May I Come in Madam 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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May I Come in Madam 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying some man has come. Sanjana gets scared and says I will hide somewhere. He sends her to his room. He opens the door and asks the man whom does he want to meet. The man says Sanjana. Sanju says this is my house, Sanjana does not stay here. The drunkard walks in home and calls Sanjana out. Khiloni says this is Sanju’s house, do you think we have hidden Sanjana in room. Sanju stares at Khiloni. He asks the man to leave. The man asks do you talk to guests like this. Khiloni asks who is guest. The man sees wine glass and says lipstick mark, it means Sanjana is here. Sanju says no, its my lipstick mark to know my glass. Khiloni says yes. The man says you are lying, I identify this lipstick mark. Khiloni says he is stubborn. Sanju says that’s why madam is hiding from him. He asks the man to leave. The man cries and holds Sanju. He says I m sure Sanjana is here.

He sits drinking. Sanju and Khiloni murmur. Sanju goes to room. Sanjana says I m under the bed. Sanju asks what are you doing here. She jokes. She asks did you make him leave. He says no, he is drinking wine and said he won’t go till he meets you. She asks how useless can you be, I asked you to make him leave, you are serving drinks to him, I guess I need to help myself.

Sanjana goes to that man and scolds him. The man asks why are you running away. She says look at you, you are crazy, I don’t like this, we are not compatible. He says give me a chance, I will keep you happy. She says no, just go before I do something. He says I will take you on drive, come. She throws things in anger. Sanju says don’t create drama here, what will our neighbors think. She says you mean you care for neighbors, not me. Sanju asks them to solve their personal matter outside. He requests. Sanjana takes the man along and goes. Sanju gets relieved.

Khiloni says I will call Pinky and see her dance. Sanju says no need, send her. Khiloni says I paid her, we can enjoy her dance. Sanju sends her. Khiloni goes to room and asks Pinky to come out, is she annoyed. He calls out Sanju. He says she is drunk and fainted, she looks good. Sanju scolds him. He asks what to do now and slaps Khiloni.

Mummy/Ramwati gets Chedi’s call. She says I m making excuse and coming. Chedi is also on the way ad asks her to come soon. He flirts. She says I m reaching, when will you come. He says I reached. Sanju and Khiloni take Pinky. Sanju worries seeing someone at the door. He says it maybe Kashmira, run, take her along. They hide Pinky again. They hide under the bed. Mummy comes home and waits for Chedi.

She calls him and asks him to come soon. Mummy comes in her room. Khiloni tells Sanju that mummy has come. Sanju says I did not know she will come back. Kashmira gets relative’s call and says really, fine. Bhupesh asks is it boy or girl. Kashmira says it was just gas problem. She asks driver to take u turn.

Mummy starts dancing in her room. Sanju worries. Khiloni says its good she did not turn back and see. Chedi comes. Sanju says what is he doing here. Chedi flirts with her and lifts her ghunghat. Sanju says I did not know I would be seeing this day. Sanju and Khiloni hear their romantic talk.

Sanjana comes and asks where are you Sanju. Chedi and mummy hide under the bed and get shocked seeing Sanju, Pinky and Khiloni. Golmaal hai….plays………… The man calls out Sanjana and says I know you are here. Sanjana runs to room. The man looks for her. She hides behind the door. Sanju asks Chedi what are you doing here with my mum in law. Chedi wears goggles. The man asks Sanjana why is she doing this, I know you got hidden under the bed. She runs out. She goes to mummy’s room and thinks where to hide. She gets under the bed. She gets shocked seeing Chedi, Sanju, Pinky, Khiloni and mummy. Sanju says hello madam. She signs what. Chedi turns to Sanju.

Kashmira and Bhupesh come home and think how is door open, did mummy come. Kashmira says mummy went to relative and Sanju is with Khiloni. They hear sound. He says maybe its thief, don’t worry, I m alive, go and hide in mummy’s room. She asks him to be careful and runs. Sanju says this did not happen good. Chedi sees Pinky and says its good.

Kashmira asks Sanju to come in Mata ki chowki. Sanju says I m born to go in wild party, but bhajan party. He says you go, I have work. She asks what’s your problem. He says my friend met with an accident, I have to give blood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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