Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh asking inspector to find Naira. Inspector says don’t worry, we will find her. Kartik says nothing will happen to her. Akhilesh wishes they get Naira soon. Mansi sees Naira and Akshara’s pic and says I can’t hide this now, Papa stopped me, but I have written truth in this letter, come back and read it. She prays for Naira. Someone opens the car door and sees Naira. Devyaani talks to Kirti about sangeet. Gayu thinks when will Naira come.

Everyone see someone/Naira. Naksh, Kartik and Akhilesh come home sadly and get shocked seeing Naira fine. Naira hugs Gayu. Naksh asks Naira is she fine. She says yes, I m fine. Kartik hugs Naira. Akhilesh gets shocked seeing Mansi there. Naira says I was getting dizzy, I had medicine. Naitik says your car got hit, how did you get fine then. They all ask about the accident, and how she came home. Naira says this man got me home, I saw a little boy coming in front of the car while playing football, to save him, my car has hit the tree, I fainted, he stays there and took care of me, he could not inform anyone. The man asks her to take care. Kartik thanks the man.

Kirti hugs Naira and says you already tried this, I wish this problem gets solved. Naksh says I was worried. Naira says relax now, I have come. Kartik asks her why did she go that way without saying anyone. She asks would you listen to me. They argue. Akhilesh takes Mansi aside. Kartik and Naira refuse to talk to each other. Bau ji asks them to calm down. Naitik asks what were you doing on that rough road. Kartik says she went to do my pending work.

Akhilesh asks what. Mansi says yes, I thought to accept my mistake. He asks are you mad, it was an accident. She says I was driving that car, by which Akshara got hit, she died because of me. He asks her not to say this again. He says you did not kill anyone intentionally, please understand it was an accident. She says we should have told everyone. He says no, I can’t punish entire family, please let me handle everything, this will affect all relations, I won’t let this happen. He asks her to see everyone is happy about marriage, everything will be ruined by one truth, you should have not come here, give me that letter. She says I kept letter in Naira’s room. He asks what, go and get it fast. She goes. He says its good I came on time, till marriage happens, no big thing should happen. Mansi comes and says that letter is not there. He worries. They see Mishti coming and the letter stuck under her slipper.

Manish says thank God she is fine. Suwarna asks what about the thing happened yesterday. She asks him to leave his anger, what’s use to take matter ahead, we will celebrate together, why to upset everyone, think many guests will come in sangeet, it will defame us and Naira’s family, please think once.

Mishti gets chocolates for everyone. Kirti asks Kartik to have food, you won’t get fat. Gayu jokes. Naksh refuses to have chocolate. Naira asks why, are you not happy with my coming back. He asks her to shut up. She feeds him chocolate. Mishti asks Kartik to have chocolate. She jumps. Naira sees the letter and asks Mishti. She gets the letter and opens it. Akhilesh takes it and gives it to Mansi. Mansi says its my sangeet surprise song list, sorry it fell down, I can’t show it. They smile.

Gayu says Kirti and Aditya will be excited to perform in sangeet. Akhilesh keeps letter and asks Mansi to see their happiness, keep this secret a secret. Manish apologizes to Dadi and says I know what this marriage means to you. She says I also know what this marriage means to you, you are not wrong. Manish says Kartik does not know our hardwork to make his family respect, we can’t ruin this, I care for him, I love him, but why do I always have to choose one of them, how to handle this. She says everything will be fine. He says yes, if Suwarna and I don’t come. She says I won’t go if you don’t come. He says I don’t want to snatch his happiness. She says when will this annoyance end. He says I tried many times and will try always, not on the cost of family respect, its better you attend marriage, Suwarna and I won’t come. He sees Suwarna outside the door.

Naira asks Kartik are you angry. He asks why are you irritated, I m angry. She acts cute. He says don’t act cute, I don’t like you. She says but I like you. He says liar. She says you don’t know what’s called love. He says I was worried for you. They argue. He says I m annoyed you went to meet Manish, now keep relations with him, invite him in marriage, remember if you go to them, you will get away from me. She says don’t have ego, what will happen if we convince elders. He goes. She follows him and gets him on the swing. He smiles seeing her. She says you were annoyed with me as I was going to meet him, I should get annoyed that you met palace manager and convinced him. Kartik says I did this for Naitik, else he would have been hurt.

