HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 17, 18 & 19

Here is the last chapter:
Chapter 16

Ragini descended the stairs and walked to her Parvathi who was busy serving to Dadaji. “Dadi” she hugged and pressed her face against her dadi’s face lovingly. “Mahri Lado” Dadi cupped her face with one hand. Then Ragini walked and sat beside Dadaji hugging him greeting for the morning.

“Like yesterday don’t go before Sanskar comes okay” said Dadi holding the tea tray. “He won’t be coming Dadi from today” she said. “Why?” asked Dadi. “Because I’m not working in his company anymore. I’m joining music academy again” she said smiling.

“Ki?(what)” Dida walked inside the house. “If you just wanted to work for two days why did you join the company?” asked Dida and Parvati’s lips stretched to form a thin line of annoyance. “I don’t like working Dida. I just wanted to try it that’s all” said Ragini.

“Oh so you got Sanskar’s company to try it?” asked Dida. “What is your problem Bangalan?” Parvati walked front and stood beside Ragini. “Dadi. Be calm” said Ragini. “What is my problem? Problem is your Pothi. She is purposely creating problems in my Shona’s life. What if the Maheshwari’s get upset due to this?” asked Dida worried.

Parvati raised her hand to talk but was stopped. “The Shona you are talking about is my sister too. And I know Maheshwari’s they will not feel bad if I leave the job which I won’t give my 100 percent to. So Dida don’t worry. My deeds will only pay for me not for anyone” Ragini walked out of the house.

“Ladoo” Parvati tried stopping her but she was already gone. “She did not have her break fast also. Who told you to interfere in my home matters Bangalan?” asked Parvati turning to Dida. “Until my daughter is married to your son I have all the rights” said Dida.

“That doesn’t mean you talk to my pothi like this” said Dadi and her anger rose and reflected in her eyes. “Then tell your Pothi also to stay out of my Shona’s life. Very far. I don’t want her shadow also to fall on my Shona’s happy life” said Dida.

“That happy life was a bheek my Lado gave to your Nathi. Understood” said Parvati smirking.

“Maaji” they heard Sumi descending down the stairs. “I have told a truth. If my Lado wished to destroy your daughter’s life she would have done it long back” said Parvati looking at Sumi.

“So keep your pothi away now also. Shona is married to Laksh and I don’t want Ragini to be around them” said Dida. “I will send her so far from this hell you just wait and watch. I will search such groom for my Lado who will take her from this hell and make her life heaven. Because you all are not worth of her presence in your life. You people don’t deserve her presence” said Dadi and walked to her room.

Sumi looked at Parvati then at the stairs where Shekar was watching them. Sumi walked to the kitchen and Shekar followed her. “Sumi. You shouldn’t have interfered between them” said Shekar. “And let your mother insult my mother and our daughter?” asked she.

“She is not only my mother your mother in law also. At least give respect to her age” said Shekar. “And she can insult anyone like this? I know she never liked Swara but that doesn’t mean she will speak whatever she wants” said Sumi.

“You can’t disagree your mother also provoked her to speak” said Shekar and Sumi stood staring him. “Like seriously you don’t find faults in your mother?” asked Sumi.

“Like you don’t find faults in your mother” Sumi rolled her eyes at Shekar’s remark. “I know Ragini had done mistakes in past but if you keep nagging her for that will she ever want to change? Will she ever come out of that incident? She will find enemies in you. And I don’t want my daughter to turn against her mother” said Shekar.

“And I don’t want my daughter to face any problems due to your daughter” said Sumi. “So soon she became my daughter Sumi. Forgot the time when you accepted herself as your daughter? Forgot the time she considered you and gave you her mother’s place?” asked Shekar painfully.

“Past is past Shekar. I will still consider her my daughter till she stays away from Shona’s life” said Sumi and turned.

They both were surprised to find Ragini who was standing numb. “Um” she wiped the tears in her eye. “I came to take the water bottle” she picked the water bottle and rushed out  as she could no more hold her emotions.

“For the half sister who did not stand by you” Sanskar’s words reflected in her brain as she walked on the road blankly. “Your daughter” she remembered Sumi’s words. She remembered her all the moments with Sumi. She was happy that she found a mother in Sumi but today her heart broke into pieces.

She was crossing the road when a car just stopped in front of her with a screech. She realized it and looked around sweating and found a car just near her legs . Her tears flew out  of her eyes suddenly with fear.

“Hey are you okay” she heard a voice and a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to find a man who was wearing his goggles and a white t – shirt . No doubt he looked cutely handsome.

She stared at him for some time and pushed his hand away. He looked at his hand and then back at her. She was still hyperventilating due to the fear. “Um. Sorry. Actually I got a call and was disconnecting it” said he apologizing. Ragini did not look up at him.

“I’m…” before he could complete the people gathered around. “Are you blind?” one lady shot. “Can’t you see while driving” one man screamed. He was not able to answer the mob and got nervous looking at so many people gathering.

“Actually fault was mine. I wasn’t concentrating while crossing the road. Sorry” Ragini raised her one hand and all cooled down. The crowd disappeared and the man sighed. “Thank you so much you saved me with your lie” said he smiling at Ragini. “I wasn’t telling a lie. I was really not concentrating” said Ragini and walked from there.

