Har Mard Ka Dard 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod entering a room and that turns out to be Romila’s room. She keeps his hand and leg while sleeping. Sonu thinks it is 1 am, and Vinod didn’t wish me till now. Vinod frees himself with much difficulty and goes to Sonu’s room. He sees her sleeping. Sonu Re plays….He thinks she is looking innocent and wishes her happy birthday. He covers blanket on her and kisses on her forehead. Romila wakes up and calls Sonu asking her to close the lights. Vinod runs and gets down through the stairs. Kanno asks if he wished Sonu. Vinod says he kept the card and teddy in her room. Sonu wakes up and goes out of room without seeing card or teddy. Romila badmouths about Vinod and says he didn’t wish her. Sonu says may be he wants to wish me, but thought I will not talk to him. Romila says he would have wished her.

Sonu goes to room and is sad. Sonu recalls her previous birthday which is celebrated grandly. She thinks atleast he would have wished me and cries. Kanno and Bunno plan to wish Sonu. Anju says we shall take sweets box there. Bunno says her mummy will fight with you and asks Dadi to think. Dadi says we will do video call and wish her. Kanno asks her to think unique. Anju asks him to get gujrati dishes for her. Kanno asks him to buy dresses for Sonu.

Dadi says Vinod’s idea will be best. He gets an idea and tells that Sonu will be happy and asks Bunno to come. They leave. Sonu is sad and looks out of the window. Some kids are playing there and their ball enters her room. They ask for ball. Sonu gets the ball and notices card and teddy kept on the table. She gets happy reading his message on the card and looks at the teddy bear. Romila comes and asks how is she? Sonu tells her that Vinod remembered her birthday and kept card. Romila says you are innocent and always be, and says may be anyone from his family have kept it. Sonu says this is Vinod’s hand writing. Romila says may be he has written due to family pressure. She asks Sonu why didn’t he wish you. Sonu says you are right. Romila says we will celebrate your birthday.

Vinod and Bunno come home and bring some stuff. Dadi, Anju and Kanno ask what is this? Vinod says we will surprise Sonu differently. Dadi says Vinod is like Dada ji. Anju says he is like me. Dadi says then he wouldn’t have mind. Vinod says so much work is pending. They make Happy Birthday Sonu with the card. Sonu gets happy seeing it and tries to go, but Romila stops her. Vinod gets sad. Romila comes to Sonu and says you forgot my insult and melting your anger seeing his drama. Sonu says I am staying far from him for your respect. She says she wants to go far from Vinod and says don’t know he remembers my birthday or his family made him realize. She cries. Romila gets happy and says she has taken good decision and says she will ask Tikku to get their tickets for Ahmedabad and also asks Lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings.

Kanno calls Vinod and asks him to come home fast as Sonu’s parents are taking her to Gujrat. Vinod comes home and knocks on Sonu’s door. Bunno informs him that Sonu is already left.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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