shoulder before letting her head rest on her lap. she stroke twinkle hair, comforting her before telling her everything will be fine. calming down, twinkle wiped her tears ” i promise you maam, i will get healthier and graduate. I won’t let yuvraj affect my life” she says sniffing

” oh twinkle” she says before hugging her daughter.

TO be continued…

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