I love you – Shivika ff (part 4)

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Part 4

Anika is sleeping hugging shivaay Anika move her hand hug tightly shivaay shivaay is reciprocate the hug he blow her hair come on her face he thought she look innocent as look in childhood she donot change a bit she is same Anika whom i love so much but now i love her or not i donot know but this feeling i never feel i just cant ever forget you Anika
Anika move hug shivaay she murmure in sleep how can be this pillow so hard shivaay touches her face he try to awake her but Anika is not in mood
Shivaay : Anika Anika
Anika get and get shock of her life she is going to scream but shivaay stop her put his hand on her mouth and he come top of her
Anika : shhshhh
Shivaay : kuch bologi
Anika sign leave his mouth
Shivaay leave
Anika : what are you doing in my room you
Shivaay : stop its my room what are you doing in my room
Anika : its my room priyanka said me
Shivaay : you come in my room
Anika : oh really now its my room i come first so its my room
Shivaay : what the wuck is this
Anika : yeah you go in another room
Shivaay : you

Anika realise their position shivaay tip of Anika
Anika sign to him get up shivaay also he get up
Anika : you donot show me attitude
Shivaay : you donot show me attitude
Anika : dekhiye aap
Shivaay : anika please go to your room anyone see us here in one room
Anika : yeah you are right what they think about us
Shivaay : yeah atleast you have some brain i thought you are crack from your brain
Anika : you think i m mad
Shivaay : i donot say this
Anika : you mean is same
Anika going to angerly but her foot slip and she fall on shivaay they have deep eyelock suddenly Anika broke eyelock
Anika going hurridly but shivaay stop her hed her hand
Shivaay : why you left without telling me
Anika : i think you know reasone if you donot know then ask yourself i m sure you will get your Answer
She left saying this
Shivaay push chair but he is happy to spend time with Anika after so much time smile come on his face
Anika room
O god i m sleeping hugging shivaay i cant believe this god i love him why are make difficult for me more i know he cant ever be mine but why are you always snatch everything whom i love but now i have to focus on my mission

Next morning

Anika left house in morning without telling anyone
Shivaay : dadi where is Anika
Dadi : i donot know putter what happen
Shivaay : nothing she is not seen anywhere so i ask
Dadi : okk
Shivaay come to ishana room he knock
Ishana : bhayia come in
Shivaay come
Shivaay : ishu where is Anika
Ishu : bhayia yahi kahi hogi her meeting is i think 4pm so she is in house
Shivaay : i search her everywhere
Ishu : i donot know
Suddenly someone come from back and call shivaay baby
Yes its tia
Tia : shivaay baby

I donot know

  1. nice,, don’t need to change track

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  3. Sairan

    Lovelyyy..Shivika moments ???

  4. Nice don’t change track

  5. wow soo nice i like the concept its soo gd but dont forget the o bros , make anika and shivaay realise their love but take time make it intreasting

  6. wow soo nice i like the concept its soo gd but dont forget the o bros , make anika and shivaay realise their love but take time make it intreasting plss uppload faster

  7. Awesome episode…

  8. Its superbbbbb

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  10. Sanswa

    Rly wow..it wz total outburst chappie… Love it..?..shivika slept wid hugging each other…*jumping*…thnk god both cud hv abke 2 smell awareness of deir true feelings at least…my ? strted bouncing by finding shiv searched fr ani restlessly…seriously loved chappie 2 d core…update soon…xcited even if dere is qn mark fr precp

    1. Sanswa

      My silly typos..?..it wz nt ‘abke’…its..*able

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      Thankyou for your words

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