A Journey of Love (Episode 69)

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No go to the story….

The episode starts with Teji playing with kids in garden..He saw Maansingh and wish him..
Maansingh:Beta..go and enjoy back side of building..There is a pool with lotus flowers and Swans are there..
Teji:You also join with us uncle..
Kids ask maansingh to join with them by calling him dadha.. Maansingh has tears in his eyes..
Teji:Why you have tears in your eyes?
You are hurted by us..?
Maansingh:I am working here from do many years..So many people come here and stay here..All called with my designation only..Some called me watchman..and some called me Security..You people only called me uncle..dadha like this..
Teji:Ha..kids learn these things from their Brothers and Sister in laws…
Kids play with Teji infront of pool area..
Amaya look at them from window..She sense that Mantu stand behind her..She try to turn towards him..but she suddenly stop and look outside very keenly..She notice someone and feel tense..Automatically she feel that some one took her life from her..
She feel dizzy and about to fell down.. but Mantu hold her and place her on bed and ask her..
Mantu:What happened Amaya?
Amaya hug her and ask him dont leave me alone Mantu..
Mantu:Why can i leave you Amaya.. you are my life..Dont think so much..I stay here with you for sometime..you take rest..
Amaya place her head on his chest and slowly close her eyes..Mantu cares her hair and patted her head..
In kitchen:
Arnav:Kushi..are you angry on me..
Kushi:No Arnavji..why i am angry on you..I just try to be..But it Vanish..
Arnav pulled her close and observe her face feelings..
Arnav:Why you are worried?
Kushi:Nothing Arnavji..
Arnav:It is very clear on your face..
Kushi:Something disturbs me Arnavji.. My sixth sense warns me..I dont know whats that..But something is thete for us..
Arnav:Dont worry…
We all togeather sit and discuss about it…
In Radhika Room:
Radhika:Arjun Sir..I feel tense..After 6months..What abt Maa reactions..
Arjun:Face it Radhika..We are here to clear all issues na..Then how many days you try to hide like this. Nothing is your mistake..
Radhika:You also come with me naa..
Arjun:We all togeather goto temple..
Arjun:Radhu promise…
Radhika hug him..Arjun feel her tense by her heartbeat…
Arnav call all to hall..One by one reach to hall..
Raman:What happened Arnav..
Arnav tell him about kushi’s feelings and her worriedness..He tell about the unknown man who enter into Annjali dhi function..and narrate how he arrange private security arround the family..
Teji enter into house with kids followed by Maansingh..Maansingh look at them and ask kids…
Maansingh:Kids…Can we play with horse…
All kids nods their heads and walk with Maansingh…
Teji walk towards Arjun….
Kushi:Raman Bhai..seriously i feel ans sense someone followed us…I feel like this when we went for dhi marriage shopping…in dhi functions and yesterday when we get down in airport..Something disturbs me bhai..
Raman:May be you think….
Amaya:No bhai…kushi is right..I saw that person just before 20mins back..
Mantu:What..?Who is that person?
Amaya:My step mother’s brother suraj.
Kushi and Arnav:Suraj…?
Kushi sit like statue..Arnav hold her tightly and ask her be normal..We are all with you kushi..Dont worry..
Kushi:You dont know abt him Arnavji…
Raman:He dont know about us..We will see his end..
Kushi:Bhai.. he is cruel man who killed my brother..
Arjun:What happened Arnav?Why Kushi feel tense?
Arnav:Kushi didnt tell their past completely to us at the time of Amaya and Mantu’s issue.But afterwards she told to me about remaing past..
FB starts narrated by Arnava which was known from Kushi..
After prudhvi expired..Amaya step mother want to do marriage for Amaya..But Sashiji didnt accept for that and do the adoption processes and give the property to her step mother..
But that fellow didnt stop thinking about Amaya and Kushi..He has an evil eye on both of them..One day Kushi is bussy in her work..She feel someone are there in their house..She just turn back and see that Amaya was hold by a man..He covered his face by cloth..

Kushi:Ammu..Hey..who are you?Leave her..
Man:If i want to leave her means..you can do what i say..
Kushi:Ok..i can..But plz leave Ammu..
