Love vs Revenge: Chapter 6 {The Memeories}

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Deep sees Prithvi there.Arohi follows them and hides behind the wall

Deep:So you are the one helping mummyji

Prithvi:No I am not

Deep:Tell me the truth

Prithvi:Yes I am she is my love and I will do anything for her

Deep:For get how much arohi did for you and your daughter

Prithvi:I don’t care my loyalty towards Roma will always remain same

Deep:I am telling she is using you

Prithvi:If she is using me then why still you call her mummyji

Deep:I…. Don’t

Prithvi:I know you still believe that she loves you like a mother

Deep:If anything happens to your daughter then don’t came at me

Deep goes from there in anger.Arohi smiles and goes to virat room.

Virat:You know who it was

Arohi:It was indeed Prithvi

Virat:So I think your plan worked

Arohi:Yes but I need you to keep an eye on both Prithvi and deep

Virat:Why deep

Arohi:He still believes that his mummyji will love him like a mother.

Virat:I am sure if mom is behind that tara is also with her

Arohi:I know your sister is mentally unstable and you mother will make use of her.I am soo worried for all the people who are innocent in this house

Virat:Don’t worry I will make security more tight and will install spy cameras in deep and Prithvi room

Arohi:Thanks Virat you are the only one who I can trust right now

Virat:I have learned from my sins I will never go back to my past life

Arohi leaves from there.She goes to her room and goes into a deep thought. She thinks all the bad things deep did to her and then remembers all of their beautiful moments spend together

Arohi:What do I do

She sleeps.Early in the morning she wakes up and goes for a morning walk.Deep also wakes up and goes out.He sees arohi and recalls her doing yoga,falling in his arms. He smiles.Arohi gets a call

Arohi:What and you are telling me now.I am not going there again.Ok then.When is the flight

She gets angry

Arohi:I left my past there and now I have to go there again why are you doing this

Deep comes there

Deep:What happened

Arohi:None of your business

Deep:Tell me maybe I can help you

Arohi:How are you going to help.tell me tell me I have a meeting in shimla the place where I was born I lived there but I still hate it soo much you know why because of you . Because I met you there and then my life become a hell.My whole family died there my mom dad bhabi and my bhayia. You think I am fine I am just standing here in front of you happy but in reality I am not I am dead just living for other people who matters to me the most

Deep:Arohi that was our past we can start a new life there

Arohi:Hahahaha new life. Get ready you are comming with me as you’re my manager. New life my foot you made my life miserable for a selfish women and her daughter and you still call her mummyji

Deep:It’s not what you think

Arohi:Then what I think you should go and marry mummyji. Make a family with her and when a daughter is born name her arohi and then kill her

She leaves from there in anger.Deep looks at her with a guilty face

Deep:I love you but I have love for mummyji in my heart she picked me from road.But because of her from today I will never harm you.I promise not a single tear will fall from your eyes  because of me

Arohi is ready to leave when virat comes there and whispers something into her ears.She smiles. Deep is about to leave when he sees a box that vedika gave him he takes it and leaves

Arohi:Good luck with vedika

Virat:What do you mean

Arohi:I know you like her and she likes you too

Virat:Just like a big sister see you in a week

Arohi:Keep everyone safe here from Prithvi

Deep:Let’s go

They both leave from there.Virat secures everyone room and puts a soy camera in Prithvi room.In the flight arohi is sleeping deep sees her shivering

Deep:Just like old day you are feeling cold

He hugs her she stops shivering and then sleeps peacefully

Deep:I promise when we will come back from this trip we will be just like old ardeep

During the flight arohi wakes up and sees deep hugging her.She is about to break the hug but then she sees deep sleeping.

Arohi:Whenever I am with you I forget everything but then I again realize what you did with me

Deep:(In his sleep)Please don’t go arohi

Arohi:Why are you doing this

They both reach hotel after reaching shimla

Deep:Can you please give us two keys of separate rooms

Manager:Sorry sir but all the rooms are full only one room is empty and that’s for couples

Arohi:Wow and now he thinks that we are a couple

Deep:Give us the keys for the room

Manager:Here sir

Arohi:I am not living in the same room as you

Deep:First come then I will tell you

He takes her to the room.He switches the lights on.They see roses on the bed.Arohi and deep look  each other with akward silence.

