Love in paradise (ek duje ke vaste) Episode 1

Episode 1……..

Its a lovely peacefull end of night in pink paradise whole pink paradise is sleeping peacefully.
Moon saw whole pink paradise with wide open eyes by making thm move here and there, moon smiles and close its eyes and fly away.. from other side a sun comes and start smiling as sun smile get widen slowly slowly its rays reach to each corner of pink paradise and to clouds.
sun rays reach the clouds and hit the face of angel sleeping on clouds.
She turns other side and cover her face with pillow(small cloud) after while she remove pillow and turn towards sun
angel:hey sunny good morning u again came so early!!!!
Sun winks and smile
angel:but where is my sweet heart moon ammmm today i,m vanishing u so pink paradise can sleep for whole day πŸ˜€

she close her eyes to do magic…..

Horrified sound comes in between(queen_fairy):DONT U DARE DAINA

diana gets scared and get up

diana:shit!!!!!!!! Queen_fairy

queen_fairy:what is this diana why these stupid things cook in ur mind all tym u knw u r so weak in magic that ur magic tricks always went wrong instead of improve urself in magic u always went with wrong tricks and trouble whole land,,,,,,

diana:but queen_fairy………

Queen_fairy: no any explainations now its ur punishment that today whole day u hv to stay on clouds without magic power u r not allowed on land…..

Diana beat her head with her hand
diana: diana u r gone today

and by mistake she hits her sandal which went on land and hit the head of old man

queen_fairy:dianaaaaa (angirly)

diana: sorry sorry

in fairly land
that man:who the hell hit me with sandal (looks around) then threw that sandal away which hit the window of house and window broke,,,,,,,

man:opppps i broke my own house window(dumbo)
(he went)

inside house a boy turn by voice of breaking window who was reading a magic book

(he is wearing a golden silk gown and he is really handsome)

he went towards window and lift broken pieces in air (by magic) and throw them towards window and it got repair………

He takes the sandal and recognize its of diana
boy:God!!!!! Now where is she trouble queen

then he turn his hand in air which produce white smoke and diana is seen in it sitting on clouds

boy eyes fill with love as he see her and smile spread on lips………..

@Pet house of pink paradise

an old lady with beautiful wings came an saw many pets like 3 legged cat a dog without tail a fish which could swim backward but did not like any thing at last a parrot catch her eye which was shining with pink glitter

lady: what is this

shopkeeper: oh this is parrot which come from magic place ( magic school of pink paradise) angel diana try some magic on it so now it can say only one line ‘who is it’

lady: alright i,ll buy this…

She take parrot and went home and place it by door and went outside for some shopping while she was gone a man knocked the door

parrot: who is it

man: the butcher

parrot: who is it (again)

man: the butcher

parrot:(again) who is it

man: the butcher (angrily)

parrot:who is it

man: the butcher!!!!!!!!!!! He screamed

parrot:who is it

man:the butcher…the butcher…. The butch………

Suddenly the butcher fell to floor he had an heartattack πŸ˜€
latter lady came and she saw a man lying on her doorsteps she open the door and ask parrot who is it???

Parrot: the butcher πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
(hahahahaha diana and her work)

(baby voice)
hey hey guyzzzz come out of fairy land now and tell me did u like it..
If u like it then turn next page becoz this storyy has still many pages……

  1. Hahahhahaha pari its sooooo nice!!! The whole epi and especially the last part hahhahahahahahahahah πŸ˜€ Diana is so naughty ….! Yr it’s so good post next one ASAP ….!

    1. thankuuuuuuuu maira lots of love dear

  2. Khushi

    First of all m really sorry I couldn’t comment on ur intro…..but I loved ur concept pari….it’s awesome….. U just stole my heart yr…..the way u write is also unique I loved from the core of my heart dear….keep it up…god bless….again I loved it very much

    1. its okkkkk dont de sorry thanku thanku with hug and kisses it means alot……

    2. and yeah ur dp is wowwwww

  3. ???☺☺enjoyed reading it..
    Seriously..I hutted..when u said..come out of it…?anyway..its so..lovely..
    Keep it up..and

    1. thankuuuuuu sooo muchhhhhh
      ohhhhh ok next tym i wont take u out frm there b there πŸ™‚
      thanks again πŸ™‚

  4. Bhoomi

    superb pari ??? …? …… Haha ? dianas magic….. post next one soon ??

  5. Hooo.. Nice starting! I felt as if I was seeing the story lively. I could feel it. Really loved diana’s role naughty one! And the boy is it aerial?
    Liked the concept. It’s really very nice:-)

  6. Hooo.. Nice starting,pari! I felt as if I was seeing the story lively. I could feel it. Really loved diana’s role naughty one! And the boy is it aerial?
    Liked the concept. It’s really very nice:-)

  7. @bhoomi thankuuuu cutieee lov u sure i,ll post next one soon…….,

    @nazia really dear it feels good that u can imagine it
    yeah u will come to know abt it that who was boy stay tunned πŸ™‚

    lov u guyzzzz thanku

  8. Madhuri

    It’s so nice Pari. That parrot scene is so funny, poor butcher

    1. Angel_pari

      hahahahaha thanku dear glad u like it πŸ™‚

  9. Totally different concept pari how could u even write in this amazing way the epi was seriously mind blowingggggg I loved it and ya y u changed or name I like angel more pari is good but angel is awesome

    1. Angel_pari

      awwwww thankuuuuu thankuuuuu so much a tight hug πŸ™‚

      yeah i changed my name naughtly its ok call me angel if u like that one πŸ™‚

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