He stared her surprised. Where in this world people only know to blame others this girl was accepting her mistake. He hadn’t met such person in his life. She was different. A smile crept on his lips and he walked back and sat inside the car.

Ragini walked to the music academy and rejoined. Riya was very happy to find her friend back. But Ragini was in her own thoughts. She wasn’t understanding where her life was taking her. She did not knew will her misery ever end. People never showed even kindness to her that she will get hurt with their words and actions.

She never understood why there was no one who could stand beside her in this life like Swara has Laksh, her mother and Dida. Where as beside her people were there but they could not fight for her. She heard a sound which was actually intolerable noise.

He eyes moved to find a man who was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt and a white tilak in horizontal way on his forehead.

Her eyes went wide when she realized who it was. “Sanskar” she gasped.

“Ji hamko music seekhni” said he said in south indian slang. “What the hell is he doing here?” Ragini got up after placing the Sitar aside.

“Ji thanku” he said to the receptionist who handed him a form. “What are you doing here Sanskar?” Ragini turned him and he turned with a jerk.

“Ji. Aaap kon ji. Ham koi Sanskar nahi. Apko misunderstanding hogayi hai. Hamara naam muthu swami” he banged on the dhol which was hanging in front with a help of neck holder.

“Muthu swami?” Ragini shrank her eyes. He nodded his head. “Ille ille. Muthu swami rama swami ayengar” he said with a wide smile. “Hein?” asked she. “Muthu swami ramaswami narayan swami ayengar” he said again smiling.

Ragini rolled her eyes. “Muthu swamy Rama swamy narayana swami krishna swami ayanegar” said he. After a pause again he said “Muthu swamy rama swamy narayana swami krishna swami kandhaswami….” “Pause” said Ragini showing her palm annoyed.

“You can call me Muth” he gave her a wide grin. “You think you can hide your identity from me? Sanskar stop playing all this non sense games” said Ragini walking to her place.

“Ayyo Naari apko badi galatfaimi ki bimari” said he sitting beside her. “Will you stop acting?” she said annoyed. “Acting nahi ji hum sach bolti ek dum sach” said he serious. “Whatever” Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Madam. Hamara form bhar do ji. Hum ko english nai aati” he said cutely. Ragini stared him. “You think you can fool me?” Ragini glared him. “Aap kya bolti humko samajh aathi wo kya na hum english movie dekhti aur hamari chellame ko yaad karti” he said fiddling with his fingers.

“Issiliye aap jo bolti hamko samajh aathi. Padhna nai aati” said he with a wide smile. “Like seriously you think I will fall for your trap Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Ayyo Naari bola na apko galatfaimi ki bimari. Hum nahi koi Sanskar Maheshwaari” said he. “It is Maheshwari not Maheshwaari” said Ragini. “Oh pyar vyar haa. Naam galat bola tho apko bura lagi” said he. “It’s laga not lagi” said Ragini annoyed.

“Kya laga” asked he confused. “Bura Laga” said Ragini pressing each word. “Kisko bura lagi. Hum ne tho kuch nai ki” said he and Ragini looked up annoyed.

“Madam please yeh form bhar do mere ko. Mai tumko batata wada khilati” said he and Ragini closed her eyes and cried fake. “Khilati nai khilavunga” said Ragini turning to him.

“Kaun gunga?” asked he.

“Fine” she said annoyed and grabbed the form and started filling the form like he said.

“Chennai?” asked Ragini when he told her the city. “Haa Chennai jaha mera Chellame rehti” said he nodding his head. “When did chennai got shifted to Andhra Pradesh?” asked she confused. “Arey Chennai nai gayi waha wo pehle se thi waha” said he. “Duffer. Chennai is capital of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is a total different state” said she.

“Oh then which was the city shared by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after partition?” asked he placing his finger on his chin.

“Kolkota” said Ragini giving him a bore look.

“Don’t be silly Kolkota is capital of West Bengal where we are now. I’m confused with south indian states but other states of India I know them all” said he grinning widely.

In excitement he forgot that he was talking normal. “Sanskar” Ragini fumed looking at him and he gave her a sheepish smile. “I thought…” he struggled to say. “ You thought? Oh you have brain also? Waw I never knew” she smiled at him fake.

He saw her anger and gulped in scared. “Wo actually na you told you will not come to office so I thought let me convince you one time” said he smiling nervously. “You know you ate up my half brain due to your grammar and I don’t like it when people kill a language” she said placing her hand on her head.

“I have a great pay back for that. How about a coffee treat?” asked he. “And in this costume you will come with me?” asked Ragini pointing his attire. “Madam south indians have the coolest fashion sense. See in this hot summer Lungi is so comfortable” said he and she looked at him in disbelief.

“You and your logic seriously from where do you get this ideas?” she asked crossing her arms.”I will tell you that some day. Now come on” he said dragging her. “You know I’m in academy. And simply can’t come out” said she walking behind.

“Don’t worry I have taken permission from your guruji. He was confused initially and refused also then…” “Then what did you do?” asked she horrified. “Nothing much I sang a song from my nightingale voice and he gave me permission” said Sanskar proud.

“You know he had happy tears listening to my song and said promise me that you will not sing it to any weak heart person. I promised him in return of taking you from here” said he and Ragini burst out laughing.

