I Love You (Part 3) b

Sanskar office

San – aman
Am – sir
San – tell him to come
Am – ok sir

Adarsh came to the cabin and saw sanskar but didnt saw his face because sanskar was facing his back to him
Ad – hello mr sm
Sanskar turns
San – yes
Ad – sanskar (shocked)

Swasan room
Sanskar came to their room and saw swara sittimg on bed and sleeping puting her head on the headboard sara was sleeping in the cradle
San – oh god look how she is sleeping shona will never change
He goes and make swara lye on the bed properly and covered her with blanket  . When he was going back swara catches his hands
Sanskar smiles and take his hands from her and goes to washroom
Swara woke up hearing the sound of water coming from bathroom
Sw – sanskar came
She look at the watch and saw time 2 o clock then she saw herself and smiles understanding sanskar put blanket over her
By the time sanskar came

San – sorry i broke your sleep right
Sw – nothing like that
Come ill serve you dinner
San – dinner now its 2 i dont want
Sw – so what you hadnt lunch now you dont want dinner also
San – shona im very tired and having headache also
Sw – headache oh god (goes near him and make him sit on bed)
San – shona noth…
Sw – (tears) i know nothing happend to you . Doctor said you to not avoid food and medicine then why are you doing that itself you know na you have migrane  and cannot take stress
She hugs him by burrying her head in his neck

If anything happends to you then ill surely ….
San – shona stop it(angry) i know what you are going to say
He make her sit in his lap and wraps his hands around her waist and she put her head in his chest
San – dont say like that it hurts here(shows his heart)
Sw – sorry ill not repeat it again
She goes and takes medicine and water and give to him
Sw – eat this and take rest ill prepare tea for you
San – its ok shona no need to make tea
Sw – i said na ill make it

San – ok ok
After sometimes swara came to the room with a cup of tea
And saw the room full dark
Sw – why did he switch off the light (suddenly something struck to her mind)oh god pls help me to control sanskar
She switch on the lights and saw sanskar standing near the balcony
Sw -(fear)sanskar
San -(angry)what
Sw – tea
San – i dont want
Sw – please sanskar
San – take that and go away from me

Sw – listen sanskar
Suddenly he broke the flower vase in anger and started to shout due to which sara woke up and started crying
Swara goes near her and try to calm her down
Sw – sanskar (tears) sara is crying(swara didnt take sara from the cradle because she thought sanskar will take her and his anger will go)
Without paying any heed sanskar goes from the room
Swara took sara
Sw -(tears) sorry baby nothing happend okay dad is not feeling good thats why he got angry dont cry okay
After making sara sleep swara goes to another room and saw sanskar standing infront of the broken mirror  which he broke and blood coming from his hand seeing this swara rushes to him
Sw -(crying) sanskar why are you doing this
San – i want to be alone swara
Sw – ill not let you be alone
She does his first aid

San – (with love) shona
Sw -(happy and hugs him)i love you
San – (hugs back) i love you too
San – im sorry shona
Sw – no need to be sorry sanskar i know it happens when a person have migrane he/she cannot themselves and will,do somethinhs
(Wipes his tears) and someone said that in friendships there is no sorry and
San – no thank you(laughs)
Swara kisses his forehead
Sw – come will go to our room

San – shona , doll did she woke up hearing my shouting
Sw – wo..
San – say shona (she nods) i know im not a good father thats why i made my daughter cry
Sw – are you a kid sanskar . Just remove this thought from your mind there is nothing like that , she loves you and you too loves her so much then why to think like this
They came to their room and saw sara sleeping peacefully
Sanskar goes and kisses her forehead

San – im sorry doll ill not repeat it again
Sw – now sleep sanskar its too late
San – shona i want to sleep with my doll
Swara smiles and takes the baby from cradle and kept her on bed
Sw – now you can sleep with your doll
Sanskar smiles and sleep on the right side of sara , swara on her left and sara was in the middle
Swara woke up and saw SanRa sleeping such that sara was keeping her small hand on his . She goes and kiss both cheeks and wish them good morning
Sw –  good morning

Swara was in kitchen and preparing coffee suddenly she heard sara crying
San – shona shona come fast
Ap – beta you go and take care of her
Su – ha swara
Sw – coming sanskar

Swara goes to her room and saw sanskar sitting on bed and sara on his arms  she was crying loudly
Sw – sara what happend sanskar
San – i dont shona  i was coming from washroom and saw sara sitting on bed when i went and took her she started crying
Swara took sara in her hands and make her calm dowń
Sw – sshhhh nothing baby
Sara became calm
Sw -(tears)dont make us worried babý and kisses her forehead
Sara – mom..
Sw – ha beta (suddenly she realise what sara called hèr) san..skar s..h.e call me mom…. is it true
San -(happy)ha shona it is true

Sw – call me one more time baby
Sa – mom
Sw  – im so happy sanskar
San – will you call me papa doll
Sara turns and put her head in swaras shoulder
San – she is angry with  me shona
Sw – hey i said yesterday too not to talk like this
San – sorry(he goes near sara as she was putting her head on swaras snoulders)
San – sorry doll ill not repeat it again(he brings a doll from wardrobe) its for you doll please forgive me
Sara smiles and calls him papa

Sara – d..a..d..
Sanskar with happiness started to shout and took sara in his arms
San – i love you doll (kisses her forehead and started to throw in her air while sara was laughing whole heartedly)
Sw -(laughs) sanskar control yourself
San – how can i shona look she call me dad
im happiest man in the earth now
Hearing his shout all came to their room

Pr – what happend bhai
San – you know prinku she my doll call me dad and shona  mom
Ru – really(swara nodes)
Ap – you both will get all the happiness in your life may all coming days be happy for you
Su – ha jiji is saying right
Lak – bhai
San – aman came and has given tickets
San – when is the flight
Dp – tomorrow morning 9
Sw – are you all going somewhere
Rp – sanskar didnt say anything to you
Swara looks towards sanskar

Guys ending here will try to update it asap

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