Can I fall in love, Episode 131

Yuvi’s PoV:

Suhani was under the same pain again, but this time, she was hiding her pain from me, she was looking at me, and was trying to appear as the pain doesn’t affect her, but I know, I very well know that how much it affects her. I glared at her angrily. My eyes told her to scream, to express her pain, for I know it is harder, it is harder to conceal the pain, it takes much more effort and I don’t want her to do that. Maybe for the first time she obeyed immediately, without any objections, for she saw the pain in my eyes, I can’t see her suffer, and now she was taking extra pain, just for me.

She let out her pain, and only then I understood the effect it had on me, seeing her scream was worse than seeing her controlling her pain, and my face turned wild, I squeezed her hand out of fear, she smiled at me, how could she do that?? I don’t know. Thankfully she didn’t have to suffer much, our baby came out.

Yuvi: What were you doing? Why were you taking extra strain??

She looked at me meaningfully, she was right, she did all for me, but what to do, neither I can see her in pain nor I can see her trying to conceal it, both affects me equally. I smiled sheepishly.

Yuvi: I, really don’t know, this is,

She held my hand.

Suh: I know, it is fine, it is over.

We smiled, the nurse came with our baby boy, we kissed him, and then I came out of the room.

End of POV.


Yuvani was very confused; she didn’t understand what was happening. She playing with her brothers, when she saw her parents leaving, and her Mumma was crying. She ran to her Taau and asked her about it. Her Tai came to her and told her that they too are going there, where her parents are. She made her ready, together with her Dadi, Taau and Tai; she came here, where she is now.

She didn’t like this place, it was very odd. Her uncle was holding her and was not letting her go; she started to cry, so he came out with her. She asked her to calm down, but she was not going to, she wanted to get out of this place! She cried harder.

Kasyap came there and he smiled at her, she looked angry, and he took her.

Saurab went inside and Kasyap took her out, to the lawn.


Kas: Why are you crying?

Yuvani: I don’t like this place. And where is Papa and Mumma?

Kas: There are inside.

Yuvani: I want to go to them.

Kas: Ok, I will take you, but first, let us have ice cream.

Yuvani: (excited) Ice cream!

Kas: Yeah,

Yuvani: I need ice cream.

Kas: Ok.

He took her to have ice cream and then they came in.

By the time they came in Yuvi was there outside with her younger brother.

Yuvani called out for her Papa.

He gave the baby to Pratima and took her.

Everyone got in to meet Suhani; Pratima made Yuvan lay beside her. Suhani smiled at them, and called out for Yuvani.

Suh: Beta, meet your younger brother.

Yuvani smiled at him.

Yuvani: I am his didi na?

Suhani nodded.

Yuvani: Then ask him to call me di, now!

Yuvi: Now?

Yuvani: Yeah now!

She held Yuvan’s hand squeezed it, he started to cry. She let go of her hand.

Yuvani: Hm, he is crying, I don’t like cry babies.

Yuvi: Really, then we will leave him here and go.

Yuvani: No, I need to him, I need t play. But he shouldn’t cry!

Everyone laughed hearing her.

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