Love between souls..KRIYAM..Part 2

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Saiyyam:- How can you say like this Krishna.They were wrong.They were saying bad about you.Or is that this way that you are enjoying all this.

Krishna:- ( gets shocked and tears flow down her cheeks).Saiyyam what are you saying.I didn’t mean they are right.But it’s not you also do wrong things.

Krishna cries heavily.Saiyyam feels bad for Krishna.He walk away from the room
Akshada come and take Krishna alonf with her to hostel.

Saiyyam is sitting alone at his room.Adarsh come there.

Adarsh:- Saiyyam yaar what are you doing

Saiyyam:- Nothing Adarsh.I was thinking about that night when i met you in that orphanage.My parents got killed by my uncle only for money.They wanted to kill me too.But they were failed in that.My uncle had no child.they always use to say that i am their child.Then why they did this to me.

Adarsh:- I can’t understand your feelings saiyyam.Because i was an orphan.So i never got cheated by loved ones. you are my only relative, friend,brother, everything.

Saiyyam:- I also trust you only in this world.After all this happened i can’t love or trust anyone.

Precap:- Krishna take a decision that she will make Saiyyam her friend.

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  1. Aarti32

    Emotional..But nice

  2. Good but too short

  3. Make it longer plz this is so interesting

  4. Fanficwriter518

    Nice but please make your updates longer!

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