Love, Trust and Destiny (Part 2)

The wait was a long and tiring one. Karan had been gone for eleven days and Naina hadn’t heard any news about him. She had been strong because she promised Karan. She waited impatiently for any news about him. Everytime she heard a doorbell, she rushed to the door but it wasn’t Karan. Her heart told her that Karan was okay but her mind refused to believe it.

It was 1 in the morning when she heard a knock on the door. She rushed to the door and found Karan outside. She burst into tears and hugged Karan. Karan hugged her back, happy to be back.

Naina: You’re back!

Karan: Yes!

Naina: I missed you so much!

Karan: I missed home so much!

Naina: Not me?

Naina laughed for the first time in eleven days. She was so happy to see Karan back.

Karan: Home changed from a place to a person after I met you! I missed my home! I missed you! I love you!

Naina: I love you too!

This was the first time both of them had been seperated. They knew that they wouldn’t be together for long. In another one month, the army would call Karan back to fight a war. They wanted to enjoy the little time that they had together! The little joys they shared together gave them immense joy. Somethings that other couples took for granted meant the world to them!

A few days later

Naina: Karan! I wanted to ask for something!

Karan: Yes!

Naina: Karan! I hate to say this but as you said life is very unpredictable!

Karan: I know!

Naina: Karan! You will go away from me in another three weeks. I want to make memories with you! Bahot saare! Sometimes, we never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory! Spending those days without you, living in the fear of losing you has thought me to live life to the fullest when you are with me! I want to spend so much time with you, make so many memories! I want to live with your memories when you are not here!

Karan was speechless and in tears. He loved Naina and knew that she also loved him but never realized the extent of her love. All of a sudden, he couldn’t imagine fighting, leaving her alone! How could he leave her alone? How could he disappoint someone who loved him so much?

Karan: Naina! I…

Naina: What?

Karan: Naina! I’m thinking of leaving the army! I love you a lot! I don’t have the strength to leave you and go, fight a war! What if I don’t come back? I can’t do this anymore! I am falling weak, Naina! I have never been so scared of losing anything in my entire life, but then again nothing has never been so important!

Naina turned Karan to face her.

Naina: Karan! I want our love to make you stronger not weaker! I am sorry! I didn’t know that my words would affect you in this way! Where is my Karan! The Karan, I know is very strong! You can’t become weaker! I never wanted my love to weaken you! I wanted to be your strength not weakness! You made me strong but in that process, you have become weaker! I want you to become my Karan! The Karan, I loved!

Karan looked at Naina emotionally. He couldn’t believe that someone could be so selfless! She was sacrificing so much for him! He thought that he was the one who was making her strong but he was wrong! She was the one, who made him stronger! Naina was ready to sacrafice anything for him and their country! Isn’t that true love? True love is supporting your partner through thick and thin. True love is not about being inseparable, it is about getting separated and nothing changing!

Karan: I will be strong! We will make hundreds of memories, together! And I won’t fall weak! I will serve the army faithfully!

Karan took Naina’s hand in his and kissed it. Then, he hugged Naina, resting his chin on her head. They remained in the same position, for hours, happy to be in each other’s company!


I know, I’m dragging it a lot but I’ve been requested to write ten shots which is a bit hard, but again, nothing is impossible! ?

Please do feel free to tell me if I am dragging it too much!

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  1. Aafiya

    Superb… Awesome….

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  2. Jiya09

    This was amazing! Loved the way Naina and Karan think of each other! And Naina’s dialogue of being his strength touched me! It was awesome! And what you said about true love is also really good! I loved this part a lot! And I loved Nairan’s bond!
    Post the next part soon!
    Will be waiting for it.
    Loads of love ❤❤

    1. Thank you so much Anushka!
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