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WARNING : MATURE CONTENT, NOT FOR KIDS BELOW 15 (please make sure you’re above 15)
I thought of writing this OS when I read few swasan FFs and OSs..
it struck me that swasan were more intent on having s*x than making love in almost half the stories.. at least that’s just my opinion..
I usually don’t feel comfortable writing consummation scenes, but i’ve really tried hard to get this right..
hope you like it…
Swara sat in the bedroom, decked in all her finery. She looked at the mirror and saw her mangalsutra below her neck. When she moved her maang tika, she could see the red sindoor that adorned her forehead.
She smiled.
Swara : Swara Gadodia! You are now Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.
She still couldn’t believe it. Sanskaar, the man whom she had known since they were in diapers was now her husband. Her best friend, then her boy friend and the love of her life and now.. He was now her husband.
She removed the saree pallu from her forehead and went to the washroom and washed up. She shivered in anticipation at the thought of her wedding night. Though Sanskaar and she had kissed and done even more during their engagement, they had come to a uninanimous decision that their wedding night would be the day they became one.

She changed into a light shimmery saree with a sleeveless blouse. She had first thought of waiting in her wedding clothes and making Sanskaar remove her jewelry just like how they did in movies, but that was too filmy. Plus the saree was heavy. No, it was better she changed.
Swara (looking at herself in the mirror) : I hope Sanskaar likes this.
Sanskaar : Sanskaar will like anything you wear, My love!
Swara watched him through the mirror as he walked inside the room and smiled. As usual, her heart jumped with joy looking at him. She didn’t know how Sanskaar had come to mean everything to her. They had been inseperable since their birth that she couldn’t imagine anyone else instead of Sanskaar. He was the one constant in her life.
He came and stood behind her and they looked at themselves in the mirror.
Sanskaar : Swara Gadodia…

Swara (smiling and correcting him) : Not anymore. It’s Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari now.
Sanskaar’s smile grew beatific. He put his arms around her.
Sanskaar : So it is. How did I become so lucky?
Swara turned and put her arms around him as well.
Swara : I love you, Husband.
Sanskaar (kissing her forehead) : I love you too, My Doll!
His lips traced the path to her ear lobes and he slowly nibbled on them and she shivered. Her whole body was tingling and she knew she was starting to get excited.
Sanskaar stopped at her shiver.
Sanskaar : Do you want me to stop, Swara? You seem like you’re about to catch a cold.
Swara : Don’t you dare stop, you horrible man. You know that was anticipation and not a shiver of illness.
She pulled him close and kissed him. Her lips, though soft and demanding melted as Sanskaar took over the kissing. He bit her lower lip and at her gasp, entered her mouth and he devoured her tongue.
Were he not holding her tight, Swara would surely have melted into a puddle on the floor. She wasn’t shocked at their kiss, but there was something different about it tonight. There was a laziness, a promise that more pleasure awaited her.
She clutched his loosely buttoned white shirt and began picking at the buttons. Sanskaar noticed and chuckled, then removed his shirt revealing a white banyan.
She knew all about the wedding night, Ofcourse. Her mother had explained it to her. Her elder sister Ragini had counselled her as well. Ofcourse there was always the internet and the numerous books she had read. She knew the science behind the act.
But all the information seemed to slip away from her mind. The only thing she could think of right now was Sanskaar and Sanskaar alone.

She couldn’t get close enough. She knew that there was something that would bring them closer, something that would make them one. She needed more, her body needed something more. The heat continued to build inside her until she felt she would spontaneously burst into flames.
Swara (her voice in a whimper) : Sanskaar!
His hands moved from her waist as they cupped her face and held it gently as he moved from her lips and gave her small feathery kisses along her eyelids, nose, cheeks, jaw and neck.
Sanskaar : Swara! My love! My sweetheart! What do you want?
Swara : I.. I..

Her voice fell away as she tilted her head to one side allowing Sanskaar more room to kiss her. He gladly took the oppurtunity and with his lips tugged on the saree and it fell down, half tied to her waist. His hands moved to her waist and held her tight.
His touch on her exposed flesh made Swara shiver again, though with what, She didn’t know. Her whole body ached for more. She wanted release and wanted Sanskaar.
Suddenly she grew aware of the fact that Sanskaar was removing her blouse and she blushed.
Swara : Sans….

