mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-1

Raghav was walking to his destination when he heard a cry for help. He ignored it at first, but when the voice cried the third time. He walks towards it. When he got there, he saw a girl sinking in the quick sand. Finding a rope he quickly throws it at her.

“Grab the rope.” He says getting closer.

Kalpi looks up making her glasses fall from her small face. She grabs the rope and tried to pull her self out, but she couldn’t get her foot out. Looking up the sun prevents her from seeing him.

“I can’t get out” she says

“Just hold on tight, I will pull you.” He says

Kalpi grabs on to the rope tightly and tug on it, giving him the signal, to pull her. Raghav pulls tightly until she started getting lighter. Just when she was about to grab on to him, the rope cut. Quickly Raghav grabs her hand and pulls her up, making them both fall.
Kalpi lands on Raghav chest, making her hair loose and Raghav holding her protectively.

She lifts her upper body up and looks at her savior and Raghav did the same. They had a moment. Raghav not liking this feeling pushes kalpi away from him, making her fall.

“What kind of stupid girl are you. Getting your self stuck in the mud.” He says
Kalpi looks at him on the floor. She blushes a little and watches him walking back and forth yelling at her.

“I mean can’t you read the signs.” He says pointing to the sign that says do not come up.
I forgot villagers are uneducated he thought
Kalpi blushes out of embarrassment. She gets up and says “sir, thank you for saving my life.” She says

Raghav stop pacing and looks at her innocent eyes. He signs and says “its ok, just don’t do something reckless like this again.”

“I won’t sir, thank you again.” She says

Raghav walks away from her not caring if she gets lost. While kalpi looks at him before walking the other way.

Raghav enters the kapoor mention and waited while the servant goes to inform Mr.kapoor. He fixed his suit and wipes the small mud on his jacket sleeve. While doing that he remembers the girl falling on him and they had a moment.

“You must be Mr. Singhania.” Sahil said snapping Raghav from his thought.

“Ah yes. I am. I came for the documents.” He says

“Oh yes, please follow me.” He said

Raghav follows sahil to his office. When they were inside, he sits down.
Sahil showed him the document to the land and went over the conditions.

“So this is the biggest land in this village. This deal will be good for our village.” He says

“Yes it will. Once our company is set up, people will take interest in this village.” He says than he said “so are we set?”

“Well, before you sign this paper. There’s a condition I want you to know.” He says

Raghav sternly looks at him “what condition?” he says

“I want you to marry my daughter.” He says

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