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Recap: ragsan meet!!!

The episode starts with sanskaar coming inside his room with ragini in his arms. The servant sees this and gets confused.

Ramu: sanskaar bete… Who’s she??

Sanskaar: I don’t know kaka…. She met me and then fell unconscious…..

Ramu: should I call the doctor??

Sanskaar: yeah u call till then I’ll see…..

Ramu nods and goes out while sanskaar tries to wake her up but she didn’t even move a bit.

Sanskaar: oh lord…. wht is this problem yaar??? Like wht had happened to her that she’s not even moving??? Huh….. …. From the time I hv came to dubai problems are not leaving me…….

Ramu comes with the doctor after sometime. Sanskaar stands up and greets him.

Sanskaar: just check her doc…. Don’t know wht happened to her suddenly???

The doctor nods and checks her nerves, then her heartbeat and eyes. He seems to be confused.

Sanskaar: wht happened doc???

Doc: everything seems to be fine then y she fainted?? Was she tensed or worried abt anything??

Sanskaar: yeah doc she was tensed abt her job n parents…..

Doc: Then may be bcoz of hypertension she fainted…. I hv given her injection.. Let her relax and when she wakes up give her these medicines…..

He said handing over the prescription to sanskaar. He nods and ask ramu to drop him till door.

Sanskaar comes out of his room where ragini is sleeping and sits on the couch.

Sanskaar: kaka…. Pls bring these medicine and give her when she wakes up….

Ramu ; but where r u going???

Sanskaar: I hv some work so I’m going out….. U keep a check on her and call me if u need anything….

Ramu nods and he leaves from there ….. Ramu goes to shop to bring the medicine.

Ragini wakes up, peeps out and then comes out of the room…..

Ragini: hmm… So finally I’m in his house…. It’ll be very tough for u ragini but u need to be strong ….. ( she thinks with determined face )

She looks around when her gaze fall on the cctv cameras there. She gets shocked and hyper. She turns to run but stops.

Ragini ( thinks): cameras?? Who fits camera inside the house yaar??? Well if I run now then sanskaar will get a doubt on me….. Lets be normal ragini…..

She acts to find someone and calls for someone. She then holds her head as she sees ramu coming.

Ragini: where I’m?? Wht I’m doing here???

She then falls on the ground. Ramu comes near her and is shocked to see her. He immediately calls sanskaar and aks him to come back. Sanskaar rushes back to home and sees ragini lying on the floor.

Sanskaar: wht happened to her??

Ramu ; I don’t know…. When I came back she was lying here only!!

Sanskaar: oh god….

He picks her up again and takes her to his room. He makes her lie on the bed and sprinkles water on her face!!! and thankfully this time she woke up and sat straight on the bed seeing sanskaar so close to her. Sanskaar realises his position and moves back.

Ragini: wht I’m doing here?? N who r u???

Sanskaar: u fainted in the restaurant so I brought u here…….

Ragini : so Mr. Ajnabee do u hv a name or not??

Sanskaar: sanskaar maheshwari…..

Ragini: oo….

Sanskaar: n u r??

Ragini: ragini Khan – na ….. Ragini Khanna ……… ( she fumbled )

Sanskaar: okay u take rest… I’ll go…

Ragini: no no…. How can I live here??? I hv to go back to India….

Sanskaar: but how will u go?? Ur passport has been stolen na??

Ragini: arre haan I forgot… But still how can I live here…

Sanskaar: its okay… I’ll file a complaint and then will apply for ur passport till then u can stay here… Where else will u go???

Ragini: no.. No…. I can’t live here… N I don’t want to file any complaints.. I don’t want more complications in my life….

She stands up and moves ahead but then falls as ” she was weak!! “…. But sanskaar holds her by her waist and they share a cute eye lock. While sanskaar is lost in her black orbs ragini is feeling uneasy…. She breaks the eye lock and he makes her stand straight.

Sanskaar: look u r not well so stay here….. N if u don’t want then I’ll not file the complain….. U take rest…. I’ll see u in evening….

Ragini ( innocently): but how will I stay here alone???

Sanskaar: arre u r not alone here… Ramu kaka is here…. If u need something just tell him… Okay???

