ZKM is NOT showing a revenge track…

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Hi guys it’s maya here and honestly, I’m also upset with the current track on ZKM.

But we can interpret in many ways and in all honesty I think Shaurya is surprising Mehak by opening a restaurant for her with her mothers recipes as the menu. Maybe he will come back and surprise Mehak and maybe they will also marry.

However this is all just me dreaming as it most likely will contain utter nonsense like Shaurya stealing Mehaks ideas for revenge.
But the director said it’s not a revenge track so what else can it be..

please leave ur comments down below and just have faith in the lovely producers
Love Maya???

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  1. Moni7

    Maya ….. yes dear my heart saying it is not revenge…but my brain saying it is revenge….m in confusion to choose whether my heart or brain…heart always say correct than brain…….still i don’t have any hope

  2. i 100% agree, but y should he leave her in mandap..its not a joke ri8.and y is mehak arrested.

  3. hi maya myself an ardent fan i too am hoping for a twist in the twist for the revenge track is so common in the daily soaps an moni di naanum tamizh dhaan idhuvaraikkum silent reader and a huge fan of ur sarcastic comments too achu dear u r also right but i realy hope that the twist they give is atlest justified upto some extent varna mein bathaa rahi hoon ZKM thayaar ho jaao apni saare fans aur trp ko lose karne ke liye.

    1. Moni7

      Hai ramya… thank you dear… comment pannunga…

      1. ChandaMaya

        Can’t wait to get your headlines and comments on this upcoming episode. Will we have a pretzel twist or a twist pastry?????? After all it’s about food! I think wecwill be in the dark still. The episodes have already been shot prior to airing it . . . I think the executive producers jumped the gun and anticipated that the fans would buy the changes. I think it is too late to get out of the mess right now. ZKM will be scrambling to gain ratings. They got too confident!!!!

  4. Latha

    Maya dear don’t worry all ur dreams will comes true and may be for some other reasons he has left Mehak in the mandap and i think CVS also saying that twist and turns and I am damn sure he will surprise Mehak, not only Mehak he will surprise us also. Let us wait and see .

    1. Hai everyone. I am also expecting a good and happy twist.. not this revenge and all..

  5. Vinitha

    Hai maya am also thinking that it’s not a revenge. But meri ashiqui serial mathiri show panniduvano nu. Shaurya voice must be different. I think so. Dual role. Ah totally confusing.

  6. if it’s not a revenge also will mahek be able to purdon shaurye for leaving her in mandap??i don’t think so..if she forgve it will be just unrealistic..but atlast it’s a daily soap so anythng is psble

    1. ChandaMaya

      Huge faux pas!!!

  7. hi dear mehrya fmly…wat twist n turns n surprise…however the damage caused is caused…no one can take it back…even i feel like moni said my heart still says shauri has same love for mehak…but watever leaving bride in mandap…tat too he took her to 7th heaven n showed her the dream world n from then suddenly dropping…may b he will catch her b4 she falls…still the moment she was left is a damage…i mean is dead moment…will not cum back…even if he shows luv n try yo marry her agn…jo darr baidgaya…its difficult…n the trust is broken…hoping for the best n still luv mehrya but less hope n not attached too much…tiz time…

  8. ChandaMaya

    Oh, my you are here! Morning everyone! Okay, renewed hope, but still Mr. Shaurya Khanna used the wedding as a marketing ploy for his own power, competition and fame! Totally not khosher!

  9. ChandaMaya

    Please find a new hunk for Mahek. Super brains, not just brawn and a show-off!! Farhad Khan look alike maybe?

  10. ChandaMaya

    You know, no one comments on my favourite sitcom, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!
    Tiwariji, is constipated!! Now how come ZKM, Mr. Khanna cannot show any constipation? Too much verbal dhiarrea!!! No laughter any more in this serial.

  11. ChandaMaya

    Telly Updates are great. I am following some shows by not looking at them any more, but reading the updates. I refuse to actually look at the emotional , senseless stuff. Updates are great and better than the usual impact.

  12. I actually think Shaurya loves Mehak but is compelled to show her other than love for her own good.
    I don’t know the reasons are and I definitely think there was good reasons why he is now staying away from her BUT surely there were other means and ways of doing it and telling her what’s happening.
    Walking out of the wedding was a great insult to Mehak, I really hope to see Mehak rises above this.
    I’m tired of seeing woman portrayed as weak and dependant on men.

  13. This change is not correct.person like shaurya is unpredictable he is like a person who can do anything in the last moment.makes mehek character more powerful then shauray after she passes by this taurama.

  14. Hi Maya, here one thing i have to remember to all, one middle class girl how much as much can be sacrificed for her love; 1.house 2.Respect in the society 3. good career.. she lost every thing, of course as u said shourya may come or not but what about those, finally she lost every thing of her life and she went to utmost to dead of this condition, i pity on mahek.

  15. Hi maya, i too hope shaurie is nt taking revenge….bt still i lyk tht arrogant shaurie…..n i dont want mehak hurt….two feelings….first of all i dint understand hw he changed wid one slap n started falling fr her…..nw if dey shw its a revenge hw cn a businessman stoop sooo low to take revenge by working in her house…..confused state….

  16. Hai Maya I also same opinion of moni and u

  17. Hai Maya I think he make surprise mahek or he saving mahek from enemies

  18. I don’t know…

  19. this track might be about saving her…. he would have found out about rajiv and his plots with those vamps… KD, Vat and Sanjay…

    He may have patterned the recipes under mahek’s name and until the process is not sealed… he might hav to act just to confuse everyone and keep them digging in this story specially the vamps… so thy dnt get time to find out all these….

    thats wat i feel

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