She says will Manish get less hurt to not attend our marriage, you did what you found right, I was going to do what I found right, I did not do mistake, I want to apologize to Manish, even you apologize, what happened. He says I m getting dizzy. She stops the swing and gets him out. She asks are you fine, swing was not moving fast. He says I m not classical dancer like you to take rounds. She jokes. He runs after her. Chukar gai……plays…………. They laugh. He rests in her lap and asks when will we shift in new house, will you check mahurat. She says you don’t value my wish. He asks what.

She says I liked to have many people in inlaws, and complete all relations, you have to fulfill my wish, I want everyone in marriage, you will be keeping me away after marriage, please let me live my dream for some time, what did I ask that you can’t fulfill, you are refusing them to come, don’t break their heart, they all love you, how will Dadi feel without Manish, think of her, you are putting everyone in trouble, why, its wrong to use someone’s love. He gets silent.

Naira says I spoke to Kartik, don’t know will he agree or not, I want both families. Kartik says our sangeet will happen without them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!!
    Hope Everyone is fine.
    So mansi has done ak’s accident. I don’t know what to say about this track but then if everything becomes smooth and nice than there’s no fun.
    Loved kaira hug and also their fight. When they said that they won’t talk to each other was soo cute.
    Also loved the last scene where Naira was convincing Karthik !!
    Didn’t understand the precap. Are goenka’s coming or not ?!!
    Ps : peeps I have heard about gayu replacing Naira at the wedding alter. Its just a false rumour. Kaira are the ones who would get married so just relax !!

  2. Rosa18

    Hello guz todays episode was awsome as always i just hope Karthik understands Naira!

    1. Chanya

      Hi commented ya..

  3. Trusna

    Hlw my yrkkh family…sry for not commenting for so long…i got busy wid my college assignments…
    Happy b’day lasya…
    Hi twana aniket aliya hope ur preparations are going well…
    Hi rahul…get well soon…
    Hi chanya…all d best for ur 1st day in college…
    Hi sophie di…hws u..??
    Hi shesha…i know i m late..but congo for scoring 97%
    Hi to all new members…123 Raf Sindhu Fan, Suha and Tanu

    1. Shesha

      Thank you trusna dii…. how r u doing

    2. Thank yu Trusna… Nyc name …What does it mean ???

    3. Lasyashree.10

      thank you! trushna di

    4. I am fine and how are you…

    5. Chanya

      Thanks first day was fine

    6. Trusna

      I m fine shesha n sophie di…thanku
      Sindhu…trusna means thirst…

  4. Shesha

    Hey everyone….. how r u all????
    How was your brithday lasyashree dii… did you enjoy well ?
    Rahul bhai….. hope the surgery went well
    Chanya dii…. don’t worry…… how was your first day???
    Welcome to the family tanu dii!!

    Coming to the episode…. hope that kartik understands what his family goes through when he says those things
    The kaira scenes were so cute

    1. Lasyashree.10

      it went well shesha…thank you

    2. Chanya

      Hi shesha little first day in college was fine..really liked my college..

  5. Fenil

    Hello Vrushy,Hales,Lasiii,vinni,Rosa,Aniket,Rahul,Adi and everyone !!
    Hope u all r fine.
    Awesome Episode.
    Cute moments between Kaira ,I loved it .
    Naksh’s care about naira was lovely.
    Now a days, Nayu(Gayu+Naira) moments are more shown.its good.
    Mansi’s stress level will affect her health yrr,why akhilesh r stubborn to hide truth .i know he is good person,caring father and concern abt all relations.liked to see his concern for naira also.

  6. happy bday lasyashree.please as ur bday gft sy evry1 2 4gv me na,im sry i realised

    1. Shesha

      It’s ok nithya dii…. i forgive you
      But do not repeat this ever again

  7. happy bday lasyashree
    pls mujhe mafh karo na as ur bday gft
    i beg u dear, i rly sry
    accept me as ur family

  8. thanku vrushy for this news.
    i was so worried. hope kaira gets married soon n akshara comes back.

  9. Happy Birthday Laaya …

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks sindhu di!

  10. Ok I really didn’t like the fact that Akshara left but now it’s really good to see that everyone is getting more screen space and it isn’t just about Akshara. Kanchi is such an accomplished actress and the fact that she is getting more screen space is great
    However I slightly feel that Akshara death is being dragged on, as they even went forward a few months and I think that mansi being the actual killer Is wrong as it suggests that father’s will cover up even the biggest of mistakes so daughters can do whatever they pls, just because they are of a high status – with mansi being honest, it shows that she is more of a person but they may also show her going wreckless as her dad just covers her up and does not punish her
    Karthik and naira have really good chemistry, keep it up!

