KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 29

The episode starts with Sarita behen’s remark of Shahana and Rishi as a couple, Pragya looks on thinking of Sarita’s behen’s proposal of Shahana and Rishi, Rishi blushes, while Prachi hits her shoulder on Shahana’s, teasing her “Wow!! Shahana, even Sarita auntie knows you are trying to impress Rishi!!!” Shahana feels dejected on Sarita behen and Prachi’s words. She says, “Prachi, I tink we are getting late for college, let us go and get dressed.” and goes. Pragya still thinking, “I don’t know if Sarita’s behen proposal is good for Shahana or not??? I need to know if Shahana will be okay with it, I think Prachi should help, being so close to Shahana, she should know everything about her!!!” Pragya tells Sarita behen and Rishi that Madhu has prepared their coffee and placed them on the dining table. They both retire to have coffee, while Pragya takes Prachi aside and tells, “Prachi, don’t tell anything now to Shahana, but I need your help regarding something related to her!!”, Prachi asks curiously, “What is it Ma???” Pragya holds on her breath and tells her, “Sarita behen has asked Shahana’s hand for Rishi.” Prachi exclaims “What!!!”, Pragya tells her to lower her voice, Prachi continues in happiness, “Are you saying the truth??? Rishi is a really good guy, and he will keep Shahana happy always.” Pragya interrupts, “But we should know what is going on in Shahana’s mind, we should ask her if she is okay with Rishi??? Or if she has SOMEONE ELSE in her HEART???” Prachi says, “I don’t think Shahana likes anyone else, because in that case I should have known, on the other way, I think, she likes Rishi, because I always felt she is trying to impress Rishi!!! Ma, I think you should go forward with this proposal.” Pragya gets worried thinking of Priyanka, she says, “Even though, Shahana is not my own daughter, I’ve always considered her my own, and gave her the same love which I’ve given you, I think I should talk to her beeji once before taking any decision, but Prachi you are the elder no, are you feeling bad that I’m marrying off Shahana before you???” Prachi consoles her and says, “What is it, Ma??? Don’t I know you??? I know you will think and do the right thing for your children always!!!” then she thinks of Ranbir and smiles saying “When the right time and right person comes for me, then you can marry me off too!!!” Pragya smiles while still thinking worriedly about Priyanka and her molestation charges against Rishi.

In Prachi and Shahana’s room

Shahana is combing her hair, staring into the mirror, still lost in thoughts of what Sarita behen just said, she thinks, “Why did Sarita auntie, make such a comment?? I don’t like to think about anyone else other than……”, she stops herself before letting out Aryan’s name from her mouth. Then, she reminisces the moments she last spent with Aryan. She smiles and thinks “Why I’m feeling strange, whenever I think of him, is it that I’m in LOVE???” She continues to smile, still thinking of Aryan, when Prachi enters and notices her, she starts teasing her “Oh ho, what happened?? Still thinking pf Sarita Auntie’s words, huh???” Shahana gets angry, “Stop it, Prachi, I told you nah, I agree Rishi is a good guy, but I don’t have such attractions towards him!!!” Prachi continues unknowingly, “Even I used to think the same about Ranbir!!!” Shahana is shocked, “What!!! That means, you and Ranbir???” Prachi bangs her hand on her forehead!!!”

In Abhi’s Guesthouse

Abhi tells to Vikram, “I heard the renovation and reconstruction of our houses, after the fire accident is progressing, our family should soon be able to move in there!!!!”, Purab continues “That’s great news yaar, Abhi, I think we should throw in a house-warming party before shifting inside!!!” Vikram interrupts, “Arrey yaar, Purab, from the very beginning of this year, myself and the KOHILIS, Abhi and THE MEHRAS and you along with Aryan and Alia, THE KHANNAS are always throwing parties, be it children’s ‘birthdays, our marriage anniversaries, or some festival like Ganapati puja or Diwali, and now the year 2019 is about to end, should we still throw a party for our HOUSEWARMING before the NEW YEAR PARTY 2020!!!!” Beeji scolds him saying, “Arrey ho kote Vikram!!! You are so stingy that you don’t want to spend a single rupee from your pocket, so that is why you are refusing to hold a party???” Vikram continues while grumbling, “But Beeji, we are already busy with organising the FASHION SHOW EVENT and INTERNATIONAL CONCERT at Ranbir’s college, in middle and before that it will to much for us three to organise a HOUSEWARMING PARTY TOO!!!” Dasi stops him, “But Vikram, I think Housewarming with a PUJA will be a good idea for all of us, after the dark and horrible event which happened this Diwali, we should organise a puja to ward off all the evil sights from our house, so that no other incidents happen again!!!” Pallavi continues, “That’s right, Dasi, and ABHI should also install DURGA MAA’S Idol such that she blesses all our families, but one thing is that her AARTI should done with SOMEONE AUSPICIOUS so that she becomes pleased, Everyone looks on at each other surprisingly, when Rhea says out loudly from behind, “I think, MAMMA should do it!!!”, All look at her surprised.


To be continued

  1. if possible please post the next episode today only …. very eager to read it and please even bring the track of abhi’s family union as early as possible … your efforts to write this fanfic are just amazing

    1. I agree

  2. Update soon

  3. Aleyamma

    A million thanks to all of you guys for your appreciation, and thanks a lot Amita for appreciating my writing skills

  4. Jasminerahul

    it’s so irritating that prachi jumped into the conclusion that shahana is interested in rishi n pragya should proceed with rishana proposal.I hope pragya will talk to shahana without taking prachi’s words seriously.loved rhea suggesting that pragya should do the aarti

    1. Aleyamma

      Thank you, Jasmine, for being so supportive and reading my ff till now, you have gained pace and come along with me, I love your comments, because you are the only who gives a complete analysis of my every episode.
      Thank you,

  5. Steeva

    @Aleyamma, your memory is sooo GOOD!! I almost forgot about Dasi and Mishti!, because Mishti was shown only in the first episode and dasi has been off screen for quite some time now! Thanks for reminding me!! ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE YOU & YOUR FFS!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Steeva, and whoever is not reading your ff, I’m reading it, only thing I read it when I upload my episodes. All the best with your ff.

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