Love between souls..KRIYAM..Part 5

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Hi guys I’m back

Krishna goes to change.She comes wearing Saiyyam’s shirt.

Saiyyam:- (looks at her) come let’s have some food.i am hungry

Krishna:- Come there is a Chinese stall.We will go there.

Saiyyam:- No Krishna we cannot eat at this roadside stall.We will go to some restaurant.

Krishna:- But why Saiyyam.Actually i like this Chinese food.plzz we will have it

Saiyyam:- No i have taken your responsibility.There are many other men.i think they are drunk and it is 9:30 now.

Krishna:- (looks into his eyes) So what if there are other people.I am with you na.I know nothing will happen to me.

Saiyyam:- (looks at Krishna for a while).ok come.

They have dinner together.Krishna ask about Saiyyam’s favorite cuisine.He tells he also likes Chinese.

Train comes.Saiyyam tells Krishna to sleep.

Krishna:- Saiyyam i am not sleepy.we will talk.

They sit at the footboard (near the door).

Krishna:- you know Saiyyam i am sitting here for the first time.

Saiyyam just smiles hearing her innocent talks.

Krishna:- Saiyyam why are you smiling.Say something. only I am talking.

Saiyyam:- i have nothing to talk

Krishna:- Saiyyam can i ask you something.Why are you pretending like this

Saiyyam:- Like what

Krishna:- Like you are rude.Like a bad boy

Saiyyam:- (looks down) i am not pretending anything.i am bad

Krishna:- then why are you not saying this by looking into my eyes

Saiyyam:-(looks into Krishna’s eyes for some time and then looks down)
i think we should sleep.come let’s go

Krishna:- (smiles) ok good night

Saiyyam:- Good night

Saiyyam:- this is your berth number 42.i think it is upper berth.

Krishna:- upper berth??

Saiyyam:- Ya we two have upper births.what is the problem

Krishna:- actually i don’t know how to climb to the upper birth.i always get confused.

Saiyyam:- (laughs) What

Krishna:- (smiles brightly looking Saiyyam laughing) is true.

Krishna looks Saiyyam laughing.She had never seen him laughing.

Saiyyam:- The girl who has no fear in having dinner at a place where drunk people are there and also who can sit at the footboard is afraid of climbing on to upper berth??

Krishna:-That is because u were there with me Saiyyam.

Saiyyam stops laughing and looks at Krishna.He helps Krishna to get into her berth

Saiyyam also lay down to sleep.He thinks about Krishna

Saiyyam:- (thinking) how can she trust me so much when she has no trust in herself that she can climb to the upper berth.How can she trust me like this.How can she think that nothing will happen to her when i am with her.Slowly he falls asleep.

Precap:- Krishna and Saiyyam reaches Krishna’s home

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  1. So beautiful I just wish your fan fiction are a bit longer but I love your fan fiction cannot wait for the next episode upload quickly ✨✨

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    Good update! Glad you are updating regularly

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    Very Nic…keep updating..interesting…update next part soon…waiting to read next part..

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    Nyc.. Keep it up..

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