Love in Rain – Shot Four (Someone is back) Twinj FS (B-day special)

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Birthday special

Hy guys
Today is a very special day n I don’t need to say why? U all know it’s siddhant(kunj) b-day n moreover it’s my friend rashmi’s b-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So this epi is b-day special. Thanks everyone for supporting me.Incase anyone missed the previous shot here is the link. Enjoy reading.

Shot 3
Leela aunty n usha maa left the room after some formal talks. Now the real drama started. Twinkle like a jangali billi started to argue n attack me. I can’t bear this siyaapa queen for the whole lifetime. I have to do something. “Couldn’t u just refuse to marry me or is it that u are trying to take advantage of this situation.” She said hitting me with a pillow. “Twinkle please listen to me.” I said dfefending myself from the pillow attack. “Bolne aur sune ki bhari katam hogaya. Mere samne toh bahat bolte ho. Jab bolna tha tab kya huwa.” She said while continuously hitting me with a pillow. I had no other option but to hit her back. I too took a pillow from the bed n started hitting her. “U too could have refused siyaapa queen.” I saiod hitting her. “I am not a siyaapa queen….Did u get that Mr. Khadoos.” She said hitting my head with the pillow. I too hit her. We were so much lost in the pillow fight that we even didn’t notice such a big bed n we both fell down on the bed. But still we were hitting each other with the pillow. After sometime I said, “Time please.” while getting up. She stopped hitting me n she too got up from bed. I took a long deep breath n threw the pillow on the bed. Her hair was fully messed up n mine too. We both started laughing by seeing our messed up hair.

Suddenly the lights went off. Twinkle immediately hugged me. “Twinkle who scares others is scared of darkness wow.” I said teasing her. She immediately composed herself n said, “Stop teasing me.” She said as she caught my hand. “Ok fine.” I said. I walked towards the door with Twinkle but bumped with a chair. “Ouch.” “Kunj are u ok? Be careful.” She said being concern. Oh fish I am also so foolish I should switch on the flash of my cell. I immediately took out the cell from my pocket but to my misfortune my cell’s battery was dead. “Twinkle switch on the flash of your cell.” I said. “But I don’t know where I kept my cell. Wait I will check.” She said. This girl is really a big siyaapa queen. “Leave it let’s go down.” I said.

I tried to open the door but alas the door was locked from outside. I tried once again but the door was locked. Twinkle also tried to open the door but her efforts went in vain. “Hey who locked the door.” She said as she caught my hand even more tightly. Oh fish not again one more siyaapa. “I locked it. Hum dono ek kaamare may band ho aur lights off hojaye…how romantic.” I heard a sound from outside the door. “Toto.” Twinkle said. “ Now who is this toto.” I said being curious. “My small cousin sis Rashmi. Pyaar se may ushe toto bulati hu.” Twinkle replied. “Toto open the door.” Twinkle said banging the door.
R-“Firstly u say me what is today.”
T-Ummm Sunday.

R(a bit angry)- It’s my b-day…bhool gaye…
T- sorry…happy b-day toto…Open the door please.
R- Yehi aapki sajah hae….I won’t open the door but yah if u kiss jiju then I will open the door.
What kiss me n what did she say jiju? I am not her jiju. God what is this.
T-Oh hello yeh tere jiju nai n I won’t kiss him.
I-Yah Twinkle’s right.

R- Ok then u two stay inside. I am going to eat ice cream with my friend sid. Bye.
T-Ok wait.
R-Koi chalaki nai.
Twinkle came near me n slowly her lips met my lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck. My arms automatically wrapped around her waist. Suddenly the lights came n we came back to our senses n parted away. The door also opened. “Rashmi ki baachi aaj tera b-day hae iss liye chup hu..” Twinkle said.

Next scene

I was sleeping peacefully in my room. My phone buzzed. Oh god it’s 12 at night n who is disturbing me. It showed the name siyaapa queen. Oh no this girl will not spare me even at night. I couldn’t cut the call if I did so then she would not s[pare me. So I had to pick it. “Hello.” I said in a sleepy tone. “Happy b-day Kunj.” Twinkle said. This was enough to drag away my sleep. I got up from bed n said, “Thanks. I had really forgotten that it was my b-day. How did u know that?” “Your mom told me n I thought to wish u first.” She is really very cute but is an attitude plus siyaapa queen. Her behavior makes me feel so special. “Why don’t u come in the balcony?’ she said. “Ok.” I said rushing to the balcony.

PRECAP: Kehete hae khuda ne iss jaha may sab he ke liye…

Hope u guys liked it n please do drop ur cmts below.

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  1. Fatimaa.

    Heyy akku..
    The epi was awesome…
    Loved the kiss??..
    Love u post soon

  2. Mia12

    Omgggg my chocochipss,,
    What a update uff,,????..
    Awesome, Fabulous,,???????
    Twinj fight was so funny,,?????
    I Love kunj povs yarrrl,,??????
    And their kiss was ufff mardala,,???????????? but dono ko kuch fark hi na padha is kiss se,,???? but rashmi bhi bhtttt intelligent hai yarr,,????.. Every scean i Love it to the core,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Bas ab jab free hogi tab next jaldhi se post karna ok m waiting,,???
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤

  3. Presha

    Hey …
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it

  4. Aaku
    Amazing twinj ka first kisss
    N der moments tooo
    N everything is super
    Love u keep smiling

  5. SidMin23

    Nice funny cute and that kiss ? of twinj ?? thank to her coz it was her idea and how sweet of twinkle that she wish him first. Happy birthday sidhantgupta

  6. SidMin

    Aww Loved the episode 🙂 It was just too good 🙂
    Love you Post soon 🙂

  7. Baby

    ohhhh god ohhh god ohhhhhh god……..♥
    yrrr tot is shooooo sweet happy bday to her……..♥
    hayeeeee kiss bhi karadi aakriti……. 🙂
    par twinkle ko toto ne lips pr hi kiss krne ko kaha tha kya…hahhaa…..♥
    hayeeeeeee………… 🙂 marvelleous speechless…..♥
    or yeh songs ka tadka……..ufffff………♥
    wishing happy bday to kunj and now khete hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye………♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ufff………I cant wait…post nxt asap dear……..♥
    love u sooooooo mch……..♥

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