Man:Ok..go and sit in the car…
Kushi folowed his instructions and walk towards the car.He also followed her by holding Amaya..He ask her to open the back door and ask him to sit in the car..She try to open the door but she fails..(Kushi act that she fails to open the door)..The man took two steps forward and try to open the door..But kushi pull Amaya from his tight grip..He looked at her with angry stare..Before he reacted he observe that nrighbours come out from their houses..He try to pull Amaya..but kushi drag her back..He feel angry on Kushi..He pull kushi inthe car and drive thr car..Amaya run behind the car..But she failed..She sit on the road and cried Vigorusly.. Some village people and Sashi come there and saw Amaya on road..
Sashi:Ammu are you ok?
Ammu:Yes papa..But kushi..
Sashi:Dont worry..we will find her..
Sashiji send Amaya to home with some of the villagers..And some people stay there to help Sashiji..Bcoz sashiji had a good name in village and he is helping man..So,Villagers think to help him..All divide into four groups and try to search for kushi..But they didnt find her..Atlast sashiji give police complaint..all villagers support Sashiji and Amaya give statement what happenes..
All people sit infront of Sashiji’s house..policemen came and said they fidnt find her..but still their men were on duty..You dont worry..All are worried for Kushi..bcoz..alrady it is the seconday..Buaji:One complete day without food..She didnt bear for hungry..Sashi..go and bring my kushi back..By saying this buaji hug Amaya and cry…
At that time a 8years boy run towards Sashiji and tell him…Dadhu i find kushi bua in the room..one uncle was there with bua..that uncle is suraj who stay in your neighbour house..I saw uncle beat bua…
Sashi:Where is that room beta..
Boy:Dadhu..that room is behind Shiv temple..
Yesterday evening i play with my frnds..I saw he give some money to panditji and went into the room..
I reach there and try to find what happened there?But i fails..But i listen some sounds..and bua shouts dont beat me..plz leave me..
I ran from there but i forget the way to my house in night..Dadhu save kushi bua..She give so many sweets for me..
Sashi look at SI..All reach to Shiv temple…They found that temple was busy with people..and they look at room..infront of room they saw two men stand and do their works..sashiji and Amaya enter into temple according to the plan of SI..
Sashiji:Panditji do pooja on my daughters name..Yesterday someone try to harm my kids..But they escape and reach home safely..Now i am happy..Plz do pooja on their names..
Panditji look confusion..and ask abt kushi..
Amaya:Early mrg hrs she reach home..escape from goons..She was tired..She took rest in house..
Panditji do pooja quickly by eliminating some mantras…After pooja he gave prasad to Sashi and Amaya…and walk quickly towards the room to find that kushi is there or not..He enter into the room and find Kushi on the floor in unconsious state..
He feel relaxed and try to move from there..But he is late…Bcoz police sourround him and three men who helped him..The boy identify them and tell them to police…Amaya run towards kushi and try to wake her.. Villagers baet panditji…But Sashiji ask them to stop and ask police to arrest them..He ask police to arrest Suraj..Till now i didnt react bcoz i want to give protection and security to my daughters..I know he only kill my son..I have solid proofs with me..Even though i didnt complain agsonst them..
But now i am not old Sashi..I want to punish him..
SI:Dont worry Sashiji..I took statement from the boy,panditji and from villagers..I punish him..
Sashiji took help from villagers and took Kushi to home..But she didnt gain consious till 2days..She get into consious and went into uncobsious with in 5mins..She is on bed more than 15days..
Bauji Ask doctor abt kushis state..He understood his doubt and tell him nothing happens..May be he try to threaten her.

But nothing to worry..After that SI inform them that there is court case in 3 days..I arrange all proofs and witness to prive they are wrong..
At that time a man came there and said i am witness to your Son’s accident.I tell that infront of judge..
Both SI and Sashi look at him..
SI:Why you want to reavel that now?
Man:Bcoz..i am frighten that suraj can harm my family..But tofay Sashiji save my daughter from accident infront of school..My mind warns me todo something for him..that he saves his daughter..My wife suggest me to help you people to punish that Suraj..
On that day in court hearing all things are against Suraj and his sister Court accept all proofs.The court declares them as criminals..But Suraj tell to judge that his sister is not in these activities..He agree that he only do things with help of his frnds..Court didnt punish Amayas step mother..But punish Suraj with 7years and remaing frnds with one year..SI came to Sashi and inform him that he got promotion and transfer.. This case is last case for me here..I postpone the reporting date due to this case.And tomarrow i am leaving uncle..Sashi hug him and he to response..Uncle remember that you have another son..Call me when ever you need..