  11. Hai My YRKKH family-Rahul bhaiya, Aniket, Twana, Ishika dii, Fenil, Trusna dii, Pat di, Sophie di, Sachu di, Nithya di, Shesha, Lasyashree, Riya, Ridz, Fan,123, irum, tanu dii, Chanya, Trishi, Ponkuri, Soumya,Vrushy, Sindhu di &All YRKKH fans & silent readrs..
    OmG…Mansi Has done Aksharas accident.
    Hope Karthik understands Naira.Waiting for Kaira marriage.

    Coming to my family members.
    Yes, Twana I’m a week elder than U,! Hw r U?
    Aniket,U asked me to come to arrest Sophie dii but abruptly U disappeared,.Come soon, let’s initiate our mission else Sophie dii will elope from Us..
    Sophie dii we’l catch U werever U r, So beware Sophie dii….
    Hi Trusna dii, Glad to c ua comment after a long time..How r U?
    Still ishika dii & pawan r missing…Hope they r studying hard!
    Hi Soumya, U had already kidnapped Rahul bhaiya in my absence bt now U can’t kidnap him in my presence…Rahul bhaiya is very safe now & Ur team won’t b able to catch him.!
    Hi Rahul bhaiya, Today is ua eye surgery na, Hope it goes well & wil pray fr ua successfl Op..Pls get well soon bhaiya,..Take rest, & comment us after ua recovery!! I’l pray fr U,!
    hi chanya, All d best fr ua first day…

    1. I am very much aware Raf…

    2. Chanya

      Thanks raf for ur wishes..

    3. Fenil

      hey dear , give me your intro. if u comfortable

    4. Trusna

      I m fine raf…hws u..??

  12. Lasyashree.10

    hi everyone;
    hi raf, twana, aniket,rahul bro,sachu di,vrushy,sophie di, tanu di, sindhu di,ponkuri di, Fenil, shesha,aliya, soumya,chanya,, 123,cassie, and all yrkkh family and also silent readers….
    Hw are you all?

    So…episode was good….naksh’s care, family’s affection and karthik’s love towards naira…is juzt amazing…i hope ki everything goes normal…. and kaira get married soon…..
    Mansi…arey yaar dont kill us with curiosity!!

  13. Lasyashree.10

    Raf…how are you? you are taking care of our family like GAYU..yaar…love uh!! y r very sweet…
    Twana…prepare well…all my wishes to you!
    Aniket… Buddy…even you prepare well…and stay blessed..
    Rahul bro….take rest…and be careful… take ur medicines imean eyedrops time to time if any..
    sachu di: get well soon
    Vrushy: write more ff’s dear…rock this TU website!
    sophie di: you must have been in india till 26 jan…but it’sok….
    Fenil:Bff… all the best for yur new ff
    chanya: dear, all the best for ur first day college…don’t be nervous….stay cool…..jus lyk ur bff trishi!;P

    shesha ,aliya,soumya and all the other who are preparing for your exams…i wish them all the best…
    and everyone….stay blessed….
    don worrry about tomorrow….enjoy today…

    keep smiling….
    keep watching…
    and keep supporting me and my yrkkh family and yrkkh…

    well, bye for now
    and this is lasya!

    1. I wish I could stay too…

      1. Lasyashree.10

        but it’s ok na di! where ever we stay or we live na….OUR MA INDIA also will be with us!

      2. Well said…

    2. Vrushy

      Sure lasya.
      I am anyway starting a new FF !

      1. Lasyashree.10

        Wow !!! Waiting ?

    3. Chanya

      My first in college was so nice di..l got afraid unnecessarily ya..thanks for your wishes di..

      1. Lasyashree.10

        wow!very good
        proud of yu dear

    4. Fenil

      Thanks Lasiii

      1. Lasyashree.10

        dont mention thatfenu and even chanya

  14. akshara kha hai plz
    akshara ko wapas lao

  15. gooodmorning yrkkh family hi every1
    rahul and sachu di have a speed recovery
    twana,aniket,shesha and all dear students prepare well
    chanya all the best
    lasya sister forgive nithya give 1more chance ifeel pity on her and show some mercy lasya
    i’m sorry if i you don’t like suggestion and please dont stay angry on me i dont want any disputes in our family and all the others even you try to forgive nithya i’msorry if whatever i said is wrong or i hurted u ppl..what we learnt frm yrkkh? to forgive mistakes right? so pls do’s jzt my suggestion if you are angry forgiveme..behen hun main aap sab ki

    1. Lasyashree.10

      hey Tanu di!
      sissy kehrahi ho upar se sorry be bol rahi ho? RAF,twana,aniket what should we do tanu di?

      and di…. there are no disputes between all of us in the family…we all are very friendly! aapki misunderstanding hai shayad!