“Gosh you are crazy” she said sitting on a bench when they were walking on the footpath. Her laugh was like a melody which bound him to a magic. Her shrunk eyes and those ear rings which were dancing when her head moved front and back and those cheeks which turned red due to laughing made him lose.

He sat beside her resting his head on his palm and his elbow rested on the seat as he stared her. “Hello” she waved her hand in front of him and broke his trans. He jerked and looked around to hide his embarrassment.

“Didi take this flower na” a small girl walked to them and Ragini looked at her. She felt bad for the girl. “You don’t go to school beta?” asked Ragini caressing the girl’s cheek. “I go didi. With the money I earn now I will buy my books for the next year. Now summer vacation na” the girl smiled at her.

“Take this” Ragini forwarded a five hundred rupees note which she took out of her bag. “No Didi I don’t have change” said the girl. “I don’t want change beta. You called me Didi na so your Didi is helping you as she loves you” said Ragini and the girl smiled and received the money.

“But I will not take it simply. Daily you have to take flowers from me” the girl demanded and Ragini took a rose and smiled at her nodding her head. “Pakka” she said kissing the girl’s cheek. Sanskar was lost looking at Ragini who had a bright smile on her face.

“Why do you love everyone on this earth?” Sanskar’s question made her look at him. “I don’t love every one in this world Mr. Maheshwari like I don’t love you in fact I hate you” said Ragini. “I know that” Sanskar looked down. “I’m asking people except me” he said and Ragini found hurt in his eyes.

“Why do you love everyone in this world except for me and yourself” he met her eyes which had softened now. “Why do you care about everyone except for yourself. Even when people hurt you why can’t you just break away from them?” asked he painfully.

“I know something happened in your house. After the drug issue I have seen Sumi aunty and Dida’s shift in behavior and it will not take me ages after seeing your sad face in the morning to understand that they hurt you” said he and Ragini looked away not able to meet his eyes.

“Why don’t you stay unaffected Ragini. Why?” asked he and she smiled sadly. “I try but I can’t Sanskar” said she closing her eyes. “I can’t stay unaffected when it is about my family” she said.

“I know you can’t stay unaffected when it is about your family. Your sister’s in laws family and then her daughter’s in laws family.” said he and Ragini chuckled.

“Come now” said he taking her inside the cafe. They had the coffee and Sanskar walked with her till her home. “So tomorrow you are coming to office right?” he asked and she turned. “Sanskar” she said whining.

“I know Ragini you don’t want to come out of these clutches which are holding you back” he walked to her. “But I want you out of it. I want you to be self dependent Ragini. Then only you will learn to let go” he said looking into her eyes.

“What if I say I don’t want to learn” she softly said. He moved his hand and cupped her face. “I will not let you stay weak and wait for someone who will stand beside you. I want you to stand for yourself” he rubbed the tear on her cheek.

“I want you to learn to fight your fears and fight your insecurities” said he and smiled. “You confuse me Duffor” she said chuckling. “What?” asked he.

“You say that you want me to fear you and now you are saying you want me to be strong” said she knotting her eye brows. He remembered his conversation with Laksh last night. “Even if you want her to stay out of this mess I will make sure she finds out the real identity of your partner” he remembered Laksh’s words.

You don’t even recognize your enemies and friends Ragini and I can’t keep waiting till people harm you. I just want you to be safe and for that I have to keep you near me. Without your knowledge you have entered a trap and I have to protect you from them.’ he spoke in his mind.

“That’s because now you don’t want to cross my path and as a friend I genuinely want you to be strong for yourself not for anyone else” he said and in that moment her heart skipped a beat.

Something about Sanskar was attracting her. She was lovelorn all these years so might be his concern was what she was getting attracted to what surprised her was even though she knew his real face she was getting connected to him in a strange way.


Ragini was all ready to leave for office but then she remembered her interaction with Dida last morning and it did not give her right vibes. She was still in a dilemma to follow her heart which believed what Sanskar told was best for her or to follow her mind which said she should not be the reason of one more brawl between her Dadi and Sumi.

“Lado” she heard Shekar’s voice and wiped her tear immediately. “Baba” she smiled lovingly at him. It pained him. Her love and respect pained him. In a process to correct his mistake of past he had forgotten Ragini and her happiness. He always considered Swara as the love lorn daughter of his and showered all the love he had.

But whether he ever considered Ragini living in the same hell. Or worst than that. Swara at least had her mother but Ragini though she had her father never felt that love. All her life she had was her Dadi. He felt guilty that he never could give her the love she deserved being his daughter.

He smiled at her weakly sitting in front of her. “You’re okay?” asked he warmly and it made Ragini have those happy tears which signified that someone was there who would care to ask her if she was okay in all this emotional mess. Her glassy eyes were a proof of it.

“I’m… I’m okay” she smiled widely and he reflected her smile lovingly caressing her hair. Though you are going through something which is unbearable and you cannot share it with anyone still that question from a person in your life brings new hope. Though you are not okay you will want to be okay. And there you take the first step towards loving yourself.

More than anything that is very important. And that moment had arrived in Ragini’s life. A car honk disturbed them and her eyes shrank in confusion. She hadn’t decided anything yet. And Sanskar was already outside waiting like she will give him a positive reply only.

“You are still confused?” Shekar cupped her cheek. She looked at him surprised that he has understood her confusions first time. “Do what you feel is correct. And don’t back off for the opinions of others. You cannot please everyone in your life. But at least please the person inside you” he said and walked out leaving her to process her thoughts.