The scene shift to Sashi’s house..When they enter into house it is very dark.. Suddenly she shout loudly and fell unconsious..Sashi call doctor..doctor give injection to her..and tell them dobt leave her alone in dark..May be it is continues to her untill she come out from that shock..So be with her and try to bring out kushi froom that pain..
Amaya:It is bcoz of me only..Bcoz of me you lost all in your life papaji.. you lost your son..your money..your property..and finally kushi in this state..
Buaji:Dont talk like that Ammu.. you two are two eyes for us..Dont think it is bcoz of you..
Sashi:I have two loving and caring daughters in my life..It is enough for me..Dont blame yourself beta..
Buaji:We have lot of properties beta.. when your mamaji is alive he ask your papa to invest on land.So your papa buy two sites in Mumbai individually.. and two more sites with join property with your mamaji..ie with my husband..
That means we dont worry about property..If we sold those sites we got nearly 40 crores..And i have my property which was given by your papa at time of my marriage..And property belongs to your Mamaji..and your papa has savings nearly 5crores in different investments..Yes..prudhvi is not with us but you two are for us…
Kushi:Buaji..i feel hungry..
Buaji feed food to kushi and Amaya..
Amaya:Kushi..can you share with us what suraj try to do with you..It is very helpful for us to bring you out from that pain..
Kushi slowly tell them..
He put me in the dark room and try to molest me..But i beat him and bite him..He told to me that he spoil both our lives..Again he try to jump on me..I escape from him and protect my self..I beat him when he csme near me..he tore my dress..When i hit him he slap me hard..and try to do same.. but i protect me by hitting him inthat place.He shout loudly and run out from that room..When i open my eyes i am with you people..
The trio feel kushi pain and feel sad for her..
Amaya:Dont worry nothing happens with you..you dont think bad about you and you are pure..
Days passed but kushi didnt forget that night..Day by day she become week.Amayas step mother didnt support in business..It is hard to sashi to continue his business..And moreover doctor suggest to sashi shift from that place..Then kushi is ready to adopt new atmoshpere and it is easy for her to forget her past..
After that they shift to Mumbai..and Sashi ask his daughters to do job and give financial support to family..So they join in jobs..
All listen the flasback from Arnav.. Raman walk towards kushi and Arjun walk towards Amaya and hug them..and tell them dont worry..we are with you..Aranv give side hug to Radhika..Aman with Ishitha..Mantu with Lavanya..
Lavanya:How Suraj will out from jail..
Teji:He escape from jail to take his revange..
Aman:Here we have to solve Radhu’s problem and see the end of Suraj and Saral..

Aranv call to Rudrapratap who help to give private security from his own security agency and help from Department..Actuall he is good frnd to Arnav who met in some business meetings..Arnav share the problem with him and Rudras help and guidance..Rudra agree for that..And he know about RAAM associates..He took permission from HomeMinister.. Bcoz RAAM associates give huge amt of party fund to present govt..And more over Arjun handle a govt construction project..So,It is easy to Rudr to help these frnds..
Arnav ask information about Suraj.. By using his powers he collect the infornation about Suraj..
Rudr:Arnav..your doubt is correct.. Suraj come out from jail on jan26th by using jailer recomendstion for his good behaviour..But if we prove to court that he can dobad things or any crime means..again we send them to jail..U dont worry..Bcoz my security is there..Nobody didnt cross the gate..
And I ask local police officer..ACP prakash to meet you in bunglow..May be in 15 he will be there infront of you..
Exactly after 15mins ACP prakash is infront of Arnav..
ACP:Nice to meet you sir..Rudr sir ask me to take of your family..
Arnav explain the situation roughly to him..
Prakash looks at another direction without bliinking his eyes..Arnav also look at that side and find Kushi and Amaya getdwon from steps..Lavanya and Ishitha followed them..
Radhika already get dwon and ask..
Radhika:Arnav bhai..how am i looking..
Arnav:Very pretty in this peach color dress my littlie…
Arnav turn towards prakash…Still he look at them.
Arnav:ACP sir..They are our family ladies..One is my would be wife..and another one is my bhabhi..remaining two are my sisters…
Acp:You are mistaken me..I look at Kushi and Amaya..How they are here..
Arnav:How you know about?
Amaya:Hai prakash bhai..Hw are you?
ACP:You people remember me..I think you forget me..
