“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 37)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 37 (The refreshing Twinj morning)

Sarna Mansion
Twinj room
Kunj woke up and saw himself shirtless and Twinkle lying beside him covered with the blanket. He smiled and kissed Twinkle’s forehead. Twinkle woke up by the gentle touch and slowly opened her eyes. She started blushing recalling the last night and looked away. Kunj made her to face him and kissed her cheeks. He smiled at her and said, “Finally we are one Twinkle.” Twinkle shied and covered her face with her hands. Kunj removed her hands and said, “Don’t blush so much. It makes me even more crazier and if you continue to do so then again everything that happened yesterday night will again take place.” Twinkle punched his chest playfully and said, “You’re becoming too naughty Kunj.” Kunj kissed her neck and said, “I repeat, it’s all because of you.” Twinkle pushed him up and said, “Go, have a bath.” “Come”, replied Kunj. “No, get up and go”, said Twinkle. “Fine but, after a”, said Kunj and pointed towards his lips. “No. Go now”, replied Twinkle and pushed Kunj away. Kunj frowned and got up and walked towards the washroom. Suddenly, he smirked before entering the washroom and went inside.
After around 5 minutes, Kunj shouted, “Twinkle, my towel.” “How will i give it to you?”, shouted back Twinkle. “Umm.. wear my shirt. It’s lying there on the bed”, replied Kunj. Twinkle searched up for the shirt and wore it. She took a towel and knocked on the bathroom door. “Kunj, your towel”, said Twinkle forwarding the towel. Kunj opened the door and pulled Twinkle inside.

“You didn’t yet take a shower?”, asked Twinkle. “I told we’ll take it together”, replied Kunj locking the door. “No, let me go”, said Twinkle. Kunj turned around and stood by the door. “Try if you can”, replied Kunj. Twinkle came towards him and moved her finger sensually on his face and said, “I love you.” Kunj closed his eyes and smiled. Twinkle moved her left hand to unbolt the door when Kunj held her hand and said, “I love you even more sweetheart.” He pulled Twinkle closer using his other hand. “Why are you so desperate to go out? I promise it’ll be better inside”, said Kunj moving Twinkle’s left hand to his shoulder. “No, it won’t be fun. Let me go”, said Twinkle. Kunj lifted her and said, “You doubt me?” “Why will I doubt you? But, I know it won’t..”, said Twinkle but, was interrupted as Kunj lightly kissed her lips and said, “How much will you talk?” “Put me down”, said Twinkle. Kunj moved his hands to her waist from under her shirt tightening his grip. “You want to get down?”, asked Kunj kissing her cheeks. Twinkle childishly nodded her head in a yes. “I would’ve put you down if you said no. Come, let’s take the shower”, said Kunj and moved towards the shower. “No, I mean don’t put me down”, said Twinkle. “Now, you also agreed so, we can comfortably take the shower”, said Kunj turning the shower tap. “Kunj, this isn’t fair”, said Twinkle moving her legs. “Everything is fair in love and war”, replied Kunj and kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated after sometime and wrapped her legs around his waist. The water started falling on them and after around 5 minutes they pulled back being out of breath. They were completely drenched in water making Twinkle’s stomach visible. Kunj unbuttoned the first three buttons of Twinkle’s shirt and said, “S*xiest pretty.” Twinkle started blushing and hugged him. He hugged her back and started rubbing her back. Twinkle pulled back after sometime and kissed Kunj’s cheeks. “Leave me now”, said Twinkle. “Just one more kiss”, replied Kunj. Twinkle softly kissed his lips and said, “Done. Now, leave me.” Kunj tightened his grip and said, “A longer one.” Twinkle kissed him while Kunj reciprocated. After around 10 minutes they pulled back. Kunj made Twinkle stand while she ran towards the door. She picked up the towel from the floor and wrapping it around herself went outside. Kunj stood their smiling and turned off the shower tap.

Rahul’s room
Mahi and Yuvraj entered Rahul’s room and saw him standing in the balcony. They walked towards him while Rahul said, “Why isn’t Kritika answering the call?” “Hi Rahul”, said Mahi in Kritika’s voice. “Baby doll, why weren’t you picking up my calls?”, asked Rahul standing in the same position. “I was coming here na that’s why”, said Mahi. “I was so worried. You could’ve atleast picked up the call once”, said Rahul. “How would it be a surprise then?”, asked Mahi controlling her laugh. Suddenly, Kritika came inside Rahul’s room and said, “What’s happening? Am I disturbing you all?” Rahul turned around while Mahi and Yuvraj burst out laughing. “Bhabhi!”, exclaimed Rahul. “Kriti, why did you come now?”, said Mahi while laughing. “Can anyone tell me what’s happening?”, asked Kritika with blank expressions. Rahul held Kritika’s hand and said, “Let’s go to the terrace.” “But, tell me what happened”, said Kritika. “He won’t tell anything Kritika. I’ll tell. He was so desperate to talk to you that he didn’t even notice we came in. You weren’t picking up his calls and then Mahi talked in your voice so, that’s why”, said Yuvraj. “Why didn’t you pick up your phone?”, asked Rahul trying to divert the topic. Kritika took out her phone from her jeans’ pocket and said, “Sorry, my phone was on silent.” “Fine. Come, let’s go to the terrace”, said Rahul. “Ya, ya go. Rahul spend some quality time with my sister”, said Mahi making Kritika blush while Rahul dragged her outside the room. Mahi and Yuvraj smiled at each other and went down to the hall.
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