He keeps his hand on her cheek by which she shivers and nods. He smiles and goes from there. As soon as he goes ragini close the door and sits on the bed breathing heavily…..

Ragini: wht r u doing yaar??? Its just the first day n from now only his touch is affecting u….. …. Just stay away a bit away from him……

She drinks water and then dials some no. From her phone.

Ragini’s side: hello….. Yeah I’m fine……. Hmm…… I’m in sanskaar’s house…… Yes……. Finally……… Lets hope for the best……. Okay…… Bye…….

She keeps the phone send turns around to see ramu standing there with shocked expression. She gets nervous and smiles nervously.

Ragini: arre aap. …..

Ramu: ji…. I came with ur lunch and medicine….

Ragini: thank you so much kaka…. Umm… Can I call u kaka na???

Ramu: of course beta…..

Ragini’s eyes welled up.

Ramu: wht happened beta??

Ragini: after so many days I’m listening this word beta from someone. ….

She cries. Ramu keeps hand on her head.

Ramu: till u r here think me as ur father…. Okay??

Ragini nods and smiles.

Ragini: thank you!!

Ramu: arre does anyone say thanks to a father??

Ragini nods no and hugs him. He too hugs her back and blesses her and leaves from there…. Ragini looks on with teary eyes. She eats her lunch and then goes out with the plates.

Ramu: arre beti. U could hv called me!! Y did u came??

Ragini: oh common kaka.. I’m tired staying in the same room…. N whoever room’s it is… I must say he must b very boring….

Ramu ( controlling his laugh): and y do u think so?!!

Ragini: u only tell who’ll paint the walls all white without any photo frames or paintings ….. Main na sehti kaka… Main na sehti…..

Ramu burst out laughing. Ragini looks at him confused.

Ramu : beti its sanskaar baba’s room… N never say this in front of him….

Ragini: ooo…. u know the first time I met him… I had a gut feeling that he’s very khadoos and boring….. How do u stay with him???

Ramu: nhi beta…. He might b boring but is very humble and caring…. He takes care of me….. N I also treat him as my son…..

Ragini: n where is his family??

Ramu: they are in India… He’s here to handle the business….

Ragini: ooo…. See the work is also over…

She said wiping her hands with the towel. They hv together Completed the dishes….

Ramu : u r really fast beta…. Otherwise it took me 2 hours to do all this work…

Ragini: oh common uncle… If two ppl will share the work then it’ll b done soon na……

The time passes for both of them talking to each other… They really enjoyed each other’s company and shared abt their lives. Sanskaar came back from his office and saw ragini smiling on kaka’s silly jokes….. He admires her from behind the glass wall as she continues to laugh and pulls kaka’s cheeks. He smiles at her childish behavior and comes inside.

Seeing him ragini stops laughing and kaka stands and goes to bring green tea for him. Ragini too stands and is abt to go behind him when sanskaar stops her holding her wrist. Ragini stops and feels choked.!

Sanskaar: where r u going??

Ragini: voh….. ( trying to free her hand) voh… I was going to help kaka…..

Sanskaar: it won’t take much to make green tea…. U sit here….

He leaves her and sits down. Ragini too smiles nervously and sat down at the other corner. Kaka brought green tea for sanskaar, tea for ragini and himself!!

All of them sips their drinks while sanskaar and kaka are drinking silently ragini is making noise while drinking irritating sanskaar.

Sanskaar: shhssss….. Can’t u drink without making noise….. ???

Ragini pouts and nods. She tries to drink without making noise but is unsuccessful!! She looks at sanskaar who’s giving her weird looks. She keeps the cup on the table angrily.

Kaka: wht happened beta?? Drink na…

Ragini: no kaka I’m done…. ( she said looking at sanskaar angrily)

Sanskaar ( sighs): okay fine drink as u want……

Ragini smiles and sips her tea…. Sanskaar smiles and goes to his room……

Ragini ( whispers ): kaka… Yeh hamesha aise hi sada hua rehta hai??? ( is he always like that!???)

Kaka: yeah beta….. From last five years I hv been with him… He’s like that only……

Ragini shrugs and continues her drink. !!!!!!! Sanskaar has listened this and moves inside his room wiping his tears!!!!!!


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