Kushi:How can we forget bhai..? Arnavji..yeh prakash bhai..who help us in village in Suraj case..
Arnav and prskash look at each other faces and Arnav ask prakash to take place..
Shiva and Anjali get down..and Samira and Neil get down from another way..
Arnav introduce prskash to all the members…
Neil:You people go to temple..Sam and me went to hospital and reach to temple..
Arjun:No..All togeather goto temple.. afterwards we goto hospital..
Prakash:I follow you people without any disturbance to public..You inform me each and everything..and on your GPS in mobiles and save my number..
Prakash:Girls be alert..Dont take any wrong decisions like sacrificing and all.. just be brave..
Now Maansingh is also aware of their problem..and take care of sourroundings..
All leave to temple..Expect kids and two officers remaining all get down from cars..Arjun and Arnav feel that all things are under their control..Then they allow kids to get down..Prakash also follow them..But Suraj didnt recognise Prakash..but he understood that it is very difficult to touch Kushi and Amaya..He decided to take local people help..He silently observe the sourroundings..He identify 10police staff in Mufti..But he didnt know there are more than 30 people on duty..
Suraj didnt want to take any risk now..He slowly followed them in temple and identify their acts..
Mala wait for them on Mandap..People are less there..Bcoz that place is used only at time of Kalyanam..
Teji saw Mala there and show it to Radhika..Raman walk towards that Mandap and check that place with his eyes..Arnav Msg it to prakash.. Mantu and Aman hold their hands and walk like a wall to the family..
Mala sit in Mandap and close her eyes..
Raman and Teji stand on Steps..
Mala open her eyes and look at Teji..
She saw the group stand behind Teji..
Mala:Teji..Where is Choti?
Raman:Maa..Choti is with us..But promise one thing..You didnt scold her plz..
Ishitha:Haa Maa..dont scold her..
Mala look at them in confusion..Teji introduce all to Mala..Kids come forward and took blessings from Mala by touch her feet…Mala feel happy.. That her daughter has big family and support her in hard time..
Teji introduce Arjun to Mala..
Mala was shocked after seeing Arjun..

She slowly walk towards him and touch his face and Called him with name Preetam Mehara…
Anjali:It is my father name..How can you know about that name..
Mala:Before marriage..i am Mala Mehra..After marriage i am Mala Mishra..
All are shocked for that statement..
Mala:My brother and Me are good frnds..My father want to do marriage for me..I am in love with Dilipji..My father didnt agree for that marriage..I marriage Dilip and leave that village and my family. Afterwards so many times i try to reach them..But my father didnt allow me..My brother loves me..But he didnt cross my father words..
At the time of my marriage Anjali was two year old kid..After choti born to us we are bussy in our lives..She bring charm to our lives..After that i came to that village to reach you people.. but you people left the village and went to city..
By saying this Mala cried and forgot about Radhika..
Radhika:By seeing you brothers kids..you forgot about ur own daughter..
Mala look at Radhika..Radhika hide behind Arjun..Just put her head a side..and hold her shirt tightly..
Radhika:You love him a lot then me..
Nobody are there for me..
Arjun look at Mala and Radhika..
Arjun:Maa..I am first than her..So first love me..
Radhika:Arjun sir..You love your mami more than me…
Arjun:Obviously…what did you say abt it maa..
Mala:Till now my love and care is hidden…It is time for me to show it openly..
Arjun is on cloud nine..bcoz Radhika is his Mami’s daughter..He feel happy for that..Arjun try to kidding Radhika..
Arjun:Maa..Even though i am your brother’s son…first you luv me only.
Teji:Enough Arjun..I already told to u.. that i dont want to see tears in her eyes..and that too bcoz of you..
Neil:Ha.. Arjun..
Shiva:Stop your kidding Arjun..
Mantu:She is ready to burst..
Aman hold Radhika and wipe her tears.
Arnav and Raman walk towards her and give a protective side hug and show fingers to Arjun..
Arjun look at Anjali..Anjali also slowly walk towards Radhika..
Ishitha:We are here to solve her problem..but you create another new problem Arjun..
Expect Arjun remaining all went to Radhika..
Mala look happily towards Radhika..she see with her own eyes how they take care about her..
Arjun:Maa..I know you love me..But i want Radhika in my life..If you permit me..i also go that side..
Mala nod her head..Arjun walk towards Radhika and stand beside her..
Mala look at them and feel happy.
