Your Love My Prison Episode 13+14

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Hi Friends I’m back with my FF I hope you all have missed me ok so stopping any kind of bak bak let’s start the episode


RECAPE : Swara’s frustration and Sanskaar’s confession….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode – 13

Sence – 1


Swara was still shocked with Sanskaar’s sudden confession and was thinking whether it is true or not

***********Swara’s POV***********

No this can’t happened how can he love me I know it’s his new way to trap me I instantly wipe my tears and gets up from carpet

No this time not Mr Maheswari I’ll not allow you to do the same thing which you had done with me already I’ll never trust you

But I have also seen love for me in his eyes when he said that HE LOVES ME and I have also seen pain in his eyes a deep pain what should I do now hmm I think I should talk to mom may be she can help me from all this mess yah this will be right

***********ENDS POV***********

Swara wipe her years and goes towards the phone she dialed his mother’s number and wait till she picks up

The phone was ringing but no one was lifting it Swara thought may be her mother is busy that’s why she is not receiving her calls so she kept the phone at side table and sat on the bed

She was feeling tired and she thought to sleep for some time she ly down on the bed and closes her eyes for sleep

Suddenly she opened her eyes and sat on the bed her face was looking horrified as she has seen something very bad which she does not want to see in her life again

Tears started to flow from her eyes and she again started crying remembering that dreadful incident of her life the incident which had changed the cute happy and baby Swara to a need and composed person

***********FB STARTS***********

Location : Mumbai

AT A Park

Two girls were around 17 playing in a play ground running laughing and doing pranks on each other

Girl 1(Sees watch) : OMG we are getting late for college come let’s go before we go late in our class

Girl 2(Hurridly) : oh yah and I really I don’t want to listein Prof Sukla lecture you know He always gives lectures to late comers and I’m not in a mood to listein his lecture come let’s run Sonia

Sonia : Yah Shona come…

Saying so both started to running their class and reach there on time

Swara(Sighs in relief) : Thank God we made it on time

Sonia : Yah hey see Prof is coming let’s go in

So both Sonia and Swara were best friends since 14 as they both were same class in school so they become BF in fact more than that both were soul sisters

Both always help each other and keep supporting themeselves

Since Shekar does not like Sonia as she was belong to a Middle class family but he always keep quite due to Swara

While day passes in the lectures and now it was time to leave Swara always drops Sonia at her home so today also both were in Swara’s car and driving towards Sonia’s Home just than car stops with a jolt

Swara(Confused) : what happened Kaka? Why you stop the car

Driver : I don’t know Mam I think there is some problem you both sit in car I’ll check

Swara : ok

Driver checks the car and sees that there is some technical problem which can only fix macanic so he goes towards Swara’s window and knock
Swara who hears knock slides down the morrorvof car

Swara(Asks) : What happened Kaka?

Driver : Swara Madam I think we have to call the mechanic it’s getting late you both go home with texi I’ll come after repairing this car

Swara : ok kaka we will go plz you take care

Both Swara and Sonia hires a texi and started to go towards the Sonia Home the texi stops in front of a House and Sonia comes down she asks Swara to come inside and have tea and Swara also agreed

Both goes inside and were having tea just than door bell rings Sonia’s Mom open the door and becomes horrified on seeing the Man at door

The Man bushes Sonia’s Mom and comes inside

Sonia’s Mom(SM)(Pleading) : Plz leave us we have no money to gave you plz leave us I beg you plz

Both Swara and Sonia becomes shocked on seeing SM begging to a Man

Swara and Sonia immediately runs to her and makes her stand
The Man sees Swara and Sonia with evill eyes and said to SM

Man(sees Swara and Sonia with evill eyes) : who are these two? You said you have no one expect your husband now who are these two ladies???

