[raghav parks car and asks priyanka to move out of the car they both get out of car and priyanka asks raghav]

Priyanka:[raghav was standing across the other side of car]why are we here sir,i thought you said you wanted me to meet someone[while priyanka was saying raghav came beside her]
Raghav:[he took a step a forward looked at hospital structure and said]we are here to meet someone[they go inside hospital priyanka was waiting while raghav was inquiring for the person to meet at reception he came back to priyanka and said]come with me[priyanka followed raghav while looking at patients passing by and doctors and other peoples raghav stopped in front of room and opened the door and gestured priyanka to get in she got in and saw a man in his late 50’s sitting on bed reading a book raghav enters and closes the door behind him he moved towards bed and kept his hands on man’s shoulder and said]how are you captain?[the man looks and gives a wide smile back and he looks at priyanka raghav introduces them]priyanka this captain balwant singh rana and sir she is priyanka my friend as well as colleague

Balwant:[he looks at priyanka and says]who doesn’t the only daughter of and oberoi family but the question is[he looks at raghav]what is she doing with a fool like you[all of them smiles]
Raghav:[as priyanka felt comfortable after knowing that he raghav’s captain from his army days she goes and sit at his bedside] sir,it’s good to see you again as it always is[he looks at priyanka and says]you know priyanka he was so angry with me when i disobeyed his orders and was removed from my post that he actually beat me till his anger calmed down even knowing that he was the one to fire me

Priyanka:[she looks at raghav and then balwant and says]it’s good sir that you fired him or else i wouldn’t have got a good boss and a great friend
Balwant:[he looks at raghav and says]does this fool pay you enough for your work
Raghav:[he looks down in embarrassment and says]sir,she is my assistant but veerji hired her so he pays her

Balwant:[he looks at priyanka she nods in yes]if he ever troubles i am just a call away
Priyanka:[she looks at raghav and says]that won’t be needed because he will never trouble me[she looks at raghav for while and then looks at balwant and says]sir,he never talks about his army days you can tell me how he was when he was in army

Balwant:[he looks at raghav and smirks and raghav nods in no]of course i will tell you[they continue their talk balwant tells priyanka some funny stories which makes her laugh and raghav embarrass after that they have lunch with him and priyanka leaves saying that she will be waiting by the car as she left balwant looks at raghav and says]tell me the truth why did you brought her here because hospital is not a place to take a girl on a date
Raghav:[he looks back to make sure priyanka is gone and door is closed]sir,once i said to you that if i ever fell in love you will be the first to know[balwant smiles raghav says in sad voice]i didn’t told her about it but

Balwant:[he cuts raghav in between]no buts and ifs and when you see me next time i want both of to be inviting me to your wedding and that’s an order soldier[raghav smiles and gives him a goodbye hug and leaves from there]


[shivaay enters cabin as anika called him he as soon as shivaay enters anika says]
Anika:[without looking at him]we are leaving for mall i want to do shopping so get the car out of parking
Shivaay:[he asks hesitantly]you want me to drive you for shopping
Anika:[she looks at him and says]do you have any problem with that[shivaay nods in no]good now get the car out of parking

[omkara enters cabin gauri was sitting in her chair viewing someone’s reports omkara comes and sits in chair across the table]
Gauri:[she looks at him and says]om it is really surprising for me what you did today i mean we have an entire staff for child care but even they need to put lot of efforts to make children have their lunch and medicine but you just did it as if you’ve been doing it for years
Omkara:[he was busy looking at her beauty he didn’t heard what she said but then cabin’s door opened and rudra entered with the girl who was going to collide with his car rudra standing on his one leg and with girl’s support omkara looks at them and stands up]gayatri what are you doing here?are you not feeling well[gayatri made rudra sit on chair across gauri’s table]
Rudra:[he says with fake crying]O am i a nobody to you[omkara gets confused]i came in with a broken leg and bruises and you showed your concern for this girl whom you don’t even know and didn’t even noticed your own brother

Omkara:[rudra fake cries]shut up rudra[rudra cries more loudly]
Gauri:[she gets up from her chair and goes beside rudra and says]rudra calm down please let us get your leg plastered then you can fight with om okay[omkara looks at gauri while she and gayatri manage to get rudra to dressing room after a while three of them get in rudra was walking with the help of crutches he came in and sat in chair beside omkara gauri sat in her chair and gayatri was standing beside rudra’s chair]

Gayatri Deora:she is an orphan lost her parents at age of 13 but misses them a lot she runs NGO as well as an old age home she is know gauri as gauri organizes check ups for old people and NGOs.She lives with her friend.She is mischievous but also a responsible and sensible girl.she is them same girl whose accident happened by omkara’s car that is why omkara know her as he looked after her medical expenses when she was in comma

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