Sanskaar stopped what he was doing and looked at her with smiling eyes. Swara saw the love in his eyes and knew that she trusted and loved him.
Swara (shaking her head) : Just love me.
Sanskaar rewarded her with a kiss on her lips for her answer. Before she knew it, her upper body was exposed to his eyes. His hands covered her mounds and kneaded them softly.
Sanskaar (in a whisper) : My love, You’re so beautiful.
Her head fell back at his words and the sensation of his hands on her br*asts caused her to thrust it further into his arms.
She touched his still clothed chest and managed a whisper.
Swara (whispering) : Sanskaar! Please! I want to touch you too.
Swara’s soft whisper nearly made Sanskaar lose his control. How could she make him burn this way? He was not new to this. He had had experiences before but they seemed nothing compared to this.
The scent of her lily perfume and soap, the softness of her against him, the beautiful sight of her bare in front of him and her lips made it almost impossible for him to not embarass himself before their wedding night was complete.
Sanskaar : You will touch me, My love. I promise you.
He lifted her into his arms and headed towards the bed. He towered on top of her and took her lips in a possessive kiss. His trembling hands slid down and slowly began to tug at her saree and finally succeeded in removing it completely. Now only her satin underskirt and innerwear remained.
He looked at her, her black hair in disarray over her shoulders, tumbling down her back. His insides clenched as he perceived the desire in her eyes, her smooth milky skin aching for his touch.
But most of all, her smile.
A siren’s smile, passionate and wicked showed on her lips as she realised the control she had over him. Swara had lifted his banyan and made him take it off and then her hands were on his chest. She moved up and down making him shudder at the pleasure coursing through him. Her hands came down and he stopped before he finished their night for them.
Torn between letting her explore him and the need to slow things down, he held her hands and kissed them one by one. He was awarded by Swara’s tremble at his erotic kisses.
Sanskaar : Sweetheart! We should take it slowly. Otherwise, I’ll be spent and we’ll both have a frustrated night. (tweaking her nip*les) I want my release with my wife.
Swara’s raspy breath at his touch threatened to break his resolve again. His hands slowly moved downward and untied her underskirt. He divested her of the remaining clothes until she was completely bare before him.

Swara’s face flushed crimson as she saw him gazing at her with loving yet appreciative eyes. Her eyes automatically lowered, but Sanskaar raised her chin.
Sanskaar : Don’t ever hide from me. You’re so lovely.
Swara grew even more red at that but then her eyes widened as she felt Sanskaar touching her inner core. The very private part of her body where no one had ever touched before.
Swara : Sanskaar! I’m not wearing anything. Why are you?
Sanskaar gave a surprised chuckle and complied with his wife’s wishes. He removed his pants and watched her carefully. Her eyes grew large and her eyes moved to his face as she drew back slightly. She had grown slightly apprehensive.
Before Swara could move back any further, Sanskaar pulled her to him and gave a searing kiss.
His hands, now on her back, moved down to her rear and gave it a slight squeeze eliciting a sharp gasp from her lips. He rolled over and Swara was once again pinned to the bed, but not letting his go.
Swara (looking at Sanskaar’s member) : This is going to be difficult.
Sanskaar’s only response was to kiss her lips, her chest, her navel as his fingertips caressed her womanhood and stroked her to unbelievable pleasure.
Swara thrashed and shivered below him, lost for words. Sanskaar looked at her and knew he had to enter her now.
Except for the blood pounding through his veins the thumping of his heart and the sounds they both were giving out, Everything else was blocked out.
Sanskaar nudged her legs apart and moved himself over her again, his lips at her neck.
Swara gave an involuntary shiver as he entered her. He penetrated her and took in a kiss as he felt her body stiffen with pain. He kept still for a moment, waiting for her to become ready again.
He felt her relax and he kissed the tears in her eyes.
Sanskaar (kissing the salty tears away) : I’m so sorry, My love. I didn’t think it would hurt this bad.
Swara shook her head.

Swara : The pain was bad.. But you.. You made it perfect.
His body took over then, moving rythmically as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
Sanskaar closed his eyes as his past experiences became nothing. They meant nothing now. The love that Swara had for him, The love that he had for Swara made everything different.
He saw her sweet face, her eyes half closed as well and he knew they both were on the brink of their release.
Suddenly the whole world came apart. Swara pulled Sanskaar towards her and kissed him with all her might as they shook after their intense climax.
Finally, Sanskaar moved and cradled Swara in his arms.
Swara felt as if all her bones were liquid. What a glorious thing they had just shared.
Swara : I now understand.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry?
Swara : I understand why no one likes to talk about this. I mean I don’t think anyone else would be able to understand the pleasure when you’re with the right partner.
Sanskaar smiled.
Sanskaar : I love you, Swara!
Swara (snuggling close to him) : I love you too, my love. I love you too.
I hope you guys like it.. You all know it’s way out of my comfort zone..
But i just wanted to show that s*x is an emotional intercourse as well. I don’t know if I’ve managed to show that, but it’s just my feeble attempt…
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Credits to MEHER, VEDU and SWEETIE DII for having the patience and convincing me it’s good enough to post <3 <3
This is pakka gonna be my last OS for a while.. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to comments in snfm and my last two OSs..
if i have hols and the reply box is still open, i shall def do so..
Love you all…

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  1. It was nice….even I agree with ur POV…love u…plz don’t stop writing os….I’m eagerly waiting for ur other stories…love u always…All the very Best for ur xamz….

  2. Mica

    Anjuuuuuuuuuuuuu… huh! waaahhhhh you are growing up now 😀 😀
    well i read just a half as i get paralyzed already 😀 😀
    but yeah…. Having s*x and making love have different meaning though….