    2. tank u so mch….tanu didi
      laasya aniket chnya n pat pls thnkkof it all otherthan u forgve me n aceptd mepls m rly wrrried i beg and pardon u all pls i’m feeling vry mch guilty..
      i’m sry yaar….sorry sorry sorry sorrry sorrry sorry

  16. n episode was good ilovedit….

    Kaira were awesome today and i guess ki they shhuld not drg tooooooomuch

  17. thanks tani di!fr being on my side.
    try to understand lasyashree,aniket,pat andsachu di
    i said i did wrong and i don;t want to be bad and i dont want 2 b ah bd prsn hre nymr so 4gv me n ill gv u lve dearone pls

  18. y r u nt replying to only my cmmnt lasyashree and aniket? r u stll angry on me?pls maf karo na?i promise i’ll nt repeat.
    last chance aniket lasya and pat.cnt gv?

  19. Guyz…I have decided I cannot forgive Nithiya…
    Please don’t get me wrong…but I can’t…sorry….?

  20. Chanya

    Hi everyone!!!just returned from the college..I got afraid was so nice..i met so many friends even Indians were there..and thanks a lot for your wishes everyone..
    And how are you all? Fine na..
    Twana di aliya di how is your board preparations?
    Rahul bhai have a quick recovery
    Trishi bff work hard for your al exams..although you have 2 years just manage time suitably
    Shesha trusna di lasya di my day was awesome
    Aniket bhai pat di lasya di I am with you all
    Where you all?missing you..goda very less comments na..
    And raf really you have become so mature although you joined us recently
    Take care of yourselves guys
    Coming to the episode really liked naira and karthik cute fights..and how nicely naira explained about value of family to karthik..hope mansis secret will not affect kairas relationship..kaira rocks..yrkkh rocks..

  21. Chanya

    And nithya..have you heard a saying that it just take decades to build trust but it just take seconds to break whatever you did and said here even I am unable to trust you or forgive you..and I don’t whether you are asking forgiveness truly or falsely I just do what my elder bros and sis now I am with aniket bhai pat di and lasya di side

    1. pls don’t do that

      1. you are younger than be but still i’m saying you sorry..pls saythmtoaccept me

  22. hi everyone m new here can I join u guys

    1. Welcome Dear….?❤

    2. Lasyashree.10

      welcome dona !! if you dont mind can you give some basic intro…. i mean just canyou tell us your age to fix relation in our family…like we should call you will name or di…tht’s my intention can you please do tell us?

    3. Twana

      Hi Dona… come join us…Welcome! Keep commenting!!! If u don’t mind a lil intro plz

  23. Hi Chanya, Glad to hear dat ua day was nice,.

    Hi Lasyashree!
    Oh, really?Am I taking care of our family like Gayu?? Thank U lasya…Wat should we do to tanu dii? R u asking dis as she said sorry??

    Aniket, Where r u bro? U & twana r missing! Buzy in studies?? How is ur nickname “CAPTAIN” kept by Soumya??

    Lasyashree & Aniket, can I say something if u don’t mind??
    I think Tanu dii is right! Lasya didn’t u noticed Nithya di’s comments? R else ignoring? I know What Nithya di did was wrong. Bcoz of dat U r hurted.But now she has realised her mistks & is trying to Persuade U both & apologising again. So if possible, Forgive her & I agree with U Chanya, its difficult for U all to trust her bt Atleast give her a last chance,.& Aniket U have already told me dat its difficult for U to forgive her but No one is perfect. Everyone does some mistakes na but d one who forgives is a great person bcoz they r giving another chance to rectify their mistakes. So think about it bro,& if possible forgive her..C, Am not taking Nithya di’s side. I’m just sharing my opinion with U all. Think well & Do what ua heart says…

    Hi Sophie dii I knw am younger than U & I can Understand dat u 2 r hurted bcoz of her harsh words. But di, If possible forgive her & give her a last chance na. If she repeats her mistks, Even I won’t forgive her dii..but now she has promised us na dts y am telling di. I know dat its very difficult to trust her but just forgive her if possible dii,. Am extremely sorry if U all felt bad but pls don’t b angry on me……As a family member I told U all.Sorry once again( if I said anything wrong) Sophie dii, Aniket bro, lasya, Chanya & All…..Pls Don’t get me wrong!!!

