Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 43

Hello peeps !! I have been away from the past three months, neither reading nor writing and not even being up to date with the new developments happening in my once favorite Ishqbaaz, although I heard that it took a new turn with Shivansh as the new lead for the next post-leap period. I also know that being extremely irregular has made most of you lose interest in this, but I cannot leave this story in the last segment of its course because it is the very first one I wrote, which brought me in a new world of fan fiction. I can just say sorry for it and try to get back on track. For a quick refresher, here is the link to the last article.

Recap :

A moment of silence followed.
Om, ” Oho Rudra, what rubbish are you !”
Shivaay,” Funeral ceremonies ? Why would Anika buy flowers for a funeral ceremony? ”
Rudra,” What if she bought it for someone ? Haww, now what of my poor bhaiya ?”
Om,” Shut up Rudra. She won’t come tis far just to buy flowers. What if it was for some puja or something ?”
Rudra,” O,marigolds are used for puja, and too just a few of them, not big floers like carnations. Huh ! Paintbrushes ke saath rehte rehte dumb ho gaye ho O aap.”
Shivaay,” Funeral and related work huh ? Maybe to offer at a grave ?”
Om,” Come on Shivaay, are you really thinking about this ? I mean someone can buy flowers for any purpose. Why are you thinking so negative, that too on the saying of this idiot”, he says looking at Rudra’s face.
Shivaay,” But Om what if it turns out to be true ? I just want to see Anika safe and sound right now. After all what happened at the Mansion today, I am really worried about her. I think there is no harm in checking around here for a graveyard or maybe a cemetery. If indeed Rudra is true, we might just find Anika. ”
Om and Rudra both agreed.

Shivaay asked a passer-by if there was a cemetery or a graveyard anywhere nearby. The man was definitely astonished at such a question but then guided them to a small cemetery tucked away on the outskirts of the town. Shivaay drove there and ho and behold ! They found Champa standing right outside the gates, which meant that Anika was inside the cemetery. But the question was, why was she here ?
The brothers got down and went towards the cemetery. The in – charge was standing right at the gate and asked them,” I have never seen you people here. What are you doing at this holy cemetery ? ”
Shivaay,” Actually I am looking for my wife, and her scooty happens to be parked outside so I assume that she is here, however I don’t know why she has come her.”
Caretaker,” The scooty belongs to……..”
Shivaay,” Anika, my wife. Is she here ?”
Caretaker,” How can I believe that she is your wife ? ”
Shivaay shows a picture of their marriage which he has on his phone.
Caretaker,” Yes, she is here. She came about an hour back, just the same day and same time.”
Om,” But how do you know her ? And what is the meaning of same day and same time ?”
Caretaker,” Has she not told you anything ?”
All look at each others face.
Caretaker,” Look, my child, I am not in a position to tell you anything. It is best if Anika tells you herself. She comes here every year on the same day on the same, and also whenever she is extremely depressed or upset. You can find her inside, but make sure you do not make any noise, it disturbs the peace of the place and the souls.”
The three go inside. They can see tombstones everywhere with the names of the poor souls buried underneath. Some graves had flowers on them, some had the remains of a blown off candle and the rest looked as abandoned as a homeless person, probably having no one to come and pay them respect or show them any love. There was complete silence in the place except for the sound of prayers being chanted by a couple on what looked like the tombstone of their daughter, dead at a very young age of fifteen.

The faint sound of hiccups led them to a tomb around the corner, where they found Anika.
She had joined her hands and was crying buckets full of water. A bouquet of the flowers which she had just picked lay in front of her, on the grave of a lady, Unnati , and she was sobbing uncontrollably. Shivaay could not see this. Jolted out of her prayers by a hand on her shoulder, she opened her eyes and turned back to find Shivaay standing behind her, looking down into her teary eyes, with a ready to cry expression himself.
She looked at him and turned back to the grave praying, crying and speaking gibberish. Shivaay just decided to let her finish and not disturb her any further, joining his hands as a sign of respect. After the prayer, Anika wiped her tears, got up and looked at the three beside her.
Om,” Bhabi, who was Unnati ?”
“Unnati was my sister. ”

Anika has a sister ?! Who was Unnati and what happened to her ? How are the Oberoi brothers going to react to Anika having a sister ? Was she in any way connected to the Oberois ? It is for all of us to find out together. Keep reading Lovebirds <3

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