Sanskar waited for a long time and finally thought of walking inside the house. He walked in and searched for Ragini. Ragini as usual walked down gracefully with her dangling earrings and those loose hair strands of shiny hair. And his smile spread ear to ear looking at her when she was descending watching her steps carefully.

“Arrey Sanskar” Sumi welcomed him and Ragini stopped her steps and looked at Sumi and then at Sanskar. He glanced her a look before settling down on the couch as Sumi instructed. “Ragini….” Sumi stopped herself with an unpleasant look on her face. “I will get you the tea” she walked to the kitchen.

“What took you so long girl? See I have to be the bakra of all this mehman nawazi now” Sanskar walked to Ragini and she looked at him with a sorry face. He sensed Sumi’s steps and quickly walked back to the couch settling down again.

He smiled at Sumi widely while she served him the tea and snacks. “Owe” he winced in pain as the hot tea burnt his tongue. “Arrey aram se” said Sumi. “Nope actually I have to hurry up I have a meeting in the noon and I was waiting for Ragini outside as she took a lot of time I came in” said he placing the tea cup back on the table and stood up.

“But she resigned from her job right?” asked Sumi. “No actually…” “Dekha Marwaran. I told you na your granddaughter only wants to create problem in my granddaughter’s life” Dida walked in and Dadi who was busy in Puja Ghar walked out hearing her. She found Sanskar and was surprised. Ragini squeezed her eyes as she expected this coming.

Sanskar glanced a confused look to Dida and turned to Ragini who was looking at him helplessly. Helpless that he had to witness all this. And she did not wanted to look weak in front of him. She did not wanted to look vulnerable.

“Sorry?” Sanskar asked looking at Dida. “See Marvaran. Your pothi again requested the Maheshwari’s to join Sanskar’s company. What will you get from this Ragini?” Dida stood in front of Ragini. And she just stared ground.
“What’s all this Ragini?” Sumi demanded for an answer.

There was no anger left in her. What she felt was that disgust about herself that she was letting people hurt her and question her. All these years it never mattered but suddenly it mattered to her that she should stand for herself at least. But she regretted that she was not able to do so.

“I’m asking you something” Sumi said a bit seriously this time and Dadi walked to defend her. “Sumi stay out my Lado’s life” she took Ragini a bit back. But there was one person who was boiling now understanding the scenario.

“Raise your head Ragini. Otherwise you will not be able to meet your own eyes” she heard Sanskar’s voice which had pain and anger. Anger that his friend was treated unjust.

“Raise your head Ragini” he said again and she raised her head and looked at her mother and Dida who were demanding an answer.

“Walk and cross this otherwise you will be left behind to suffer the wounds which you gave to yourself” he said and she walked passing Sumi and Dida.

“And she need not give any explanation to anyone about what she is doing with her life. No one in the sense no one. Not even the mother who claims to be her mother but doesn’t really care to trust her” his eyes had fire which could melt any rock and send shivers in anyone’s body when he said those words looking at Sumi.

He held her hand and walked out and she looked at his hand on her wrist and then at him. There was no one who stood for her so firmly. Today there was he standing not just beside her to make her strong but in front of her as a shield. All these years when she feared of loneliness and the fear that she will be left out; that pain had crushed her heart so badly that she never even dreamed that she will ever come out of it.

But today all that pain felt like it was never there. She felt that was her moment when she got the relief from the pain which had ruined her life slowly and left her vulnerable. Today she felt that confidence’s first drop falling on her soul and refreshing her life.

Sometimes a drop can do that wonder what an ocean can’t do.

Today surely Sanskar’s that confidence drop made that wonder happen. And it was just a drop against the ocean of her pain. A pain which always dominated her life and she never got a little hope of ray that she will be out of it at any point of her life.

“You like it when people insult you or you love Mahanta so much. Much more than your damn self respect?” he was angry. Hell angry. Not because they spoke all those words to her or they treated her that way.

He was angry that she stood quite and with her head down. Like as if she was the culprit for every single crime happening in the world.

She collapsed on his chest and burst into a silent bitter cry. He was initially shocked and stood numb until her tears moistened his chest where she had placed her face.

Rehna hai bass yeha abb dur tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai Suhana har dard hai.

“I’m sorry sorry sorry” he covered her and rubbed her shoulders and she cuddled in his embrace more. It felt home. It felt like she could not define how it felt. But she was happy to feel it. She was happy to be weak and let out her emotions there.

“Hey Ragini” his soothing voice was something  even if she wished she could die for it right there. She dragged herself out and wiped her face.

Her kajal had made a mark on her cheek while the tears flew down. Sanskar pointed it and she wiped her cheek but the wrong one. He again pointed it but she wiped her face a bit away.

Taking a deep breath his hand moved to her cheek and grabbed it in his manly palm which stiffly fixed itself to her face shape and she looked up at him. His rough thumb traveled on her cheek and wiped the mark.

But it created a deep mark on her heart. That intoxicating touch just touched the soft corner of her heart and she felt that goosebumps all over her body when he dragged her near placing his rough lips on her forehead lovingly. Taking a deep breath and losing herself in that divine moment she closed her eyes.

That touch took her to a different land of dreams. She so desperately wanted to stay like this forever and wished the time to stop there and then it self.