SM(pleading) : Please leave them this is neighbours daughter(points towards Sonia) and this is a business Man Shekar Gagodia(Points towards Swara ) daughter these both offenly comes here to meet me as I have no child

Sonia and Swara becomes shocked on liste8ning to this and were about to spoke but SM sign them not to speak through her eyes and both kept quite

Man moves from his place and goes towards Swara and Sonia and said

Man : I don’t care who are they I just know that I want them you all catch them and put in our jeep

SM(Holding that Man feet) : no plz no plz leave them there parents will be worried for them plz leave them

SM holds that’s Man’s foot and beggs to leaves them but that man kicks SM and he takes both Swara and Sonia forcefully


Both Swara and Sonia were locked in a room and both were crying

Swara(crying) : Sonia I wanna go home plz do something I’m very scared

Sonia who sees Swara in that condition becomes sad as it’s due to her she is in this situation she hugs Swara and consoles her

Sonia(tried to consol her) : Don’t worry Swara I’m here we will run from here just wait for sometime ok

Swara nodes and silly sits there cryingly

Just than door opens and Two Men came in one was the Man who forcefully took them here and other one was new
Seeing the men Swara hide behind Sonia and hugs her from back

Man1(Evilly) : look bhai I got two items one for me and one for you How are them

Man2(smiles evilly) : wow chote I must say both are equally pretty but I want the one who is hiding

Man1 : thank God bhai you choose second one as I want this one

Sonia gains some courage and said

Sonia(with courage ) : who are you both and why have you kidnapped us? Look plz let us go

After listening to Sonia Swara also gain some courage and comes out behind Sonia

Swara(explaining) : Please let us go if you want money than my father will give you as he is a big business Man he will give you How much you want and we will never tell this about to anyone but please leave us

Listing to this both men started to laugh

Man1(Laughs evilly) : Haha haha we don’t need your money in fact now we want you both qn bhai??

Man2(smrikls) : Yah Nikhil I want that chick in my bed I can’t wait more

Nikhil : so what’s the problem Sahil Bro take her

Sahil : no not now as I have work but you keep your eyes on both so that they should not able to run

Nikhil : Ok Bro

Both left from there leaving Swara and Sonia crying helplessly


Episode 14

***********FB Continue**********

AT Night

A man comes in the room with Food and asks them to eat as he was not drank so he mistakenly left the door opened

Both Swara and Sonia thinks this best opportunity and runs from there

Both were running continuously suddenly a police can stops near them and Inspector recognize Swara instantly

Inspector(Asks) : You are Swara Gogodia the daughter of Shekar Gagodia right?

Swara(while painting) : yes inspector its me

Inspector ; ok you both sit car I’ll drop you at your mention your father is very worried he has complained FIR that’s why we are finding you can you please tell us what happened? And why were you both running and who is this girl?

Swara explains the whole matter to inspector and than inspector drops them to their mention

Both Swara and Sonia goes in and Shekar who was wirriedly walking becomes so much happy after seeing Swara alright
He immediately goes towards Swara and hugs her and said

Shekar : Thank God you are fine beta when SM called and tell me that someone has kidnappe you I was so much worried

Swara ; it’s ok dad now I’m fine and yah dad Sonia will also stay here for some days as it’s not safe for her to live alone plzz dad

Shekar didn’t like Sonia but he stays quite due to Swara

Shekar : Ok princess as you say Shomi plz take them in their rooms

After that one month passed everything was fine in fact more than fine Swara was very happy with Sonia and she very da y goes with her college and comes back too

One Day

Both Swara and Sonia were going college just than Shomi fainted Both rushes towards her and calls Shekar

He came and lifts Shomi and take her to their room after sometime doctor came and said that she needs rest

So Sonia to go college and said Swara to stay at home as Swara was not feeling like to make her go but he agrees on her insistence but she said Shekar to pick Sonia from college when she is free while Shekar agrees

AT Evening

It has been evening and Shekar and Sonia both were no where to be seen Swara was so much worried and walking in hall while her eyes were only on door

Just Shekar enters with the support of 2 men he was having a bedage to his head and blood stains were visible on his shirt

Seeing this Swara immediately find towards him and said

Swara(worried & Crying) : Dad what happened??? Who did this to you???

Shekar(assures her) : I’m sorry beta I couldn’t save your friend they take her

Swara becomes horrified Listeining to this

Swara(crying bityerly) : what do you mean dad? Who take Sonia tell me! And how this all happened?

