Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 16

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 16
HI everyone sorry for late update I’m back been busy so let’s begin thanks for the comments and jasminerahul avantika is in naagin 2 as well it’s interesting you should watch naagin 2 and people please keep on commenting and giving support

Avantika: where is yamini
Shesha: she has lost it she wants to marry her son and not give naagmani to anyone
Avantika: let’s pay her a visit
Avantika laughs while shesha smirks
Shesha comes to yamini
Shesha: I’m sorry yamini ji
Yamini: yamini ji wa kali naagin what
Shesha: I bought someone to visit
A lady walks in the veil
Yamini: I won’t give profit

Lady removes her veil
Yamini is shocked to see avantika
Yamini: aaavantika
Avantika: yes it’s avantika
Yamini: you
Avantika: what won’t give profit after I made you get back to life you were dead I have my power again and can kill you
Avantika turns into a bee
Yamini: I’m sorry
Avantika turns back to her human avatar
Avantika: you better do what I say or else watch you will kill shivanya ritik Ishita Raman abhi Pragya khushi and Arnav
Yamini: don’t worry we will plan shivangi marriage but this marriage will be blood
All laugh and combine forces
Yamini: they coming what will I do i have to hide myself
Avantika: shesha will do 2 avatars in one scene

Shesha turns into yamini and goes
Ishra Abhagya arshi Rivanya come there
They’re sat at one place while the other are in one place
Shesha sees ritik and gets angry
Shesha in rocky aunty avatar
Shesha: hello I’m rocky badi ma
Shesha turns back at rocky and looks like yamini
Shesha: we have decided for marriage of rocky and avantika
Ritik: we accept it
Shivanya: yes we do accept it
Shivanya kisses ritik on the cheek
Shesha gets angry
Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays

All are happy
They leave
Shesha comes
Shesha: o over acting ki dukaan hurry up so rocky can be mine
Yamini: tomorrow will be mehendi and then marriage blood
Avantika: blood marriage
All villans laugh

Precap: yamini in dream stabs shivanya and ritik   couples romance wedding preparations

Promo for upcomming episodes
What will happen in the marriage too much twists
Will the next be the couples last day in my story

  1. Jasminerahul

    I watched naagin2.i did’nt notice Aashka’s name.So Avantika the bee only saved yamini from death?They r planning 4 rocky Shivangi wedding.right?Then why did shesha as rocky’s aunty said that they r planning rocky avantika wedding?i’m confused.loved d short Rivanya scene.plz don’t make this wedding bloodshed like in the naagin2 there was too much of violence n tragedy.plz dont kill rivanya at d wedding like in d show where shivanya was stabbed brutally

  2. Siddhi

    Nice but day by day the story is losing its charm,don’t feel bad as it is just my point of view but your ff is nice but not excellent

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