Arohi:What is this

Deep:Don’t worry I will clean all this

Arohi:Then I am going to balcony when you’re done tell me

She goes to the balcony.

Arohi:What a charming scene

Suddenly her eyes fall on the bridge.She remembers deep saving her from lakshay and taking her from there.

Arohi:That’s why I didn’t want to come here.Every memory hurts my heart my feelings

Deep:It’s done

She goes there and sees the room fully clean

Arohi:Thanks for doing something right for the first time

She goes and sits on the bed.Deep so sits there and is ready to sleep

Arohi:I am not sharing this bed with you

Deep:I am sleeping because I don’t have any problems if you have any problems then you can sleep somewhere else


Deep:(I know in the morning when I wake up you will be sleeping right beside me

He sleeps.Arohi takes a pillow and blanket and goes to balcony.She sleeps there.In the midnight deep wakes up to drink water when he sees arohi not there

Deep:Where is she?

He searches the whole room but doesn’t find her . Suddenly he feels cold He goes to shut the door of the balcony he sees arohi there.

Deep:I have never seen soo much stubborn girl like you

He goes near her and touches her

Deep:Why is she soo wet

He sees the floor

Deep:So it was raining and you were here

He then touches her head and feels her burning

Deep:And now she is also sick

He takes her inside and makes her lay on the bed.He takes care of her and makes her warm.He holds her hand and sleeps on the floor

In the raichand mansion virat and vedika are chatting when virat hears an alarm.He goes to the security room and sees Prithvi in his room loading his gun.He runs towards children room and sees them sleeping.He takes Papaji there and locks the room.He takes out his gun.And stand in front of the door . Prithvi come there and shoots at virat but vedika comes in front


Prithvi:Guddi! !!

Vedika dies at the spot.Virat in anger shoots at Prithvi.He falls down virat shoots him again

Virat:She is the only one that I loved but you killed her now you are going  to pay

He goes and takes Prithvi and vedika body. He buries Prithvi but he alone does the antim sanskar of vedika. He goes home crying. He locks himself in the room and cries badly

In the morning deep wakes up and sees arohi sleeping.He gets a call

Deep:Hello who is this

Manager:Sir mam told us that there is a meeting tonight

Deep:Yes it is

Manager:So the conference room is ready you can check

Deep:Fine I will come in an hour

He goes and takes a shower.He opens his suitcase and searches for a suit

Deep:Which one do I wear

He finally chooses one and wears it.He goes outside and checks the conference room

Deep:I hope this meeting will be successful

He goes back to his room and checks arohi

Deep:She looks fine now I shall bring breakfast for her

He goes to the hotel.Arohi wakes up and sees herself in bed

Arohi:But I was in balcony Deep must have brought me here

She goes and changes. She calls virat
Virat picks up the call crying

Virat:Everything is gone

Arohi:Why are you crying

Virat:He killed her

Arohi:Who killed who

Virat: Prithvi killed vedika and then I killed her

Arohi:No no no this is not true

Virat:It is I have done her antim sanskar from my own hands

Arohi:Vedika is dead!!

She holds back her sobs

Arohi:Vedika be strong I am comming right after this meeting I am comming back I will not spare Roma and tara

She drops the phone on the floor and starts to cry remembering who vedika took care of her and support her in hard times.Deep comes there with breakfast when he sees arohi crying .He runs and hugs her.She hugs him tightly

Deep:Arohi what happened why are you crying

Arohi: Prithvi killed vedika

Deep:What but vedika was his own daughter

She cries.Deep tries to make her feel better.

Arohi:She was like a sister to me

Manager comes there and tells them that the dealers have arrived

Arohi:I cannot do this meeting

Deep:You have to do it for vedika

She wipes her tears and goes to the conference room with deep.After two hours of meeting


Deep:Thanks it was a pleasure doing this deal with you

Arohi:I hope this will open more door of success for both of us

Dealer:Good night

Deep:It was  a pleasure meeting you

They all go outside.The dealer leaves from there.Deep is about to say something but arohi leaves from there in a deep shock.Roma is talking someone on phone

Roma:I want her now

Arohi is outside the hotel deep is looking at her from a distance. Suddenly some goons come there and kiddnap arohi Deep runs to her rescue but one goon hits him in the head and runs away



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