She never felt those feelings all her life. Sanskar made her feel she was his possession and she never had felt this all her life. She was always taken for granted to hurt and to sacrifice and to let go of what she loved.

But this man is making her feel that she is needed in his life. She is his most precious possession. She is his need and he will go to any extent to keep her happy. And he will fight anyone to wipe those tears off her face and stop them even from dropping out of her eyes.

What is this called? Is this love? Then what was that which she felt for Laksh?

Is it friendship? Then why she had not got friends till now in her life who will go to this extent for her?

Questions oscillated like there were no answers for them. And it disturbed her normal life where there she was not ready to come out of that cocoon of her Dadi’s expectation and consider him. She was either landing in a situation which will break her or break Sanskar’s heart.

She did not wanted the later to happen. She did not minded exposing him but his heart falling prey to something which will crush it what she feared of.

She opened her eyes as realization hit her. She jerked and moved a bit away from Sanskar  who looked at her confused. “Are you okay Ragini?” asked he and she nodded her head not meeting his eyes. She sure knew his eyes could make her weak at this point and she did not wanted to be weak now.

He sat inside the car after she sat. He moved his hand to hold the seat belt she was trying to fix. She dragged her hand away with a jerk and looked at him. He fixed the seat belt and then fixed his seat belt and drove to their destination.

“Shreya two cheese sandwiches and a cup of coffee for me and a orange juice for Ragini. Send it with the peon” Sanskar ordered the receptionist and walked to his cabin. Ragini already walked to the cabin and Sanskar entered after her.

The peon knocked on the glass door. Ragini saw Sanskar busy with his call and walked to the door and received the tray from his hand.

She placed it on the table and walked to her seat and got busy with the work. Suddenly in a minute she felt a hand on her wrist. When she looked up Sanskar had already dragged her and made her sit in front of him.

He stuffed the sandwich in his mouth and waited for her to take the other one. But Ragini sat looking down. “You want invitation also to have the sandwich?” asked he munching over the food he was eating.

She gave him a confused look. “Oh madam. Have food first then play this glaring game” said he and pointed at the sandwich. “No I’m full” said Ragini and sat adjusting herself. “Juth bhi aisa bola jispe yakeen ho. You were dropping the saliva looking at the food and you are saying you are not hungry?” asked Sanskar.

“I wasn’t doing anything of that sort” she gave him a disgusted look. “You were” he said and she replied “I was not”. “You were” he said again,

“Stop it okay. I was just staring at it as morning I did not got time to have food. I was not dropping any saliva. Is this any Shahee paneer that I will drop saliva for it” she said without realizing.

Sanskar smiled and his eyes looked like they were closed due to his smile which reached from on ear to another.

“Arghhh” Ragini got up annoyed to walk back to her seat when Sanskar was wiping his hand with the tissue paper. He held her wrist and made her sit beside him. He forwarded the sandwich to her mouth.

“Your anger should be on the people who are responsible for your state not on your self and at least not on your food. It gives you energy to burn yourself in anger so don’t disrespect it ever and not having the food which is meant for you is also disrespecting the food” he said slowly and she opened her mouth when the bread touched her lips and he made her eat the sandwich.

She had those tears which were fighting to drop down her eyes as she watched him busy caring her. Showering her with every drop of care he had in him.

Her breath felt stuck in her throat as she swallowed the bread. Finally she gulped down the bread and gulped down the outflow of emotions with it. She looked away to drain those tears but a stubborn tear fell out of her eye and she felt his comforting hand on her hand.

“It’s okay to be weak sometimes. It’s okay to let out your emotions. It’s all okay unless you learn to be strong out of it. It’s all okay” said Sanskar and she nodded her head letting out more tears.


Sanskar was driving Ragini home in the evening. Something flashed his mind when he spotted the girl who gave Ragini the flower yesterday. “I will just come” said Sanskar getting out of his car and crossed the road to reach the girl on the opposite side. Ragini sat in the car just staring the park which was on her side of window.

“Hey Princess” he waved at the girl. “Arrey you are the same bhayya na yesterday who was with that didi” the girl smiled widely. “See na I am waiting for her from morning but she is no where to be seen. Will you give this flower to her” she asked cutely.

“On one condition” he said sitting beside her. “Bhayya you should not sit here” the girl said getting up. “Bhayya bhi bolti ho aur baju me bhi nai bitathi? Not fair” said Sanskar making her sit again. She smiled at him weakly.

“If you tell me tips to cheer your didi I will give this flower to her” said he and the girl smiled widely. She told him a list of things which Sanskar bought and crossed the road and knocked on the window where Ragini was staring outside.

She was not able to see his face. She turned away thinking he is some sales man. He knocked the window again. Ragini rolled the window down to answer him.

“I don’t want anything go forward” she said and Sanskr smirked as an idea struck him.

“Buy it madam. Please. My kids are hungry from two days and They only ate Mc Donalds meals in the night” Ragini looked at him weirdly. “Mc Donald’s meal and you are saying they did not had food from two days?” asked she confused.

“Haa Madam. See night tho I will take them to Mc Donalds but morning they go with their mother to Subway. And she is gone to Goa on a vacation so I have to work extra shift to feed my kids from Subway. If you buy it tomorrow I can take them to Subway” said he.

