Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 44

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Om,” Bhabi, you have a sister ?”
Anika,” Not have, Om. Had. I had a sister. Unnati Lakhotia. She was six years elder to me.”
Rudra,” What happened to her ?”
Anika,” It’s a long story.”
Rudra nodded.
Anika kneeled back to the grave.
Anika,” Unni Di, you were right. There will be obstacles everywhere, in every path of mine, wherever I tread, alone or with someone. There will always be some people, who will never be satisfied with whatever you do for them, no matter how hard you try to please them, they will always find a reason to not return your efforts. You were right Di, the world is a playground, but not mine. Life is not a sweet fairytale, it is a risky adventure, especially for people like us. I know Di, you taught me how to get on with life, without allowing to hurt me, but Di, your chhoti is not strong enough.Your chhoti is tired Di, she is tired of handling this world already. Your chhoti cannot fight anymore…I am sorry Di, I am sorry…”
Shivaay also kneeled down. He held Anika’s shoulders and then wrapped her into in a hug.
” No Anika, you don’t need to fight anymore. I am there with you, OmRu are there with you, in fact the whole Oberoi family is with you, Anika. You don’t have to fight it anymore. When we face troubles, we will fight together, you will never need to fight alone. ”
Anika stopped crying and looked in the sea green eyes of Shivaay, as if asking that whatever he was saying, could it be true or was it just a dream that he was showing her and it would never be true.

OmRu, our most intelligent duo, although just one of them counts for intelligence, definitely didn’t want to make the breakdown situation awkward for everyone. So, they left Shivika for sometime, so that they can talk their hearts out in privacy.
Shivaay, ” Anika, I am sorry for how Mrs. Oberoi behaved with you. I told you it would not work with me accepting her back again. But, I am still sorry. I didn’t stand up for you. I didn’t back you up and you had to feel humiliated. I am sorry Anika, I really am. ”
Anika, ” No Shivaay, it’s none of your fault. You did what you could. I know it is difficult accepting that the woman whom you worshiped turned out to be the hand behind your unhappiness. So it’s fine. I am not upset about it. Maybe it was me who is the actual reason of all this ?  ”
” It’s not fine Anika. I am supposed to be protecting you from all these miseries of the world and here I could not do anything. ”
” Shivaay, do you think I cannot protect myself from the world ? You think I am that weak ? ”
“No, you are Anika, my strong Anika, who is enough to fight with everyone. But Anika, you do need to rest. ”
” I do need rest from the fight. I have been fighting from the past so many years of my life already. I know Shivaay that you are here with me. So we will fight together, because I know that you are also tired by fighting alone for so many years. ”
” Yes, I am always going to be with you. We will be together and we will face everything together. Let’s go home, Anika. ”
” Which home Shivaay ? ”
” Which home means ? Our home. ”
” You mean Oberoi Mansion ? ”
” Yes. That is our home Anika. ”
” That is not a home Shivaay. That is just a house. A house becomes home with family and our family is broken Shivaay. Everyone has differences with each other but no one is ready to speak out. Pinky Aunty doesn’t like me in the place, so how can I go back there ?”
” So what if Mrs. Oberoi doesn’t like you ? Everyone else does. You are like a daughter to them. ”
” Shivaay, I don’t want to be the reason for the fight between a son and his mother. Didn’t you see how she hates me and how your relations are getting distances because of me ? And then again you also believe in naam, khoon and khandaan which is one thing I don’t have. So how will I stay there Shivaay knowing that I am not completely accepted there ? ”
Shivaay puts his hands on her cheeks.
” No Anika, who told you all this rubbish ? You can never be the reason for our unfriendliness. Why I don’t like her is not because you are getting in the middle, it is because she is not making any effort to accept you and also for all the blackmail she pushed you into. And I have given up on that stupid, irrational naam, khoon and khaandan ideology. You are most important to me. And all that happened between us a few days back, was all fake ? ”
” So technically it is me only Shivaay and all that happened that day can never be fake. Why am I so important to you ?”
” Because I love you damnit. I love you Anika and I have always done.” 
Silence followed the confession.
Shivaay,” Oberoi Mansion is my house too Anika, and you are a part of my family, so if you are not there, then how can that be a home to me? And Anika, isn’t my love enough to make that house a home for you ?”
No reply from Anika.
Shivaay,” Anika, do you love me ?”
Anika looked up into his eyes.
“Yes Shivaay, I love you too. ” 
With tears in their eyes, they hugged each other very tight and shared a small kiss which sealed their promise of love.
” Will you still think of leaving me ? ”
” Now that I know you love me, I will never think of leaving you again. ”
” So now, let’s go home ? ”
Anika nods.
Shivaay smiles and holds her hand. Anika kneels down to the grave one last time.
Anika, ” Unni Di, you have taught me a lot about this world and it’s ways. But there is  one thing which I can tell you proudly today that you were wrong about. Di, pyaar dhokha nahi hota, bas sahi ya galat insaan se hota hai. Mera pyaar dhoka nahi hai Di, yeh saccha pyaar hai. Kaash aap bhi ek baar saccha pyaar kar paate, aapne bahut kuch miss kardiya Di. But still, I love you Di. ”
As she got up, a strong wind blew as if her Di was admitting that she was wrong, and Anika’s love was true.

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