    Waiting for ur comments!!!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Yes…. I m asking as tanu di said sorry!!?
      While….Raf…. i’m sorry….. I can’t do what you want…. I’m not being rude… I’m just telling my pov…..
      And you r saying sorry?? Family antunnav and saying sorry…?
      If cop only does the mistake what should we do??,

      Aniket and twana arrest raf…..??

    2. pls na raf..i’m dying with guiltpls

  24. Where is everyone? Now-a-days u all r being so busy that u dont have time 4 this virtual family!! (puppy face)! Hey Raf- I had a call from My BFF-Twana n My Lil Angel-Soumya, they said they r already in australia. And v are landing australia today evening right? Be aware Sophie di, 2 cops r chasing u n I n Raf r being there in some time.! Hi Lasya yes v shud arrest Tanu dii coz she z saying sorry again n again. Lets go n arrest her? Tanu di what is ur addres? V r coming to arrest u?

    1. Soumya85

      Hii aniket bhaiya did u like the Nick name that I have given u??and ya we (twana di and me)r already in Australia waiting for u and raf di…come fast…and pls reply about the Nick name

    2. Lasyashree.10

      Yes…Aniket ?

    3. aniket pls frgv me no..i’mdying wiith guilt here.pls i’msry

  25. Yeah Aniket, U r right! Come lets go!! But Aniket, no need to arrest Tanu dii now as she is new to this group. Bcoz, if we try to arrest her she will run away from our family by panicking! Lol….So just give her a warning.

    Reply to my above comment Aniket & pls don’t b angry.!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      raf! are you annoyed with me for not listening to you ? Raf just think of my POV too!

      now i’ll be waiting for your reply! think and tellme!

  26. Twana

    Hi guys how r u all……??? So sorry I am a bit busy….. came to peep in n know if everyone z doing fine… hope everyone z fine… very busy coz hv to arrest Spphie dii.. Lasya itz just a joke..We first wanted to arrest Rahul bhai coz he was gonna kidnap Luv Kush n was not ready to share them with us.. ? then we got many reasons.. n itz just a jome Lasya..
    So gotta go… Chanya sissy happy to know u hv hd a gold first day… make a lots of friends.. life will be easy?
    Gotta go bye bye.. see you guys soon

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Yea…yea…I came to know !!?
      All the best!! If yu get injured while chasing I,chanya and tanu di will give you treatment ????????????????

      1. pls lasyashree,,,do frgvme and accept measfamily

    2. twana pls tll ua bff aniket lasya pat and chanya to frgv me dr evn frgv me dr sophie pls yaar i ardon uu all i’mdying with guilt

  27. vrushy pls speak out no..they will listn to you pls frgv me i’mdying with guilt here

  28. Yeah Lil Angel, I liked the my nick name.! Thanks a lot 4 that.! Bff, Lil angel, Raf, we all wil get divided in different areas n then unitedly v wil find Sophie di coz none of us kno her adress.! Sister, if u dont mind can u tell ur adres so that it gets easy to arrest u.! Lol.! Yes Raf, v wil give a warning to Tanu di that next time if she says sory or thnx v wil arrest her. Lol.!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      tanu di! just miss you are in safe zone!

  29. Raf, mistakes r forgiven not but intentionaly pain that is given cant b forgiven.! Since begining I was insecure abt family that sumthngs wil happen n sum1n wil create nonsense issues over here. U know what I fume in anger when while scroling down I see that green color dp of Nithya.! I dont even read her comments.! I along with Twana, Sophie di, Soumya, Pat di, Pawan, Sachu di, Adi bro, Lasya, Chanya n Fenil cant 4gv her.! Thats it.!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Yo!! ?‍✈️ CAPTAIN ???

  30. Ok Aniket bro, I won’t insist U now, U r much hurted & i can understand ua pain. U knw wat, even I 2 was hurted when she misbehaves with U all & Even now I’m hurted but i have forgiven her. U just Calm down else v cant arrest Sophie dii,.& plss dii tell us ua address na,.? We’ll catch U even if u won’t tell ua address as v r xpert in dis. Isn’t it CAPTAIN (Aniket)? Soumya & Twana U two hurry up!! I’m sorry if I have hurted U Aniket.!

    Hi Trusna dii, I’m good!!
    Hi lasya, its Ok….I won’t insist U as U already gave her a chance. Your wish!!
    Happy Republic day in advance guyz…..

  31. thanks m 15 years old and u can call me anything its fine by me

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