“Bade thaat baat wale ho Bhaisaab aap tho” she said with a appreciating look on her face.

“Bhai kisko bola?” he brought the things in his hand down and revealed his face.

“Sanskar” Ragini looked at him surprised. He gave her a wide smile like a small kid. She could not help but laugh at his antics and it sent his heart fluttering with joy up in the clouds where he felt himself diving in between them.

He just stared her as she laughed holding her paining sides. “You are such a dramebazz” she hit him and he tried saving himself.

“These for you” he said placing the things in her lap. She looked at them. There was a ice cream a balloon and a teddy bear and a small bouquet. “But why am I blessed with these all?” asked she.

“I’m proposing you” he gave her a bore look and she looked at him shrugging her shoulders.

“And I should believe it” she said crossing her arms. He forwarded the ice cream to her. “As you said you are blessed. Don’t ask why blessings are in your life. Know that they are there because you deserve them” said he and she lost herself in his eyes.

He smiled at her and turned to the steering wheel and drove to her house.

“Ragini” he called her when she was at the door. She turned to him. “Promise me you wont use that word for me” he said looking at her pleading. “Which word?” asked she confused. “Arrey wo word which start from B” said he.

“Bewkuf?” asked she. “No” he said “Bandar?” she asked again and he nodded his head squeezing his eyes.

“And what other word starts from B?” she started thinking. “Stupid girl” said he. “Arrey that starts from S not B” said Ragini. He gave her a tight fake smile.

“That word which Shurpanaka used to call Ravan” said he and she looked at him strangely. “Ravan? That starts with R Duffer” she said and Sanskar closed his eyes annoyed.

“Forget it” he said it and waved his hand in air. At least he was happy that she did not remember the word and there was less possibility that she will ever call him that. He caressed his hair and drove off.

Ragini shrugged her shoulders confused and walked inside.

Sanskar was lying on his bed staring the ceiling in the night after the dinner.

“Sanskar Bro” he heard Laksh’s voice and his face turned annoyed. “You forgot your promise?” Laksh asked helplessly.

“When you can forget the deal can’t I forget my promise? Anyways God will not count it a sin if I disappoint a back stabber” said he walking to the window. “I… I just thought that she will help us out of this mess” Laksh squeezed his eyes.

“She is not any toy to use Laksh” Sanskar warned Laksh. “And dare you use her for any of your escape plans next time. I’m warning you hurting her is secondary you will face my wrath first” said he with that boiling anger inside him.

“I’m sorry I just wished that she will expose that person. And finally we will be out of this mess” said Laksh as his eyes filled with tears.

“You don’t even know Laksh someone from the family is his close ally. He is so near to us that one wrong move will doom us” said Sanskar. “What?” Laksh widened his eyes shocked.

Then Sanskar narrated him how he found the scorpion in Ragini’s room when she was still unconscious. “Oh my god. That means we are being watched all the time?” asked Laksh placing his hand on his forehead.

A vase fell down outside which alerted them both. They walked outside. Laksh signed Sanskar to go on right and he went left searching for the person. If they got the person then they could easily get out of this mess. Was it as easy it looked.

Laksh was near the stairs and was about to catch the person who was hiding behind the long robe. He felt a push and rolled down the stairs wincing in pain.

“Laksh” Annapurna’s scream from the hall alerted Sanskar who rushed to her. Laksh laid unconscious on the carpet and his head oozed out blood which horrified Sanskar.


Swara was blankly staring at Lakshya who was lying on the bed with the ventilator system supporting him to breath and the monitor on his left making beeps detecting his heart beats. A tear tripped her eye and it burned her cheek. She was least bothered about wiping that droplet.

“Shona” she heard her mother’s voice and blinked her eyes and turned to find her mother who rushed to her and crushed her in a bone crushing hug. “Maa” she whispered painfully and held her mother for support. She burst into a bitter cry collapsing in her mother’s embrace.

“Please don’t crowd the ICU” said the nurse and Sumi took Swara out of the ICU. Annapurna was looking blankly and Sujata sat beside her shedding tears and tried consoling her but she was not responding. Durgaprasad sat looking at the ground and Ramprasad was beside him.

“How did all this happen?” asked Dida who walked there with Dadi and Ragini following her. “Dida” Swara hugged her and burst out crying more. “Swara” she heard Ragini’s voice and her eyes moved to Ragini who was behind Dida. Swara hugged her and Ragini consoled her feeling her pain.

“Mrs. Maheshwari we need your statement” the police walked there with Adarsh. Pari who was sitting beside Sujata walked to Swara and held her shoulders.

“She is not in her right state to give you statement Inspector. Please” Pari requested. “But Pari this is necessary” Adarsh insisted. “Haa Bhabi. This is necessary” Swara wiped her face. “Actually Laksh was in the room after the dinner and was checking mails in his laptop. He got a message from Sanskar Jeth ji and walked to his room and after 10 minutes we all heard maa’s scream” Swara was narrating and the inspector noted down it.

“So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari was the last person he met before this happened?” the inspector asked and Swara nodded her head. He walked to Annapurna. “I know you are not in a state to give the statement. But please ma’am help us to find the truth” said he and Annapurna looked at him.

“Did you see Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari falling?” Annapurna nodded her head negatively to his question. “Please tell us what exactly you saw” he asked and Annapurna gulped the saliva hard.