  3. Sus

    its nyc dear definitely having s*x with your love is emotional feeling which make u feel escasty

  4. awesome❤?

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  6. Ria

    Anjali Diiiiiii,
    Lemme first tell ya how shocked I was when I saw your OS! I wasn’t expecting one, at least not now, when your exams are just a week or so later. I scrolled down, then again, scrolled up to see whether it said – ‘Anjali’s Swasan OS’. And OMG, it was! ?
    Well about this, I don’t have words. I could never have thought making love could be penned down so beautifully, maturely, and importantly, emotionally. True, S*x does have emotional attachments and I suppose that’s what the case is most of the times. Enough of my Gyaan??
    I love this, and let me warn you, it isn’t vulgar at all. Keep writing more, of any type, don’t take me wrong. ? Thanks to everyone who convinced you to post this or else, I’d have missed this beautiful article. The thought makes me sad, ALREADY. ?
    Well, okay, all the best now. I’m looking forward to the end of your exams (More than you?). Hoping for more one shots, sweet, sad, any type, to come.

    Love ya!
    – Ria

  7. Pooja26

    u r underrating urself dear…… don’t do that ever……
    u r such a faboulous writer i hv seen……
    ur writing r marvelous…..
    unique piece……
    just beyond words, loved it !!!!!
    u always awstruck me by ur writings yr…..
    its damn good 🙂 🙂

  8. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear and yeah it was not vulgar so font need to apologise dear…
    And best of luck for exams come soon dear waiting for another os

  9. Seebu_s

    Anju..i’m angry on u…y u always understimate urself(*angry me*)ur every os is awesome..loved this os too..yes everyone has their emotions and u described very well..loved it..once again all the best for ur exams..take care

  10. Scooby

    Superb ???

  11. Tamil

    Amazing dear….it’s not vulgar…..all the best for your exams…..

  12. Phoniex

    loved it dear. yes yu are right the touch of love itself is different it contains patience and warmth while a touch of need always has urgency. Lova can be wild or sublime but it always has patience and warmth that let you flow down even without knowing what you are doing.

  13. Praju

    All ur os and ffs are always awesome so stop underestimating urself….because u have great talent ?????

  14. Superb nice

  15. u r really talented dear..loved it..
    u described their emotions beautifully..all d best for ur

  16. firstly it is not vulgar dear…the way u portrayed ur emotions on swasan is very good…loved it..take care:-)

  17. Kakali

    Anjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..!! Yoo this is call love, this is call the emotion while making love to ur love ones!! Waa now a days LOVE MAKING kaam s*x har jagah jyada milta hai ffs mei! I duno about others ?..!! Yooo,yesterday i opened it to read but duno what happened to me! I just couldn’t while it was written by uuuuu..!! But nowwww,, Waaaaaa I totally love it.! Live it ! You have beautifully described and penned it down.! I’m going to take tuitions from u in FB.! Be ready!! Oki,only after exam.!? BOL again..!! TC..! Thnk u.. ;-*

  18. Simi

    Y r u underestimating ur self dear… U r a good writer…. ? n its not vulgar… Enjoyed reading this…

  19. anjali…y u always make me speechless with ur every work…when u write some os/ff…i always think it is ur best work till date…but again with ur new works u will proove this best than other works…truely saying…it is not at all vulgar…this os is LOVE…loved it…dont understimate urself…u can write every type of zonar…i wish to read one fun type os written by u on our beloved swasan?all the best to ur exams…keep smiling…

  20. awesome…it is not vulgar…loved it..

    1. Anjali30

      Thnxxx soo much ritu… ??❤❤

  21. Arshaanya

    Anjali it was not at all vulgar…
    D words u used were perfect to dscrbe dis emotion…
    I agree s*x n makin love r 2 dffrnt things..
    Loved it ?

    1. Anjali30

      Thnxxx arshaanya… I’m so glad you loved ittt!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Vyshu10

    Awesome….all the best for exams

    1. Anjali30

      Thnxxx vyshuuu… ❤❤❤❤

      Btw… Did you get the books I sent??

  23. hey anjali…i’m fan of of ur mmai ff…i think it is finished by i’m away from tu from many months..have to spend some time on ur lovely stories…coming to u really think it is vulgar…then u r wrong…the way u described every love emotion is perfect..loved it dear…so happy to see u writing ffs os on our swasan…and r u writing any new ff..if so tell me that ff name n ur remaining os names also..would love to read…forgot to say…all the best dear..

    1. Anjali30

      Heyyy soumya…

      Aww..tysm… <3

      Yeahh.. I ended mmai… Only about a month ago…

      Aww… So sweet of you… I'm glad you think this isn't vulgar… I don't too.. Just wanted to apologise in case someone feels it is…

      As for ff.. I'm writing another swasan ff called she's not for me..

      And os links are given above…

      In one of the oss.. My other oss links are go given as well…

      Hope you like them…

      Good to have you back… ❤❤❤

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  25. Vedu10

    See see.. I told its awsome. Awsome anjali wrote it perfectly ?? i loved it.
    Lots of love ??


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