Me and my love a shivika love story episode 43

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hi guys welcome back thank you for your comments here’s the next chapter

A- Aryan u go and play inside ok go

Aryan go inside the room Sahil standing infront of shivaay and stares him

A- Sahil ask what do u want to ask

S- yes so mr.oberoi my first question  OMRU OR ANIKA DIDI ME se AAPko kisi ek ko chun na h to aap kis ko chunege ,,all r shocked by Sahil question, shivaay stands up from the chair

A- what r u saying Sahil

Sh- Sahil Anika know very well that omru is my love and she also my life how can I choose one of them

S- I want my answer, clearly

Shivaay looks at Anika once with teary eyes he said I choose omru

S- great my second question , leave Aryan for my di and ansh

A- Sahil don’t cross your limits

S- I’m in my limits ,,give me answer mr.oberoi

Sh- Sahil he has no family only I’m his family how can I leave him without any mistake of him

S- give me a answer

Shivaay again looks at Anika and said I can’t leave him

S– good now my last question.

S- jo aapne Kiya h  agr Wahi meri didi ne aapke saath Kiya hota to aap kya krte

Shivaay doesn’t have any answer his eyes just bend down infront of everyone

S- I got it my answer I’ll think this situation is come in my life jisse pita saman Mana aaj usse Naam se bulane me bhi zillat mehhsoos ho rhi h ,di come let’s go pack your luggage, where is ansh

O- shivaay say something otherwise Bhabhi ansh both leaves u

R- Bhaiya say something pls

Shivaay is frozen he. Didn’t think that his plan is backfire on him and now his family his heart his soul is taken away from him

A- Sahil

S- didi not today don’t try to stop me

A- and what about ansh u snached fatherhood from his life

S- di ansh is too small now

A- but u know he understands everything

S- di trust me

A- Sahil pls don’t do this we can’t live without him

S- but he easily live without both of you

S- common di don’t waste time take ansh

Anika eyes became fountains flows like river she can’t digest that this is true or dream how can she separate from her Shivay ,how can she imagine her life without him with  trembling feets she picks ansh up and bids bye to Aryan came with her luggage

O- Bhabhi atleast u told him

R- Bhabhi how can bhaiya and we live without you and Anshu bhabhi don’t go plss loss Bhabhi don’t go and he takes ansh from Anika and give him into shivaay’s hands that moment reality hits shivaay that he lost his everything he hugs ansh tightly ansh crying virgrously both father son doesn’t want to leave each other

Sh- no no-one can separate me from you why my baby crying stop crying bbsss shhshh calm down u know na your daddy power no-one separate us don’t worry stop crying

Sahil move towards them and snatch ansh from Shivaay’s hand

S- u provoke me to do this mr.oberoi

Sh- Sahil I am sorry very sorry I know you are hurt but pls don’t take them away how can I live without them pls and he begged infront of Sahil Anika doesn’t want to see her shivaay like this

S- come di

R- Bhabhi noo

O- Sahil stop it

S- Anika di ki jagah Priyanka di Hoti the bhi aap yahi kehte

And they all moved back Anika ansh Sahil trio came outside the house shivaay broken down into million of pieces in few minutes he lost his everything his family is lost

Sahil Anika cross the garden area but Anika feet doesn’t move further she stopped there only Rudra is standing on the door shouts and calls shiom on the gate

S- what happen di

A- you asked shivaay what do you want now I will also want to ask something

She turned towards the main door where shiomru standing she takes baby steps and reach near shivaay

He also reach near Anika they hold each other hand and Anika start putting her questions

A- do you love me

Sh- more than anything

A- do you love me like this to lifetime


A- u can’t cheat anyone not me or not Arpita bcoz I know SSO old or new never disrespect womens

S- Anika icant

A- you have only one child and he is our ansh

Shivaay didn’t say anything but he is just press Anika hands tightly ,Anika got her all answers actually everyone have their answers ,Sahil came towards them and give ansh to Shivaay and said ,,,,,,,after that u trouble my Anshu or di so u can’t imagine what can I do with u jiju

S- I’m sorry but u know when the matter of sister every brother is possessive

Sh- I’ll beat you ,u

S- jiju stop it now see how much ansh beats me he digs his nails in my skin

Sh- very good ansh

Shivaay Sahil hugs each other

Omruhil came in the house and shivika ansh spent their family time in garden …


What do you guys want in upcoming story

Hi friends I hope u all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions plzzzzzzzz and likes to must h  and i will post next part tommorow


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