Shekar : we were returning from her college just than a jeep stops in front of our car and some goons came towards us they got Kevin my head and take Sonia away I couldn’t save her I’m sorry I’m sorry Swara

Listeining to Shekar Swara sit with thud and was not showing any motion Shomi was trying her best to consol Swara but no use

Shekar informs police and after one week they found a girls dead body with brutely raped

After seeing dead body of her lovely soul sister Swara becomes lifeless she didn’t even react and goes in depression so Shekar decide to shift KOLKATA in that way Swara will come out of depression

***********FB ENDS**********

Swara was still crying clutching quilt in her fits remembering all those dreadful incidents she once again was totally broken by mentally


Sence – 2


Sanskaar was pacifying IN office remembering Swara’s words to let her go but after this much he was not ready to let her go

Just than her mobile rings and he got to know that his men has caught Avi at air port so he ordered them to bring him to basement


Sence – 3

IN Basement

Avi was tied on the chair and Sanskaar enters in the basement he goes towards Avi and sat confront of him

Sanskaar(mockingly) ; Hello Avi remember me??? Oh you must have forgotten let me remind you I’m Sanskaar your ex’s husband

Avi becomes scared on seeing Sanskaar

Avi(scared) : why have you kidnapped me ?? I know I had a relation with swar…..

He voice stuck in his thorat as he received a tight punch on his jaw from Sanskaar and Sanskaar’s pills a gun out from her back and placed in front of Avi

Sanskaar(warnes) : Don’t you dare to blame Swara I got to know that you are lieing now tell me why you did this???(angrily shouting) And yah tell me truth of you tell me any kind of lie than you will be dead

Avi started to shiver on Listeining to Sanskaar’s threatening tone and seeding gun

Avi(scared) : I’ll tell you everything plzzzz don’t shoot me

Sanskaar(Roared) : than speak….

Avi(Fumbles) : wo wo…. Someone give me money to say this to you anddddd….

Sanskaar(Shouting ) : and what Dammit…..speak now

Avi : and to mix drug in your drink so you posse your sences

Sanskaar becomes shocked on Listeining to this that he was druged he started to punch Avi while he was begging him to leave but Sanskaar didn’t show any mercy and beat him black and blue
After sometime Avi faints and Sanskaar left from there ordering his men to keep an eye on him


Sence – 4


***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

OMG it means I was drugged that’s why I did all that with Swara
No Sanskaar you can’t blame that blo*dy drug it’s your fault you should have control on your mind
Ahhhhh that Avi I’ll not leave him that easily of he has not fainted I would have known till now who that bastered is who is trying to creat MISSUNDERSTANDINGS between me and Swara I have to find out sooner before he harm Swara

Talking about Swara I don’t what is she doing right now from morning I have just seen her crying I hope she will be resting

I think I should check on her as she is very sensitive if she hears herself than……no I can’t think like that I think I should check on her

I moves towards the room I slowly opens the door without making a noise and saw her sleeping in the bed in sitting position
I sighs in relief as she is sleeping I moves towards bed and sat beside her

Now I can clearly see her innocent pale face tears marks were still visible on her risey pink cheeks I moves my hand towards her but than pulled it back thinking if she woke up than she will again mussunderstood me

I was about to walk out of the door just than I heard her voice she was talking in sleep

Swara(crying) : please leave us please Sonia Sonia …..

Suddenly she started to shake her head left to right I become worried and instantly hugged her

AT first she tries to free herself but than calm down in my embrace I slowly and care fully make her my properly on the bed

I tried to broke the hug but she was hugging my tightly so I may in her carefully putting my weight on her and lifts my head to see her beautiful face

I don’t know why but I was feeling like my all wounds are healing the pain which I was bearing from years was slowly turning into pleasure

I thought how much her touch has affect on me if her single hug can remove my pain than may be her full touch make me live in heaven

Now I was regretting on my act forcefully making love with her if I could have in my sences I must have made that moment special but now I’ll make it surely after regaining her trust completely

I slowly kissed on her forehead and than hurried my face in her neck and peace started to fill in my veins and sleep took over me…..

***********ENDS POV***********


PERCAPE: not decided yet….!!!


Now I want response guys that too with comments and if I didn’t get any response than forget about the next episode sooner….!!!

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