“I was in the hall when I heard the noise of someone falling and saw Lakshya on the ground with blood oozing out of his head.” she said and wiped the tear.

“Did you saw anyone around the stairs?” asked he and she thought for a moment. “Sanskar was standing near the stairs” she said. “Um hm” the inspector noted down the narration.

“So where is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari?” he asked looking around. “He has gone to get the medicines” said Sujata. Just then Sanskar walked with the bag of medicines. He handed the medicines to the nurse near the door and turned.

“So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari why did you text Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari to meet you in your room. And after he came to your room what and all happened?” asked the Inspector.

“What?” he asked confused. “I did not message him” said he shocked. “He himself came to meet me” said Sanskar. “Jeth Ji why are you telling a lie? You had texted Laksh. He told me while going out of the room” said Swara. “I’m not telling a lie. I seriously did not text him. And why will I do that? If I wanted to talk when we both are at home either I will walk to his room or instruct a servant to call him right?” asked he.

“Exactly that’s what we are asking you why did you text Mr. Laksh Maheshwari to meet you via text? Was that a plan? As Mr. Laksh informed his wife your plans failed?” asked the Inspector.
“Excuse me you cannot blame some one without a proof” Ragini interrupted them. All looked at her. “Do you have any proof that Sanskar sent text to Laksh?” asked she. “Proof is Mrs. Swara” said the Inspector.

“But she just heard it right? She did not see the text” said Ragini. “You mean Laksh told a lie to me Ragini?” asked Swara dragging Ragini to her side.

“I’m not concluding anything Swara. Before you arrive on a conclusion check the facts. When Sanskar is so confident that he hasn’t sent the text then think about the possibilities” said Ragini.

“You are trying to say that Laksh told me a lie?” Swara asked. “I’m not saying that Swara please understand Sanskar’s point of view also” said Ragini. Swara looked at her painfully.

“And what explanation will you give for you standing near the stair case while Mr.Laksh fell down?” asked the Inspector.

“I heard Badi Maa screaming and as I was near to the stair case I arrived there” said Sanskar. “Oh so why was Mr. Laksh near the stair?” asked the Inspector.

“He went out of my room…” Sanskar stopped as he did not wanted to continue further. “And you went behind him and pushed him” the Inspector concluded.

“Excuse me officer. You cannot blame Sanskar like this” said Ragini. “Why not Ms…” he waited for her to blurt her name. “Ragini” she said and looked away.

“When he was the one who saw him last and he was the one standing near the stair case all the clues point to him only right. It’s so obvious Ms. Ragini” said the Inspector.

“Those are only clues not any proofs. You can only build stories but cannot create a case” she said looking at him furiously.

“Basu” they heard a voice and moved their gaze to the hallway. The Inspector saluted the person in white shirt and gray pant who removed his goggles.

“Sir” the Inspector walked to him. His eyes were fixed on Ragini as he recognized her. She was the same girl who saved him on his first day in the city.

“Sir here are the statements” Basu’s voice made his gaze move. He analyzed the statements and looked up. Ragini was looking away and he guessed that she has not recognized him.

“Who is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari?” he asked and Basu pointed at Sanskar who looked at him. “Hello Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” he forwarded his hand and Sanskar shook it. “ACP Rudr Singh Shekawat” he introduced himself and his gaze moved to Ragini who was least interested.

Sanskar nodded his head. “So you are the last person Mr. Laksh Maheshwari spoke to. And can you please tell me why did you text him to meet” asked he looking at Sanskar.

“Not again” Ragini rolled her eyes and Rudr looked at her. “So do he need to say the same thing from the Hawaldar till the commissioner?” she asked annoyed and then turned to Sanskar “Do one thing Sanskar hang a board on your neck” said she crossing her arms.

“Excuse me?” asked Rudr confused. “First thing Mr. Shekhawat teach some work to your Inspectors that they stop writing fictions and concentrate on the facts. Sanskar did not text him but he is not believing it” said Ragini looking away.

Rudr turned to Basu. “But Sir. Mrs. Swara confirmed that Mr. Lakshya walked out of the room saying that he got a text from Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” Inspector Basu reasoned.

“So did you check the phones?” asked Ragini charging at him. “Ragini” Sanskar dragged her back. A small smile formed on Rudr’s face hearing her name.

“Basu. Check their phones” said Rudr and Basu took Sanskar’s phone and Lakshya’s phone. “See sir” said he forwarding the phones.

Rudr held the text in Laksh’s mobile in front of Ragini. “Now do you believe?” he asked.

“No” she said and Swara looked at her confused. “Ragini still you are supporting him?” asked she turning Ragini to her. “I’m just proving the truth Swara. Sad part in today’s world is people accept lies but they want proofs for accepting truth” she smiled sarcastically.

“And what proof you have that Mr. Sanskar has not sent this message?” asked Rudr. “The time mentioned here” she pointed at the time. “That time actually I was talking to him over skype. Video call. I hope you know I can see him through that and he was not using his phone that time. He wasn’t holding his phone when he was talking to me over the laptop” said she.

“And here is the proof” she forwarded the call log in her skype.

Rudr analyzed the proofs. Swara nodded her head and walked to the chair and collapsed on it. “Okay” Rudra handed her phone back to her.