Mala:I have a big family now..But my fate..atleast i am not in a position to call you people for lunch..
All sit in Mandap..Radhika sit beside Mala..But she look continously at Arjun..Kids also accept Mala as their family..
They all chit chat with Mala and share their plan..Mala agreed for doing help..
Radhika:How is Dadhaji..papa and Ankush bhai?
Mala:I dont know what to say?our savings are over..We want to bring money by putting our house in mortage..But nobody are not ready to give that much of money..We need money for Anu’s treatment..
Mantu:No need to worry abt it.We are here to solve our problems..No need of any Amt for Anu dhi treatment.
Raman:Haa maa..We buy that hospital and Ankush is partner in that..
Neil:Ha Maa..Sam,Shiva and Me handle Anus case..
Ishitha:You dont worry abt your grand kid..I am here..I am pediatric..I will take care of kid.
Kushi:We promise you maa..we are here for you..
Mala:Thanks beta..Ok Radhika..I am leaving..Its time to leave..bcoz,papa and Ankush waiting for me..
Radhika:What abt Saral?
Mala:He is ok..Their family throw words on you whenever they have time.
First i also belive their words..But one day i find dairy in Anus room..Then i realise that you are not wrong..But your dadhaji told to me dont expose that dairy now..So,I am calm..I didnt try to prove your innosence..
Radhika:Sorry..for everything maa..
Arjun:Maa..you trust your Radhika or not..
Mala:I trust her..But how can you people prove her innosence..Your plan is ok..But Saral is so cruel..that too Ankush trust him..
Raman:We try our level best..
Arnav:Maa..With in two days we are in your house either for lunch or dinner..
Prakash message to Arnav:Sir.. Crowd

increases slowly..Its time to leave..
Arnav:Maa..its time to leave..We can move maa..
Mantu:We promise you maa..We togeather enjoy our future lives..
Amaya:Maa..you have five daughters.. we are too bold..
All went in temple and go back to their places..
Mala enter into house..
Ankush:After so many days you go for temple..Is there any special reason..
Mala:S..I want to pray for Anu and my grand child..And pray for money..Mrg Teji come with praposal..If you agree for it means..We solve our financial problems..
Dilip listen their conversation silently..
Mala:When Choti born in this house.. your father increase his business.. Every time you see her face and went out to your work.You only told me it is good for you..When choti leave our house..all went way one by one..our happiness,our money and our trust…
Ankush:What can i do now?
Mala:Go and meet that business persons..Today in temple also i hear about them.They want to expand their business in Reshikesh..It is chance for you..Aman told to me that they enquire in all aspects and decide that our family is best for their business in Reshikesh..If you go and meet them.. then it is goid for our business..and it is good for Anu treatment. I want my bhahu back to my house..About choti.. it is your and your father’s wish.. you want to bring her back or not..
Ankush:Maa..how can we leave choti..
I want her future bright..I want to see choti with her kids.
Mala:She is not ready to marry Saral..
You didnt leave that saral..I dont want to interfere in your matters..but you go and meet those people..If you didnt go..Then remember one thing that this business is with my name..and saral’s family has only 20% shares and that too in your common business.. and shop is related to papaji(dadhaji)..and shop is also with my name..and construction business is owned by your papaji..But initial investment was by me only..and remember choti and me are also partners..and it is our family business..Why Saral interfere in thst business?Who give that right to him?
My share is 60% and choti share is 10% and your share is 15% and your papaji and dadhaji share is 15%..
I am major share holder..Without my permission why you take your individual decissions..And your automobile and garrage..that business is your dadhaji’s..He handover it to my husband..and now you look it with your father..and remember always papaji told me it is on my name..bcoz i am only his bhahu and daughter..So,you decide abt future decissions..If your decission is satisfiable for me it is good for you and your family..Otherwise,as a major share holder i can handle the business according to my wish..Nobody have rights to stop me including your papaji..if you go with good decisions i stay as a housewife..Remember it..
Mala,Dilip and Ankush didnt identify that Saral is there at entrance and listen their conversation..
Dadhaji also there behind Saral and listen it..He feel happy and proud by her bhahu’s decision..
Saral:Auntyji..What are you talking? How can you handle business?What did you know about business?And who ready to marry your choti expect me..
Even though she try to harm my sister..In Reshikesh everybody know about your choti and her character..
Mala give a slap to Saral and show her identity finger to him and said..
