Love Story of Demi-Jinn and Ayaana – Destined to be together Episode 1

Guys, this morning when I was posting my 29th episode of KKM Story of love and war series, I got to read the ff of Mira, and I should say it was amazing and from that I too got to start a small ff of  YEH JAADU HAI JINN KA, a really small one, not like the KKM series I’m writing right now, hope the guys who are reading this ff, find it alright. I usually like to start my ff from the actual happenings of the original series, so since I had been not watching the series till now, I had to read all the written episode updates and their comments. I got to read in the latest episode’s updates that this series is very similar to another series NAZAR, I have never watched NAZAR so I don’t know if my ff will have similarities too!! This series will just be a romantic series of Aman and Roshni, nothing else

The episode starts with Roshni preparing soup for Aman, as he has been unwell after being shot by the arrows of the three jinn soldiers, she murmurs, “This Khan Baba is the weirdest Waiyad Praani, of all, sometimes he is so sweet and caring”, she reminisces how he had saved her from the chal kooa and from the jinn soldiers, and continues, “but sometimes he is so hard like a ROCK”, her eyes fill with tears when she remembers how Aman had behaved rudely with her when she asked him to accompany her to give away the return gifts. Just them, Sarah and Saima come there, they ask her, “What happened BHABHIJAN??? Why are you crying???” Roshni quickly wipes off her tears and says, “nothing just that the garlic from the soup is burning my eyes”, Sarah and Saira then try to cheer her mood, “Bhabhijan, you should feed Aman bhaiya with your hands, then he would be really happy!!!” They giggle, while Roshni blushes.

Roshni takes the soup to Aman’s room where Dadi and Baby had already been attending on him, they see Roshni and smile, Dadi says, “Look your biwi who is so concerned about your health has brought soup for you!!!”, Baby asks “But when did Aman get sick and we did not get to know about it???”, Dadi hits her head and says, “Baby, Aman got hurt yesterday, while trying to save Roshni, in the KAALA JUNGLE”, Baby says, “Oh yeah, I forgot!!!” Sarah and Saima come there and tell them, “Dadi, Phupi, come nah, Bhabhi Jan wants to feed Bhaiya with her own hands. Aman and Roshni get embarrassed, while Roshni tries to stop Sarah and Saima saying, “No, it will be better if Dadi feeds him, because I don’t know anything about the eating styles of Khan Baba.” Sarah continues, “So what, Bhabhi Jan, you made that delicious soup with your pretty hands, so you should feed him with your own pretty hands and slowly you will get to learn everything about Aman baisaab”

Dadi says “Anyways me and Baby too have to go to tabeezi for some work!!!” Baby asks her, “But what work do we have???” Dadi stares at her, Baby smiles and continues, “Oh yeah, I forgot, we have work nah, chalo, let’s go!!”

The four of them go outside and slowly peep from outside, towards Aman and Roshni, Aman sees them and says, “If you all want to see something then all of you can come inside and sit along with us.” The four of them feel embarrassed and disappear from there. Aman sees Roshni still standing with the soup, “What happened, you are not going to feed me the soup??”, Roshni says, “Actually Khan Baba, whenever I put my hands on cooking something, I burn it, I’ve got scolded so many times for burning Nankattai, but this time I was extra careful while making this soup, I was careful about how many garlic cloves, how many tomatoes, how much of pepper and salt…..”, she goes on and on about the soup and then stops suddenly and says, “Oh Khan baba, how talkative you are, you are engaging me in your chats and the soup is  getting cold!!!” Aman stares at her, Roshni continues “Come have it!!!” She keeps the soup bowl near him and asks him to have it saying, “Last time, you got angry because I did not leave the last piece of paneer for you and because of you all these things happened, this time don’t throw the soup on my face if you get angry.” Aman laughs, “Oh I would love to see, how this soup looks on you!!!” Roshni stares at him and asks him to shut up and have the soup. Aman asks her, “Won’t YOU FEED ME WITH YOUR HANDS!!!” Roshni is surprised, they share an eye lock. She takes a spoonful of soup blows lightly over it, and takes it slowly towards Aman’s mouth, as he is about to have it, Parveen comes and catches Roshni’s hand, she throws the spoon from her hand and says, “Stay away from my Aman and stop causing him more trouble as you are not AYAANA who can save him form the clutches of JINN. Both Aman and Roshni look on shocked.


To be continued

  1. oh my. m so lost in it. looking forward to read more of it. i must agree you are very talented.

    1. Aleyamma

      Well, thank you so much Lily, I never thought I can create a good ff of Yeh Jaadu hai jinn ka after reading the amazing ff by Mira, just tried my luck, I just wished it should be alright for my readers.

    2. So lovely FF. Do update next soon

  2. I loved it. And please update on this series also kkb series.

    1. Aleyamma

      Wow, great to see you here too Hajera,
      And yeah,
      i will try but kindda busy nowadays, so not really getting time to upload the episodes

  3. MaddieDaddie9966

    I had stopped writing ffs as I didn’t get any sort of a response from the readers regarding my ff. By reading your ff, I am just getting motivated to write another one. Thank you for motivating me. And ya, your ff is so good. Please do continue writing it. Waiting eagerly for the next part….

  4. Lovely ff update soon

  5. Aleyamma

    Thanks Maddie and Sara!!!

  6. Mira106

    Hey!!! i really loved the first part!!! I’m so glad my fanfiction beauty and the beast on roshan inspired you to start one!!! Thank you and please continue!!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lotMira,
      But I bet, your ff was so amazing, that I was inspired to start watching a show which I never watched and also raise my opinions against the show going off air news. You are an amazing writer, and this ff happened only cause of you.

  7. Aleyamma

    Thanks a lot Mira,
    But I bet, your ff was so amazing, that I was inspired to start watching a show which I never watched and also raise my opinions against the show going off air news in this site. You are an amazing writer, and this ff happened only cause of you.

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