“We will analyze the case and let you know” said Rudr walking from there and while exiting he looked at Ragini who was consoling Sanskar. ‘Brave girl’ he spoke in his mind and smiled.

“Swara” Ragini knelt in front of Swara. “Oh finally you remembered me?” asked Swara furious. “Swara” Ragini looked at her holding her hands which Swara jerked.

“Don’t call my name from your mouth again. You really did very wrong this time Ragini. To save your friend you forgot that I’m your sister?” Swara looked at her painfully.

“Ungratefulness is in her blood Shona” Dida spoke and Ragini closed her eyes painfully. “Bangalan” Dadi screamed and Ragini held her stopping. “Dadi please” she pleaded her Grandmother. Dadi looked at Ragini and her anger became pain.

“Take care” said Ragini kneeling in front of Swara and walked from there with Dadi who looked at Ragini painfully. Ragini nodded her head and walked with Dadi out of the hospital.

Sanskar folded his hand to form a fist when Dida blurted that out. “You know who is real ungrateful here” a hot tear was fighting at the edge of Sanskar’s eye. Swara and Dida looked at him.

“The half sister for whose rights she fought” he pointed his hand towards Ragini. “The mother whom she accepted and brought close to her father though she was not related to her. The family she knitted. The half sister who got her love because of her sacrifices” he wiped the tear on his cheek.

“I don’t need to hear a lecture from a culprit who killed his own would be wife” Swara looked at him with rage standing in front of him. “Swara” he screamed and raised his hand but his hand was held by someone. He looked at his right and found Sujata holding his hand.

In next moment he felt a tight slap on his cheek. “Have I taught you this Sanskar? Have I taught you to raise your hand on a girl?” asked she painfully.

“Maa” Sanskar said painfully. “Why are you stopping him chachi. When he can act mentally challenged to take revenge from his own family for the murder he committed he can do this too” Swara said and Sujata’s heart broke into pieces. “Maa” Sanskar held her from falling.

“Stay away from me” Sujata jerked him away. “Maa” he said painfully. “Sanskar is that true? Is that true what Swara is speaking?” asked Durgaprasad approached him.

“Maa” Sanskar knelt in front of Sujata. She did not looked at him. He could tolerate anything but not his mother’s this state.

“And you are hurting the same mother. Imagine once she will come to know about your real face how she will hold herself?” Ragini’s words flashed in his mind and he cursed himself that he did not listen to her.

“Will you say the truth?” Durgaprasad demanded. It made Sanskar furious and he stood up very close to DP.

“Yes. It is true” said he and his eyes burned with anger and bled. “Now I’m so sure he only pushed Laksh” Swara spoke and Sanskar closed his eyes taking a deep breath to cool his bursting anger.

“If Laksh wouldn’t have told me this last week I wouldn’t have known the truth” said she wiping her face and crying more remembering Laksh.

“And why did you keep mum?” asked Annapurna holding Swara. “Because I promised Laksh that I will not tell it to anyone unless he says. And now when he is in this state I can’t keep it a secret anymore and let the culprit roam freely” said she.

He smiled sarcastically twitching his jaws. “You know the major difference between you sisters other than being from different mothers?” he looked at Swara.

“She uses brain” he pointed at his head and Swara looked at him puzzled. “If I come on revealing which surely nobody wants all the masks will fall down in a second” he snapped his finger looking at his family members.

“But then I don’t care as I don’t want to see those ugly faces behind the masks” he said folding his lips and twitching his face.

“Maa” he knelt again in front of Sujata. “Why did you do this Sanskar? Why? Was I such a bad mother?” asked she painfully. “I’m sorry maa. I’m really sorry. But I swear on you Maa whatever I’m doing now is to prove that you are the best mother in the world whose values brought me out of that hell and made me what I am. Though nobody is believing me today but I will prove that you did not give me any wrong values” said Sanskar kissing her hands.

“How do you want me to believe you?” asked she and it pained him. “I don’t know Maa. I don’t know but I will surely make you feel proud one day that I’m your son. That day you will say proudly ‘Mahra chora'” he said and collapsed on her knees hugging them.

“I’m sorry maa. I’m sorry” he said pleading. “Chala Jaa” she said and he looked up at her. “Just go away” she locked her painful gaze with him.

“Before I’m your mother I’m daughter in law of this family and I cannot keep someone in my home who can harm my family. Though he is my son” her eyes squeezed and it hurt Sanskar deeply.

“Maa” he whispered painfully. “Go” she said stiffly and he fell back.

Sanskar walked from there looking at his mother painfully. The mother for whom he lived till now even after losing everything in his life. He believed even if the world will be against him his mother will not leave his side but today he was alone.

As he was out of the hospital his phone buzzed and he picked the call. “So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari how was the gift?” he heard the same voice and his blood boiled. “Two things” Sanskar spoke cooling all his anger.

“First thing you really messed with the wrong guy this time” Sanskar smirked. “And second thing you lost that weak link. I’m exposed in front of my family and now I don’t care” said he as his smirk deepened.

The person laughed on the other side. “Still there is something which stops your heart beat. Isn’t it?” his words put Sanskar in confusion.

“A friend in need is a friend in deed Sanskar. Such simple proverb. She has proved her friendship. Don’t you want to prove the same?” he heard the voice and his heart beat sky rocketed and his eyes widened with shock when he uttered finally “Ragini”


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