Mala:Just shutup Saral..Who are you to talk about my choti’s character..You better stay in your limits..You are partner in my son’s export and import business..not in our family business.. And that too in that business also my bhahu and me are partners..Anu is our responsibility..Till now you are your family didnt spend a single rupee for her treatment..We only spend for it.. and moreover today onwards i take care about my bhahu and her treatment.Today onwards you dont come to my house..I cancle the marriage praposal also..If nobody ready to marriage her she stay with us only..If she love someone else we accept that..bcoz,my papaji accept our love and take care of me like my own papaji..We can accept our kids love..That is happen with Ankush..
You meet your friend in your office.
Finally,I am MBA graduate.
And i am daughter of Preetham Mehra a business man..and Daughter-in-law of Brijesh Mishra another budiness man in Reshikesh..
By saying this Mala leave the room and Dadhaji followed her..
Dilip,Ankush and Saral stand in center hall..
Saral:Why are you calm Ankush?And you are son of this house..You have your right and priority naa..
Dilip:It is better you dont interfere in our family matters..Bcoz..Mala is right..And there is no difference for us when it comes to Ankush and choti. They are equal for us..
And you want to talk abt law and rights..Your Auntyji is Specialised in Labour law and her basic graduation is Law..After our marriage she decide to stay as a housewife to give support to my family..I didnt go against her words..
By saying this Dilip also leave the room..
Saral look at Ankush..
Ankush:Saral..sorry to say this..I dont want to go against my mother..and moreover she was right..She didnt tell anything wrong..You meet me in our office as my partner and as my frnd.. After recover of Anu..then you come to this house as her brother..
Saral:Wat abt marriage praposal?
Ankush:You just forget it saral..You loose that place when you are ready to point out my choti’s character..I control my self bcoz mistske was from my side also..So,meet me as a business partner..but dont interfere in our family matters..We belive you whatever you said..but nobody are not witness for those situations..You said choti escape by pushing and beating Anu..We belive it and trust your words..But now i want to recollect all and i try to solve the problem in my style..
Gudnite saral..By saying this Ankush show his hand towards the door.. Saral look at that side and walk out from that room..
Parallely Neil,Sam and Shiva enter into Anu’s room.Remaining all sit in the MD room..Bcoz,The hospital was owned by them..Radhika feel nervous..
Arjun and Anjali hold her..
Ishitha:Raman..I want to go and join with them.I want to see the scan reports..Can i?
Raman nod his head..Ishitha move from that room..
Radhika:Arjun sir..We can go and watch Anu…
Raman:Radhu..wait for sometime..We will go and see her..
Radhika nod her head and place her head on Arjun’s shoulder..
In Anus room:
Neil:She is perfectly alright Shiva.. Then why she didnt respond for course or treatment?
By checking her x-ray reports Shiva said..
Shiva:At the time of joining she was hurt by head injury..But it is external damage only..Nothing happens internally..Then why these doctors tell that she was in coma..
Sam:She is 5th or 6th month pregnant and i want that clarity..Scan date shows one result..And documents shows one result..
Ishitha:May i come in.
Sam:Come in Ishitha..See this reports..
We here from Radhika that Anu is initial months pregnant..But according to my calculation she is almost in 6th month..
Ishitha see the reports and agree with Sam..
Ishitha and Sam check Anu pulse and general tests and declare that bcoz of improper diet mother and baby are week.
Neil:Shiva..All are ok then why she is in coma..According to these reports it is not the state or stage to be in coma..
Shiva:Something happens Neil..
Nurse enter into the room with injection..
Neil:What is that?Who ask you to give that to patient..
Nurse:Every day we give this injection to her four times in a day..Bcoz she is pregnant and she is in coma na.. so our doctor ask us to give it to her..
Ishitha took it from her hand and ask her to go and bring glocouse bottle.
Nurse nod her head and left the room.
By smell it Ishitha tell them that it is inspirin which is used for patients to send into deep sleep..Most propably normal condition person can sleep more than 10 hrs..Bcoz of this injection only Anu was in continous sleep and doctors said she is in Coma..
Neil:Doctors can do it for money.. or somebody else want to keep Anu in this state..We want to know this..Then automatically our problem solves..
Ishhitha msgs to Raman to come into Anus room..
Meanwhile,Shiva and Neil ask the doctors who attend the Anu’s case from starting onwards..and inform old management to arrange a meeting with those doctors.

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